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Remedy Studio Berlin - Pilates and Body Work

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Remedy Studio Berlin - Pilates and Body Work

16 Reviews
Xiwen Li
Horrible place, please avoid at all cost. I came here with Urban Sports Club, after checking in, I was learned that the class was cancelled without any reasons. They said they would refund people who came directly to the studio, but for those who came with Urban Sports Club, there’s only the meaningless apology with not even any attempts to fix the situation. When I said that I was going to leave and just simply write a complaint, they continued with talking about how amazing this place was and how Urban Sports Club is a bad partner. I left, went to my bike, sitting there writing a complaint to both google reviews and USC. The owner came to me 15 minutes later, and be like hey I can give you a voucher. Well, no thanks, since this was only offered after they realized that I was really going to write a complaint. When I refused this “kind offer”, the owner cursed me with “karma will come back to you”. Wow, how lovely! Well now I hope the karma will come back to this studio as well.
Melany Sonim
Capoeira teacher Alex is the best Capoeira teacher in Berlin, unfortunately the owner of Remedy Studio has no POSTURE with the costumers. They do not allow people to arrive early to pick up or early from the start to stay in the reception. They do not allow parents to stay in the STUDIO. We have to stay outside cold, rain, tired. We are never not allowed to be there in the sitting area. We receive many emails always complain about the kids taking their time to get dressed. If you are not flexible, do not do activities for Kids. Last time we arrive early and i wanted to pay and prepare my kid, she just instead of saying hello or good afternoon, she says what time is it?? and kicked me out because we were early. We pay around 12,00 euro per class and it is extremely disappointing to be treated like this. I did fore a long time also Yoga with USC. Same, sometimes this Lady shows up shouting in the middle of the class making even less PROFESSIONAL. Sorry for the Mestre Alex what is great but my money they wont take anymore.

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