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International fitness guru Sebastien Lagree has developed his own version of the traditional Pilates reformer called the MegaFormer™. This newly enhanced reformer empowers Lagree Fitness to create the perfect body. Lagree Fitness attacks excess bulk in the hips and thighs and tightens the body’s core muscles for abs of steel. The intense 40 or 55-minute training sessions, which combine Pilates with strength training, achieve visible muscle definition significantly faster than Pilates or any other kind of Pilates-based workout. Lagree Fitness is based on the fact that people don’t need more exercise time to get fit, they just need more intensity. The body responds more to intensity than it does to the duration of a workout.

A more intense workout burns more calories per minute, and results in a much stronger post-exercise reaction (also called Post Cardio Effect). After a Lagree Fitness class, you will continue to burn calories much faster for several hours.Former advocates of hard-core yoga (like the Ashtanga style Madonna swears by) have achieved a lithe, toned body significantly faster with this unique circuit-training program. Even someone who consistently puts in time at the gym each week can achieve the same – if not better – results in half the time.One of the keys to Lagree Fitness is pushing the body to muscle failure. As the term implies, Lagree’s workout isolates specific muscles until they can no longer move. Ironically, muscle failure is the only proven path to successfully achieving muscle definition.


In addition, we offer MegaBurn classes! These exceptionally effective formats are unique to Pilates Plus by Lagree Fitness. MegaBurn 40/55: Our MegaBurn classes are set in an inspiring small group setting. The Lagree Method combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance, and flexibility in each and every move. With slow-controlled movements and fast transitions you will be able to hit maximum exertion with zero periods of rest in order to promote effective muscle fatigue. You’ll maintain an elevated heart rate and stay in your fat burning zone for the full 55 minute class. This revolutionary workout will sculpt your physique in ways traditional exercise cannot from start to Savasana.

MegaPilates: This class incorporates blending key principles of classical pilates with the dynamic Lagree Fitness method. The M3 Megaformer, is an advanced and redesigned evolution of the traditional pilates reformer. These innovative machines provide constant resistance and infinitely more exercise options than a traditional reformer. Be prepared for a full body, low impact, muscle sculpting, amazing workout.

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Lauren (Pilates Plus Malibu)
“As a former national record holder in swimming, a marathoner, paddle surfer and a yogini for over 35 years, I wasn’t expecting much from Pilates...
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Scott CBS Television Distribution, (Pilates Plus Malibu)
I’ve been passionate about fitness my whole life … Cycling, swimming, running, gym memberships, and nothing compares to the efficiency and results...
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