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Botannix Yoga Center

3.5 (16 reviews) 1362 Views Yoga Teacher Training Centre Sydney, New South Wales

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AUD 3.60 Avg. Price / day

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Tony Hollingsworth
We're big fans of Botannix. First owners Andy and Jeff built it up (Andy successfully created then franchised and sold 9 different cafes in both NZ and Oz under the Botannix banner. Botannix at Botany was number 10!) Now with new owners Sam and Nhi it continues to flourish. Family members and friends work there now too. Try the rice paper rolls and corn fritters. Everything is good. They're doing Phō now too. I've heard it's good.
Alison Evette
The first time me and my partner checked this place out it was absolutely incredible. We had the big breakfast for brunch - Absolutely Amazing - Definitely a must.

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25 Swinbourne Street, Botany NSW 2019, Australia
AUD 3.60 Avg. Price / day