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The word Hatha derives from the union of the two Sanscritic words Ha and Tha which mean Sun and Moon.

It refers to the nadis (energy channels) of the body. The word ha refers to the channel of sun (pingala), whereas the word tha to the channel of moon (ida). It’s about the two different sides, parts of ourselves (Sun: fire, energy, power – Moon: water, concentration, tranquility).

But when these two words combine, then Hatha means dynamic, powerful, suggesting that it is a technique that demands strong will and self-discipline. It’ s the yoga that brings the union, the connection between body, spirit and soul. Harmony in all levels. Hatha Yoga is the most popular system in the Western world where its practice concerns mostly the mental and spiritual health of the practitioner.

History – Origin

Hatha yoga, also known as Hatha Vidya or “the science of Hatha”, is a system of yoga that was introduced by the Yogi Swatmarama, in the 15th century in.Swatmarama is also the creator of Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the most comprehensible text of Hatha Yoga and its techniques. The material for the creation of Pradipika derives from older sanscritic texts of yoga but also from the personal experience of Swatmarama. In that, Swatmarama introduces Hatha yoga as the way for someone to reach Raja Yoga, the Royal yoga in other words, as a preliminary stage of physical purification that prepares the body for the exercise of meditation. The asanas (body postures) and Pranayama (breath control) were used by the Hindu Yogis to train their body to hold out during the long meditations.

Meditation Singing bowls meditation

Everything in nature vibrates.Meditation with sounds based on resonance, penetration and vibration.

A sound trip directly leads us into deep relaxation, mental tranquility, release, restoring the purity of mind and regaining of wellness and joy. With the rhythmic vibrations of sounds we can achieve fast change of situation awareness, emotional rejuvenation and centering of thoughts while direct energy flow throughout the body.

Silent Seated Meditation

The practice of seated meditation aims to awaken the awareness of just being present in the moment. When someone begins to perceive things as they are in reality, life becomes the truth of living in the present moment.There are many different meditation techniques which derived from different lineages or teachers but they all guide us on the same path of recognizing reality as it is. Though the practice we cultivate clarity and we are able to improve our perception and slowdown the cardiovascular pulse and brain waves. Through the practice of meditation we approach a state of peace and deep relaxation.


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