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Hariharalaya Meditation Retreat Centre Cambodia

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Hariharalaya is a place to come back to the natural rhythm of Life, to reconnect with your true Self, to discover and explore, to learn and to play. It is a place to reawaken to the magic and mystery of Life. A place to share, be challenged and grow. A place to be real. Part of the magic of Hariharalaya is the opportunity to live in a traditional Cambodian farming village. Located 16 kilometers from Siem Reap, the villagers of Bakong still live a traditional lifestyle – farming with cows, living simply, walking and riding bicycles to the market. The children’s smiles and laughter fill the dirt paths and roads, as they play far from the stress and tension of the city and tourists. The Local Market (Psaa Rolou), just a 5 minute walk away, dates back over 150 years and remains the central market for over 50 surrounding villages. Detox from the fast paced modern life. See the colors, smell the smells and taste the tastes of real life. All of our huts and houses at Hariharalaya are built with traditional materials in a traditional style – wood, bamboo, thatched roofing, palm leaves. Hariharalaya, which is on the grounds of the ancient capital of Cambodia, is surrounded by ancient temples, several pagodas and wild jungle – all within biking and walking distance. For those interested in traditional crafts and skills – there are several workshops nearby that still produce and offer classes in traditional loom weaving, pottery and shadow puppet carving. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn, give back to the community and take home unique gifts for yourself, your family and friends. While staying at Hariharalaya you will get a taste for the REAL CAMBODIA. We are an integrated part of the local community here and you too will be welcome with smiles and open arms. Cambodian weddings and funerals are traditionally celebrated at home as a village event. Loud music and chanting can often be played late in the evening and very early in the morning. Weddings and funerals can take place nearby and the music can be heard from Hariharalaya. We apologize for any inconvenience. Learn and practice Integral Yoga & Meditation with an inspiring community of like-minded people while living in a traditional Cambodian village. Our Yoga and Meditation Learning Center is spread out over 2 acres of jungle gardens in the shade of the Ancient Temples of Angkor. We offer authentic, inspiring, and affordable 6 Day Retreat Programs to suit all levels. Our retreats are based on Integral Yoga & Meditation, Community, Creativity, Healthy & Delicious Vegan Food, and Connection with Nature. Our course program includes daily classes, health & wellness, Dharma talks, community activities, and free time. You will learn and be inspired by our experienced team of 5 international yoga and meditation instructors. We take a holistic approach to health through the body, heart and mind, offering hands on adjustments and individual support for all levels of experience. We promote and encourage setting up a daily practice of yoga and meditation. Through our meditation practice we learn to relax back into the center of our being through stillness, strengthening our basic awareness, and releasing the heaviness of the past. We also teach the importance of mindfulness by cultivating awareness throughout the whole day. We observe a digital detox as well as silent mornings throughout the course. This allows us to listen more deeply to life and live in the present moment. Hariharalaya is named after the Vedic capitol of Cambodia which existed on the same land as the Hariharalaya Retreat Center from 800 AD until around 1000 AD, hundreds of years before Angkor Wat. Since its early beginnings in 2010, Hariharalaya continues to stand by its commitment to offer authentic and inspiring programs in Integral Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Living at affordable prices. Over the last 6 years we have hosted over 350 retreats with over 4,000 participants from more than 85 different countries. We have a team of international yoga teachers, meditation teachers and healers, including the founder and director Joel Altman, who has dedicated the last 16 years his life to living and sharing the teachings of Integral Yoga.


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Hariharalaya Retreat Centre, Prasat Bakong (Temple), NR6, Krong Siem Reap 17000, Cambodia
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