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Welcome to Yoga Sampatti

‘Sampatti’ means wealth. Sujata is not talking about financial wealth, but she is talking about the real wealth ‘Physical & Mental Health’. During her yoga journey, she has learnt varied methods to live good, healthy & happy life. With her rich experience in yoga, she would like to share a few techniques to improve the quality of life. She is hoping that everyone spends at least a few minutes from their busy schedule to gain physical, mental & spiritual strength by practicing yoga.


  • Yoga Classes & Personal Sessions
  • Computer Ergonomics & Chair Yoga
  • Therapeutic Yoga & Personal Consultation
  • Special seminars, lectures & demonstration as per requirements
  • Meditation & Relaxation for Stress Reduction
  • Yoga for Athletes, Students & Senior Citizens.


Yoga comprises of different asanas, which provides essential stretching to different body parts. It is advisable to practice asanas under the guidance of knowledgeable trainer to get positive results. By practicing it regularly body becomes more flexible, energetic and helps to increase concentration and productivity at work.


Pranayama is a breathing exercise, providing proper oxygen to the body cells thereby purifying blood. It generates positive energy in the body and helps to improve concentration, memory & decision power.

Meditation /Savasana:

Savasana is the technique developed for complete relaxation and to experience lightness in the body. Proper savasana if practiced for 15 minutes gives freshness similar to 6 hours sleep. It also helps to remove physical and mental physical fatigue.


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Somerset House’, 4, Sardar Patel Nagar, Bh. Hotel Dev Corporate, Bh. Navrangpura Tele. Exch., Off. C.G. Road, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad – 380006, Gujarat
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