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About Balance Pilates Studio PEST OKTOGON Hungary

We are waiting for our individual pilates classes for those who are looking for quality jobs tailor-made for their own needs. Our experienced instructors are available in our Buda and Pest studios.

But what about Pilates?

Pilates helps to preserve our slimness, to tighten our muscles and stabilize our joints. It consists of uniform, gradually-built joint and backbone exercises that promote the functioning of our muscles as a harmonic unit. The method differs greatly from the usual jumping, massive workouts where there is a significant risk of injury.

Whom do we recommend?

In the United States, the Pilates method has been practiced for decades, which is extremely popular among fitness enthusiasts, actresses, dancers and managers, and is gaining ground in Europe as well. The purpose of this method is to build a sporty, thin, aesthetic body , and to acquire a good hold and conscious movement for both sexes.

Pilates for beginners

We are delighted that this great method aroused your interest. The information below can help anyone who is just getting acquainted with the essence of pilates. Read about the types of clocks, age groups, machines, location and, of course, how pilates move.

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