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Its origins are traced in Northern during the first millennium B.C. and as all human centered practices, has continued to evolve, refining its practices as new knowledge is introduced and incorporated.

The Sanskrit word yoga is commonly interpreted as ‘union’, but it’s worth saying that its primary meaning has always been that of focus on the cultivation of the deepest awareness of the self.

Yoga combines the dimensions of Mind (calm mental/emotional focus), Energy (life-force cultivation through breathing practices) and Body (movement and postures).

Yoga is for everyone; it suits any body shape or life stage (Kids, teens, pregnancy, middle and advanced years) and there are many practices of yoga to choose from. In our center, we will help you find the yoga practice for you, according to your ever changing needs and mood!


A studio configured specifically for Yoga programs , Pilates and treatments that focus on self-awareness and relaxation Loukopoulou Anastasia . Highly experienced trainer ( graduate Department of Physical Education of Athens ) Yoga instructor, with important studies and work experience both in Greece and abroad (USA and England ) . The passion and interest to promote the benefits of yoga as an effective method of relaxation and internalization led to indulge in specialized techniques and next to renowned teachers before teaching itself -the last fourteen years- Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Hatha, Iyengar, ashtanga, Prana Flow, Space and Flow, Sacred Energy Arts, Restorative and Yin Yoga.


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L.A. Yoga Studio, Redestou 3, Nea Smirni 171 22, Greece
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