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Dr Mathai's International Holistic Center Image
Ayurveda Treatment Centre 4.0 (606 reviews)
Soukya International Holistic Center is a World’s First Holistic Health Centre, a family-run organization founded in 2002 and headed by Dr. Issac Mathai M.D., a holistic physician who is an...
Bengaluru Karnataka 12683 Views
Akshar Power Yoga Image
Yoga Teacher Training Centre 4.0 (38 reviews)

Akshar Power Yoga

40.00 Avg. Price / day
Akshar Power Yoga was founded in the year 2010 with an intention to facilitate a global reach of Yoga irrespective of caste, creed, or color under the illuminating guidance of Grand Master Akshar...
Bengaluru Karnataka 4688 Views
Dhamma Paphulla Vipassana Meditation Centre Image
Vipassana Meditation Centre 5.0 (8 reviews)
Dhamma Paphulla Dhamma Paphulla is one of the many centres around the world dedicated to the practice of Vipassana meditationas taught by S. N. Goenka. It is situated in Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnat...
Bengaluru Karnataka 4188 Views
Sri Sri Panchakarma Ayurveda Image
Ayurveda Treatment Centre 4.0 (16 reviews)

Sri Sri Panchakarma Ayurveda

0.00 Avg. Price / day
As an initiative of the Art of Living Foundation, Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma benefits from the ageless wisdom and experience of helping people relieve stress and rediscover happiness in their life....
Bengaluru 2356 Views
Ayurvedagram Heritages Wellness Center Image
Ayurveda Treatment Centre 4.5 (46 reviews)

Ayurvedagram Heritages Wellness Center

12720.00 Avg. Price / day
Drive away from the city lights of Bangalore, to Whitefield … and arrive at AyurvedaGram Heritage Wellness Center. As you drive in through the classic gates of AyurvedaGram, you e...
Bengaluru Karnataka 1937 Views
Sreedhareeyam Eye Hospital Image
Ayurveda Hospital 4.5 (3 reviews)

Sreedhareeyam Eye Hospital

0.00 Avg. Price / day
Sreedhareeyam Eye Hospital has successfully leveraged three centuries of traditional Ayurvedic wisdom inherited from Nelliakkattu Mana, an illustrious Namboothiri family known for Ayurvedic Netra Chik...
Bengaluru Karnataka 1980 Views
Keva Ayurveda BTM Image
Ayurveda Treatment Centre 4.0 (22 reviews)

Keva Ayurveda BTM

1999.00 Avg. Price / day
<p> Keva Ayurveda is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company offering curative treatments for Obesity, Paralysis, Insomnia, Stress Management, De addiction , Arthritis, Psoriasis, Acne, Spondylitis,...
Bengaluru Karnataka 1645 Views
CMC Taichi Cubbon Park Image
Yoga Retreat 5.0 (1 reviews)

CMC Taichi Cubbon Park

Avg. Price / day
Bengaluru Karnataka 1616 Views
Yogavijnana Yoga Centre Image
Yoga Teacher Training Centre 4.5 (16 reviews)

Yogavijnana Yoga Centre

INR 50.00 Avg. Price / day
Bengaluru Karnataka 1474 Views
Vipassana Meditation Center Bangalore Image
Vipassana Meditation Centre 0.0 (No review)
Bengaluru Karnataka 1444 Views
Genesis Hospital Image
Ayurveda Hospital 5.0 (15 reviews)

Genesis Hospital

0.00 Avg. Price / day
Boutique Specialty Hospital With Personalized Services: First of it’s kind in Bangalore, located on Queens Road, Bangalore. Top Rated small sized personalized hospital since 1995 Wh...
Bengaluru Karnataka 1374 Views
Aayana Yoga Academy Image
Yoga Training Centre 4.0 (17 reviews)

Aayana Yoga Academy

INR 150.00 Avg. Price / day
Aayana Yoga academy is a chain of premier Yoga Studios in Bangalore. A true learning center for yoga, Aayana is the preferred place for yoga teachers and yoga aspirants in Bangalore and around. The po...
Bengaluru Karnataka 1260 Views
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