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Vipassana Hawaii strives to promote the teachings of the Buddha as preserved in the Pali Canon of the Theravada Buddhist tradition. These teachings aim at the happiness of total peace through mindful presence with life as it is unfolding; no part ignored or left out. We aim to preserve these classical teachings through the wise application of them in our modern lives and on the land in our stewardship.

We transmit these practices to our students by developing empathic relationships and responding to the particular conditions of each individual.

By providing a supportive space for sangha activities, we strive to develop mutually beneficial relationships between all members of our community, from the VH Board of Directors to teachers and sangha, from any being affected by our conservation and agricultural projects in Hawaii to anyone involved in humanitarian programs in Southeast Asia, from immediate to wider community.

Through guidance, training, and personal realization, we hold a vision of the impact of this work over the next seven generations, and charge each new generation to act with a vision for the next seven generations.


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Hawai'i Insight Meditation Center, Kapaau, HI 96755, United States
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