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Dhamma Pala Vipassana Meditation Centre

4.5 (12 reviews) 3473 Views Vipassana Meditation Centre Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

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Dhamma Pala Vipassana Meditation Centre

12 Reviews
Gaurav Valecha
It is a beautiful place to be in. Why do I say in? Simple, it is a meditation center where you go for few days and stay. The silence of the place topped with the nature all around is a blissful and peaceful environment. It is very neat and clean place. Food served is purely sathvic with tons of love and care. The experience is thrilling as it helps you know yourself better. The journey inwards..
Finally, Without any filter The 10 days to Rejuvenate for facing life is over now. A Vibrant place with the peaceful meditator's vibration ,is situated in the midst of the lush green forest that offers everything you need to relax and focus on your practice so that serenely you can find tranquility, Equanimity & sanctity to remove hatred, animosity & aversion.You feel so much love just as you step in neatly managed premises. Don't hesitate to apply at least once in life.It will really help to seek a true meaning of your conscious & subconscious mind.

How to reach Dhamma Pala Vipassana Meditation Centre

Dhamma Pala is situated at Village Daulatpura, near Kerwa Dam, in Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh,. Residential meditation courses are held here throughout the year.

A City Office situated at Mannipuram manages the registration and correspondence for all such courses at the Centre, and is the contact and coordinating unit for the same. Bus transport is also available from the City Office to the Centre on the starting day of a course, at 2pm, on prior intimation from the participating students.

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Near Kerwa Dam, Daulatpura, Bhopal – 462044, Madhya Pradesh
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