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Mount Maddona Center offers accommodation as follows

Housing Aerial View of the Central Grounds Housing is available in both rooms and in cabins. Rooms are in hotel-style buildings (no phones or TVs in rooms, however). Some rooms include a private bathroom with shower. Others have access to nearby shared (but private while in use) bathrooms and showers. Cabins are in a lovely grove of oak trees and have electricity and heat, but no plumbing. A separate restroom with flush toilets and private shower rooms is nearby. The cabins are a 12-minute walk up the hill above the lake. All beds are twin size. Mount Madonna Center tents, available from May 1 through October 31, are set up with foam mattresses, but no bedding, and have access to showers and privies. Developed campsites, for personal tents, with good drainage and access to showers and privies, are available year round. Please be aware that we can receive significant amounts of rain from November through May. Various spots are available for your van, camper or other vehicle. Some have access to electricity, but no other hookups. Showers and restrooms are available in campgrounds and Center buildings.



All meals are strictly vegetarian. Our kitchen staff regularly works with guest groups to plan menus that will fit each group's tastes with highest quality, delicious, fresh, lovingly prepared and presented foods. Most important, of course, is ambiance and setting. Our resident staff are students of yoga who take pride in their friendly, efficient, helpful service. We go out of our way to meet special needs and requirements. The atmosphere is peaceful and the setting beautiful, from the magnificent vista of the bay to the surrounding redwood hillsides to the craftsmanship and style of the buildings themselves. All of this, and much more, should be experienced in person to be fully appreciated. If you wish to consider taking advantage of what this Center has to offer, we urge you to make an appointment for a visit, so that you can experience for yourself the quality of the facilities, food, setting, and staff. We know of no other facility which offers quality comparable to ours at anywhere near our prices.

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Mount Madonna Center, 445 Summit Road, Watsonville, CA 95076, United States
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