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About Afpa American Fitness Professionals And Associates

AFPA education and certification provides individuals with the information necessary to achieve long term success in the fitness, nutrition and wellness professions. Our dedication to high standards and progressive educational training programs follow the most current guidelines set forth by the most respected agencies!

Whether you are just getting started with your career or if you just want to expand your knowledge, AFPA looks forward to providing you with the education you seek and deserve!AFPA offers some of the most highly regarded personal trainer, fitness instructor, Pilates, Yoga, nutrition and sports conditioning certifications, education programs and educational opportunities available within the fitness industry. AFPA shares your passion to be the best you can be! It’s what sets you apart and makes you successful!AFPA brings you the most advanced, innovative education and certification programs; so you can reach your professional goals at a price you can afford!AFPA certification programs are centered around what aspiring fitness professionals need to know to succeed; they are designed to meet the evolving needs of your career and the fitness industry!


Our mission is to provide students with affordable education that gives them the knowledge, skills and awareness necessary to enhance their own lives, the lives of others, and the community at large. We accomplish this through innovative program design, teaching, research and service focused on the professional practice of fitness, wellness, nutrition, health and physical education.


AFPA was founded in October 1994 to create and foster an educational environment conducive to the fitness enthusiast and professional. The launch of the AFPA organization brought educational courses directly to students in locations in the United States and abroad. Courses provided students with the opportunity to pre-study and then attend a resident portion for testing, in addition to providing distance learning through home studies. As technology improved, AFPA began to provide courses more distance learning options and online tools. In the past few years, AFPA provides the majority of its educational courses through distance learning.From the conception of AFPA, distance learning courses, conferences, and seminars provided members and prospects with up-to-date quality education in the U.S. and internationally.


Our goal is to provide fitness, health, wellness and nutrition distance education programs and certifications that are of interest to those in the physical fitness, health, wellness and nutrition industry by way of offering quality, reasonably priced, updated and new distance education programs and certifications.

To enhance professional development of fitness, health, wellness and nutrition students by facilitating opportunities for learning and individual growth by way of creating opportunities for professional development through distance education, professional conferences and online learning.

To uphold established AFPA standards and guidelines for the delivery of a variety of quality services, to future students, students and graduates by way of updating record keeping services, business practices and ongoing support.

To work in partnership with public/private/national/international organizations, associations & businesses by way of the creation of distance education programs and services to improve overall awareness of fitness, health, wellness and nutrition education and that support the benefits of such to all individuals and the communities in which they live.

To interact with fitness, health, wellness and nutrition organizations and professionals toward progression and improvement of related education and professional practices by way of examination of current research findings through participation and the conduct of market research to advance fitness education and professional practices.

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Afpa American Fitness Professionals And Associates Reviews

5(74 reviews)

K. Lavoie

I’ve incorporated more of my sports conditioning knowledge into my workouts so not only will I have a fit physique, but an athletic one as well to continue competing in races. AND, I just started instructing a new Parent/Child fitness class at one of our middle schools! It’s a lot of hard work on my part, but I wouldn’t be where I am today and the opportunities I have in the future, without AFPA. I still have a few more certifications I’ll be purchasing in the future, but I’m very happy to have found such a great organization. Thank you AFPA!! -

– E. Burton

I had a great experience with AFPA. I was able to study at my own pace and complete my course in my own time. I feel like I received a great wealth of knowledge that I can now share with others to help with meeting their lifestyle goals.

– L. Sugden

My learning experience while going through the AFPA Certification process was fantastic! The course was perfect for people with little or no previous experience while remaining challenging for a seasoned professional. I am the founder of The Better Health Network, an organization to help educate people worldwide about the latest advances in nutritional supplements and weight loss programs. My learning experience through AFPA helped me to better understand the clinical studies that I use on a daily basis, so that I am better able to explain their significance to my clients. I am looking forward to a long relationship with AFPA and will promote the certification process wherever possible. I feel the experience and materials were an excellent value for the investment cost. Thank you.

– D. Lindstrom

It was an absolute delight going through the AFPA certification process. I have received my certifications both in Personal Training & Nutrition & Wellness Consultant. I will recommend AFPA to anyone interested in the Fitness/Nutrition field.

– D. Steinberg

I would like to tell you that after obtaining my AFPA Personal Trainer certification last year my training career took off. First of all, I learned a vast quantity of information at the seminar, but preparing the exam gave me the reinforcement of your information that gave me the confidence I needed to become successful. I work in a local community center where within three months of passing your exam I was given a supervisory position. Six months later I was promoted to the head trainer position at the facility. – D. Steinberg

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