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Justin Chandler

For my money, I have more amenities and services available to use at any given time! I love this place!

Craig Steven Moss

I've never worked out before in my life so I asked a lot of friends where I should go to sign up for a gym membership. All of them recommended EFC. I've got yo say, that I felt like part of the family since the moment I walked in the door. This Locally Owned and Family operated Gym is a place I look forward to going. My Free Personal Trainer, Monique, put together a workout that make me feel like I'm making progress in my fitness goal, without leaving me in pain. I will recommend European Fitness to anyone who asks. Oh Yeah, and the price is right too. No signup fee, an minimal monthly charge, and No extra charges for the Spa, Cardio Theaters, or various exercise classes.

Dk White

It's a great environment, with a great staff, and really good equipment. It's a great gym to work out at if you're new to working out or if you've been working out your whole life.

Keni Rogers

Great gym just joined a month ago the employees are nothing but nice and respectful.....the owner was great and explained the membership in detail so I knew what I was getting into but for $20 a month it's the best deal in Reno. Plus the gym has everything I was looking for and more I'd recommend this place to everyone. Go check it out

Bobby Hunter

European fitness is a great environment to work out in. Very clean and has the machines you need to get your body right. If you haven't had the chance to check it out, you should ASAP!

Billy Esbit

Simon and his staff are amazing. Positive atmosphere and excellent equipment. Great classes available also. The best gym in the reno area.

Valerie McCraw

I have been going here now for a couple of years. Very friendly staff and great atmosphere. I love coming here!!!

Lucy Colindres

Yo tengo 4 años iyendo ah este gymnacio y desde que empese nunca eh tenido ninguna queja en general como me tratan aqui y que agusto me siento. Me encanta que tiene de todo y me gusta que cada vez que hago ejercicio siempre están las máquinas que ocupó disponible par usar. La zumba me gusta que es gratis igual que las demás clases y me divierto aqui mucho. Definitivamente el mejor gimnasio donde yo estado!

Mary Summers Barstow

Great staff. Beautiful clean facility. Easy to want to go and exercise!

Rodney Parry

This is the Gym for me ! It's never to crowded when I go. And machines are always clean and in working order. I've been going since January and have dropped 20 pounds and counting. Love the Steam rooms, Pool and Hot Tub ! The Staff Is Great and I can't wait to get in there tomorrow. Thanks .

Hermen Quintanilla

This is seriously the best gym, it has everything you need from weights to threadmills. The employees are best and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Jake Mathis

I love European Fitness center I wouldn't spend money for a gym membership anywhere else!

John Green

I've been a member for years and it is the best price for a gym in town. Machines are perfect and the layout is great. Love going right into a routine from the bikes on the gym floor. Also, they have the best spa in town, heat/steam are great!

Aaron Chave'z

I remember joining this gym back in April of 2015 and I remember the people being real nice and professional while showing me around and giving me the tour. Also explain free training , and also offered a variety of free classes that most gyms usually charge tons of money for. I always came to work out at 9 at night and I always had time to do my routine and never over crowded and I always feel comfortable being here.

Delia Gutierrez

Everyone that works there is truelly great! They make you feel right at home. It's not over crowded, or uncomfortable at all. Really enjoy going there!

Sasha H Santos

The staff is amazing here! Great pool area and they have a resturant!!

Wesley Taylor

I've been going to this gym for about six months now and I thoroughly love working out here. The staff is very friendly and helpful as far as giving advice or tips to enhance your workouts and achieve your goals! I used to have a membership to Fitness Connection but it was always way too packed and you would have to wait to get the machines or weights you wanted but I never have this issue here even at the busy times of the day. I've even gotten a few of my friends to transfer to this gym and they also love it. Go give it a try

Steven A. Cook

I have been a member of European Fitness Center for almost two months their monthly payments are cheap, only $25 a month and the staff are professional and friendly the people who go to this gym are nice and everyone minds their own business, no one tries to compete with each other or bother you and I can walk to this gym when I want to, I have tried to go to this gym almost everyday, I have lost 15lbs by using their Precor 556i ellipticals located upstairs for 60 to 90 minutes a day. I can walk a lot faster now and people have noticed my weight loss, I challenged myself to lose 100lbs I also enjoy the fact I do not have worry about buying all the equipment and fitting it into my apartment. The membership is well worth the cost. I would encourage anyone to try it out.

Roman Clark

Just became a member I have high hopes ....time to get in there and get back on the iron...

Jodi Devenport

I don't go here for WiFi, T.V. or Daycare... I go here to workout, swim, and attend classes. Very affordable, friendly, and clean. I love it!!

