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CAD 125.00 Avg. Price / day

About Red Door Yoga

Red Door Yoga® is what a yoga studio is meant to be – a catalyst for personal growth in all aspects of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We are a support for our greater community, benefiting even those who do not pass through our studio doors. And we are place of ongoing education, providing expansive knowledge for those who seek it. To read about our personal services and/or book a session, simply click on the links located just below the red bar at the top of this page.

Our Philosophy

At Red Door Yoga® we believe in living life mindfully, passionately, and with true vitality. We believe in living well, not just for ourselves, but for the greater global community. Everything we do is to help you attain a more joyful, peaceful, and vital life. We live the teachings of yoga philosophy. Every aspect of our studio, policies, services, and community relationships are shaped by the yamas and niyamas of the yogic path. As a result, everything we are is built upon a foundation of conscious, compassionate, and skillful living, with fair and equal treatment for all. We believe in the strength of community, working in alliance with the wider circle of local medical and health practitioners. Our integrated community approach allows rehabilitation students to receive the most comprehensive and effective support possible along the road to recovery.

Red Door Yoga Reviews (17)

- Alysia Maschak (Port Alberni, BC)
"My teacher training through Red Door Yoga® not only gave me the practical and theoretical knowledge to teach yoga, but a deepening of my personal practice that I could have never anticipated. I am so excited and inspired to share what I've learned and to continue to learn! I have such gratitude for this experience and I would not hesitate to recommend teacher training through the Red Door Yoga® School."
- Robin Kaminski (Campbell River, BC)
"Taking the YFL course at Red Door Yoga® has given me the confidence to make a smooth transition from yoga student to a teacher of yoga. Kavita's rigorous yet 'safety first' style has set the standard for yoga lessons my students appreciate, reporting that other yoga classes now appear slap-dash."

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7282 Aulds Rd, Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0
CAD 125.00 Avg. Price / day