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Namaste!! To all who visit my web home as we bless and honor the splendour in each other. I bow down to the Supreme personality. My humble prayers to the divine Shada Aishwaryashali Jagannath, Balbhadra, Subhadramai and Sudarshan Maharaj. My heartfelt obeisance to my Guru and all the divine powers. My sincere salutation to their austerities. My humble prayers to the Lord to give purity to one and all. “Do good and goodness will follow you”…by Buddha. O Buddha we are trying to follow your footsteps. With this thought in our mind we endeavour to serve humanity with the blissful art of Yoga where we understand the transcendental manifestations of oneself on this planet Earth. We welcome you to an enriching journey in Akshar Power Yoga Academy, a paradise where body, mind and soul converge as one. May all prosper and let love and peace abound in all hearts…. I prayed to God for happiness….he taught me Yoga.” I Personally Invite You To Akshar Power Yoga Academy:

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Packages (8)

1. Hatha Yoga Teachers Training

Origin of Hatha Yoga Understanding of KulKundalini Understanding of Mooladhara chakra Asanas and its origin and formations Understanding Hatha Yoga Pradipika & Himalayan Hatha Yoga Mudras and Bandhas Pranayam Shatkarma Pratyahar Dhyan Samadhi Hatha Yoga Saar

2. Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Certification Program Under the Guidance of ISHAPUTRA Session Begins: 10 AM Session Concludes: 4 PM

3. Aerial Yoga

Flying bird yoga aims to better appreciate and perform aasanas that are historically rooted in ancient traditions with the help of modern techniques and equipment solely created to facilitate the antigravitational movement of the human body. The equipment primarily comprises of a hammock designed as a medium to help the body perform various aerial aasanas while achieving levels of floatation and levitation that are impossible under natural, circumstantial conditions.

4. Super Brain Power Yoga

Their academic performances Behavior patterns towards peers, friends and family Identification of strengths of intellect, character and talents More control over the mind and body

5. Power Yoga Regular Classes

Class Duration - 60 Minutes Flexible timings – 9 classes everyday Choose your convenient time slot Different flows and asanas daily Surya Namaskar & Chandra Namaskar Specially designed Abhyasas for stamina-building, strength etc Formulas for Weight Management, Core and Flexibility Pranayama and Meditation

6. Siddha Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Training

The Siddha’s Yoga or the ‘Vrata Ashtanga Yoga’ of Maharishi Shringa and Patanjali ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ is almost similar but they only differ with the approach of how asanas, pranayama, dhyana, dharana are performed. Maharishi Shringa explains the Ashtanga Yoga with exact precision with subtle minor details like the breathing rhythm, yoga laya krama (yoga vinyasa), asanas rhythm and also the techniques on performing asanas, pranayamas, mudra and bandas which is absent in Patanjali’s Yoga.

7. Akshar Yoga Wheel

The Wheel is a great assist for working on various aspects of your physical body. Balance can be improved with the help of postures such as Prapadasana, Santhulanasana, Ardha Kati Chakrasana, Naukasana etc. Strong balance and coordination cannot be achieved without an equally strong core. The Wheel lends itself to many variations of Naukasana, Santhulanasana and Dandasana. When balance and core are being exercised, arm strength cannot be very far behind. A variety of combinations of postures on the Wheel help develop a flexible spine and opens the hips. 3 hours Per Day

8. Akshar Yoga Corporate Wellness Course

Subtle Exercises 40 Asanas 8 Pranayam Techniques(Breathing Techniques) 3 Meditation Techniques Surya Namaskar I |Surya Namaskar II | Surya Namaskar III Chandra Namaskar I | Chandra Namaskar II Abhyaas I | Abhyaas II (4 Months, 32 Hours)

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Akshar Power Yoga Reviews

4(38 reviews)

Mr. Anil Valluri President – India & SAARC at NetApp

Me and my family are big fans and supporters of APY. It offers a whole new dimension in bringing together well being, spirituality, social responsibility and community. Kudos to Akshar and his band of dedicated staff for their passion and commitment. Cheers. Anil

Mimi Partha Sarathy Managing Director – Sinhasi Consultants Pvt Ltd Founder Director – Krishna Wellness Center

I joined APY in January 2011 and soon completed the Basic and Advanced TTC Program. And I am now part of the Masters Level Course. I feel that I am a totally new person ever since I joined the Academy. I am able to manage all the various roles I play in my life with a better sense of well being and balance. I am a full – time working professional running my own financial advisory business , and taking care of my parents, my daughter and my home , and I also have various other social and public initiatives that I am part of today. Regular disciplined practice of Akshar Power Yoga and the study of our Scriptures, has given me the energy and drive to do much more in my life. I am proud to say that I am now also a franchisee of APY Academy and have set up a center in Malleshwaram in February 2014. The center is very traditional and has a serene setting amongst trees and nature. We now have over many students learning APY from this center in a short span of 2 months. Thank you Akshara!

Vanishree Singh

Akshar Power Yoga, has enriched my life beyond imagination. I used to be filled with anxiety and get irritated easily. That has changed and its a new ME who handles life with calmness and serenity , of course it has done wonders for me physically . But, its the overall impact on my life that has come about thanks to Akshar Power Yoga that needs to be felt and is beyond description.

Mr. Vivek Singh Wing Commander, Air Force

Let me start by putting on record the exhilarating experience at Akshar Power Yoga Academy. It is a wonderful Academy run with lot of professionalism at the same time not so rigid so as to forget the customer/students convenience. One thing which stands out with APY is that it is not a money making venture unlike so many yoga academies. It shows the flexibility in its curriculum ( has to, after all yoga is also about flexibility!!!!!) and takes care of the convenience and comfort level of the student. I joined APY with lot of apprehensions because for me yoga meant ..no sweat..no running…so no physical activity!!!!!. BUT….it all changed when I realized that its all about the whatever I have mentioned above and much much more…I was surprised at myself when I found myself joining the TTC…and the best part is…it came from within…and to my opinion that’s what should be the foundation/ core of any teaching. Keep it up Grand Master Akshar its been a pleasure interacting with you and the teachers. For Swathi: Few words about the lady with no Spine( Swathi.)…OMG one has to see it to believe it…yes my back aches just looking at her!!!!!! One of the instructors whose class is just wonderful and I think we all enjoy the flow and smoothness of it. Its really commendable to see the ease with which she takes you through all the difficult routines and the best part is, its never the same so you are always wondering whats new today!!! And one crib I do have is the counting method she uses when she has put you on hold in an asana……the count of five seems like a count of twenty!!!!( Grand Master she takes after you I believe because I have seen the same counting method with you also!!!!) Jokes apart the professionalism displayed by her and each and every instructor is really commendable. I wish her all the best.

Jaymala Sharma

Body weight was never a problem as per my understanding. I joined Akshar Power Yoga for holistic fitness. APY Power Yoga led to a transformation in my approach towards life. When doing twisting and turning postures, I realized there was some fat around my waist that I needed to lose. I took the challenge and joined APY’s intense weight Loss program and to my pleasant surprise, I not only lost 3 kgs in just 15 days but also toned my abs, arms and thighs. I continued with APY joining their teachers’ training program and have found a new meaning to life as a ‘Power Yoga teacher’. Thanks Akshar Power Yoga Academy for giving me renewed confidence to take up new challenges in life.

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