Ann Hanson

I am new in Reno and checked out several facilities before joining European Fitness Center. Lots of bang for the buck; great amenities, professional and friendly staff, and VERY CLEAN. Check it out, can't go wrong.

Nancy Allen

Love this place! They totally work with your needs. They're very nice people.

Emily Lawrence

Super excited to be joining European fitness! David is very friendly and professional!

Jaime Hernandez Hernandez

I went to sign up for a membership and the staff was very friendly. The gym has everything you need in a gym.

Brian Howe

They are rude and they don't mention you only have three days to cancel than if and when you need to cancel they tell you that you only had the three days. I mentioned to the guy I was talking to in the office that he never told me about the three days and he said the guy never said I could cancel.

Mandi Noneya

DONT COME HERE, STAY AWAY, European fitness center is a joke, they get you in there offering 2 free weeks then tell you the will waive the $180 sign up fee if you give them your 2 free weeks and they will charge you $25 a month...Next thing you know your in a year long contract and if you tell them you are going to stop payment they just send it to credit and collections....They are all a bunch of hustlers, my husband lost his job and we can no longer afford the membership and when I called and asked them to cancel it they were very rude and hung up on me....DONT FALL FOR IT, STAY AWAY

Steven Hall

This place is awesome! The staff is great. The atmosphere was chill. Awesome equipment! And the price is low. Glad I came here.

Carsten Andersen

Great atmosphere and the people who work there at great! They have everything you need in one place.

Christi-Anne Yarbrough

The staff is super nice and very willing to help! I'm very excited to workout here. The personal trainer Monique is such a people person, you'll love her. �

Debbie Wood

Nice and clean, staff is friendly can't wait to start working out and get healthy!

Amanda Cathy Robs

Not good, it's not just a gym but a collection agency! The gym is very pushy to sign you to a contract. Fast to collect fines for a card 40$ extras like tanning extra. But watch out for the lies look at the contact before you sign.

Sorin Markov

Very nice gym very fun an friend place to hang out work or just relax in the pool an hot tub

Vanessa Villalpando

Everyone is really friendly and the gym and staff is very welcoming. It is a good place to work out with friends.

Sarah J. Lien

I have been a member of European fitness for 8 years. They have everything there from weights to spa, etc. it's the best fitness center in all of Reno.

Christopher Castro

Very clean, friendly staff! All your health essentials in one place! Definitely recommending to my friends!

Ashutosh Tripathi

Great place, good staff. Pricing is also good!! Everything in one place. I like the hair salon inside the facility.

Ryan Spann

This is a great place. It has a great atmosphere, great staff, great machines, and offers so much for anyone who wants to change themselves.

Jennifer Michele Castro

Monique was and still is my trainer she is the best same with Aaron he's very helpful and always answers my questions if he can't he'll take time to get the answers I need and Simon the owner is always encouraging everyone

Steven Wells

I really coming here, as a new member who's had memberships to other gyms in the past, the price and the amenities make this one of the best gyms in the State.

Hector Avila

Definetely not a good gym to go to, it is very dirty, machines are all nasty they dont get cleaned up and not just that, water pool its just bad and nasty including hot tub.. i currently attend to fitnes connection and there is a HUGE difference and i pay less..

Taylor Dimou

European Fitness is an amazing gym! Very clean, has everything i was looking for at a very low cost! Completely worth your money here, also very great customer service. They took me on a tour of the whole gym and i love it! Pool, spa, sauna, and everything else you've been looking for! I highly recommend European Fitness!

Jasmine Bingham

Great gym! Very welcoming! The classes, trainer time, pool and spa are all included which I love. I've taken the yoga and pilates classes. They were just complex enough to be fun and challenging. Only one downside. No WiFi! Being someone who likes music while I work out this was the only negative I could find. However, there are other businesses in the same location which not only give member discounts but also have internet service to share.

Sarah Luhring

Really frustrating when I go to the gym at 7:35am this past Saturday and they are supposed to be open at 7am and there is nobody there, nothing posted on the front doors specifying different opening times or online. This has happened before on a Sunday before at 9am and nobody is there ... come on?! It's not like it's 5am. This gym may not be completely populated early in the morning but if you'd like to keep your customers then just open on time please.

Sheena Sigala

Not only is this the best bang for your buck when it comes to gym memberships but they have so much more to offer than just a room to workout in. Between the gym, pool, sauna & steam room, & classes I'll get fit in no time! Plus the chiropractor & masseuse will help me feel as good as I will look. The tanning beds, teeth whitening, & salon will make you look like fabulous. Had a personal training session with David and it was amazing. He helped me & my husband develop individual plans to best aid our fitness goals as well as give healthy eating tips for the best results. We are lifetime members and we love it! This isn't a gym, it's a health club.

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