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Yogamrita Yoga Institute

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Yogamrita Yoga Institute

6 Reviews
Mohamed Achraf
I had been doing Yoga with for couple of months . I can assure one thing for sure that if you ever walk in class you will stay forever. She is an extremely warm person and conducts the class amazingly. From beginners to intermediates she makes it a point if any one of us has an issue with an ,she request to come half an early before the class to correct or practice the posture. Overall I love being in her class and lucky to have her as my Yoga teacher!!!!
israt ara
Yogamrita is not only an institution, it is a place where I can release my everyday tention and find a new spirit to finish the work for the rest of the day. Its environment , the very efficient instructor helps me do the yoga postures correctly. Depending on my heath I can skip some of the postures. The instructor is always there to guide me.

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Yogamrita Yoga Institute, Bashati Dream (3rd Floor), Suite No C4, Plot # 03, Rd No. 20, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
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