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About Himalayan Yoga Bliss And Wellness Center

Himalayan Yoga Bliss is an RYS200 registered Yoga Teacher Training school affiliated to the Yoga Alliance USA. We are the first school of our kind to start Yoga Teachers training in the beautiful mountains of the world famous tea growing town of Darjeeling,. We specialize in a multi styled Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha, Vinyasa flow Yoga.

We are located in the lesser Himalayas being overlooked by the gorgeous, serene and awe inspiring Kanchenjunga, the tallest mountain in, also considered the tallest in the world for centuries. The beauty, serenity and climate of this place features the ideally suitable environment for the practice of yoga, for Himalayas is the place where actually yoga has originated. So here we can learn and feel then approach to life and philosophy.

Vinyasa in Sanskrit means “connection” so in terms of yoga Asana we can interpret this as a connection between movement and breath. This yoga almost feels like dance due to the dynamic movements involved. The synchronization of the yoga asanas with the breathe in fact synchronizes your body, mind and soul. Thus it acts on all the three aspects of life namely physical, mental and spiritual.

Therefore our YTTC can be availed by anyone who wishes to perceive a progress in any of these facets of life. We are a multi-style Yoga school that focuses on the concept of Vinyasa flow, giving each student an opportunity to experience various styles of yoga in a dynamic movement synchronized to the breath. Our graduates can then focus on the style that suits them the best to continue their journey as a Yoga teacher or to simply deepen their practice. We structured our intensive yoga teacher training such that they are not only suitable for those who are aspiring a career in the field of yoga but also to those who would just like to add a tint of yoga to their lives.

All our teachers are highly experienced and have traveled to different parts of the world, teaching, learning, experiencing and exploring the beautiful art of yoga under renowned masters. Our methodology integrates ancient Yogic traditions into our contemporary world, which can be seen in our everyday Teaching approach. Our team though small, dedicate utmost attention to every single student helping them to get the best out of their learning program in a fun, progressive, and a safe environment focusing on their abilities and limitations of various kind. Our team makes the course a splendid experience for every student attracting a large number aspirants for our course from all over the world. Though we accommodate only limited students per course, we assure to make the courses available as frequently as possible to meet the overwhelming demand. Because our motto is to make yoga reachable to the entire world. At the end of the course, every student will be awarded with a certification affiliated to Yoga Alliance, USA that is valid throughout the world. With this certification, you will be a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Come join our family of Himalayan yoga bliss right now to witness a transformation in your life that lasts forever.

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Packages (3)

1. 100-hour meditation teacher

We offer 100-hour meditation teacher training programs designed for people who want to share the art of meditation and its benefits with the world. The course is a thorough and highly supplementing program for existing yoga teachers, holistic coaches, spiritual guides, and practitioners seeking to deepen their practice via uniquely designed meditation workshops.

2. 100 Hours Teacher Training Course

Gayatri is a 100-hour teacher training program on divine femininity for aspiring women to help start a journey into their undiscovered powerful female spirit and tap into the wonders of being a woman. Gayatri is a powerful vibrational sound erupting from the womb of the universe and taking various forms and shapes as she manifests herself in this earth. This 10-day course explores the various archetypes of goddesses from the ancient Indian tradition and their significance in our modern lives. We cover subjects related to self-acceptance, body issues, sexuality, societal stereotyping and emotional intelligence. This is a journey into the intricate network of topics that comprises the fabric of our society; from the womb and fertility to myth, rituals, tradition and past traumas, we explore and investigate to reach a better

3. 200-hour yoga

The course is designed in a way as to not only serve the physical needs but also to break the mental limitations of our students. Our yoga teacher training includes advance physical postures to less intensive and more restorative sessions. During all our yoga certification programs, we introduce students to the various styles of Hatha yoga and its contemporary practices such as Ashtangayoga and multi-styled themed Vinyasa flow. We focus on accurate alignment of these styles, cues on commands, physical and spiritual awareness of dynamic yoga postures.


At Himalayan Yoga bliss we provide clean and comfortable accommodation for students. The rooms are just few minutes walk from the main Shala and overlooks the beautiful Himalayan range of Kanchenjunga.


During the training our students are provided with 3 healthy Satvik vegetarian food. We believe that we are what we eat, so a clean diet with lots of Prana is a very essential part of the program.

How to Get There

For international students the main ports of entry to for Darjeeling are Delhi or Calcutta. These airports are very well connected to the US, Europe and Australia. From either of these airports there are two options to travel to Darjeeling. • By air to Bagdogra Airport (IXB) with one of the numerous low cost domestic airlines- Spice jet, Go Air, Indigo, Jet Airways. These can all be found on flight search engines (kayak etc.) • By train- The nearest station to Darjeeling in New Jalpaiguri (NJP), it is connected to all the major cities in. This is a low cost option but plan for 24hrs trip. We will be more than happy to book the tickets or discuss the best options for this. We can then arrange a pick-up/drop-off facility for you to our school. Mail us for yoga teacher training in Darjeeling

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Himalayan Yoga Bliss And Wellness Center Reviews

4.5(26 reviews)


Beautiful studio over looking the 3rd tallest mountain in the world… Amazing! Sonam, the owner, is a beautiful soul and teaches in a honest and humble way. I spent a month there doing my 200-hour teacher-training course and I’m so glad I did! I left the course feeling confident and prepared to go out into the world as a certified yoga instructor. It was a life changing experience and something I always look back on fondly. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn yoga in the Himalayas! Enjoy!


I had the pleasure of studying under the tutelage of Yogi´s Sonam and Vishnu during a 200hr YTTC at the beautiful Himalayan Yoga Bliss studio in Darjeeling, India. To wake up for morning meditation and asana classes while watching the sun rise paint golden light across Kanchenjunga´s frozen peaks was an experience that I wont soon forget. I can not speak highly enough of the experience, knowledge and wisdom passed down by each teacher. The design of the YTTC was brilliant in its breadth, scope, and depth. The course was demanding and highly intensive and as such hugely rewarding. Obtaining my certification from Himalayan Yoga Bliss was a life changing experience, not just in preparing me to spread the ancient teachings of yoga, but also in helping to deepen and better understand my own practice. Whether a one time drop in or a advanced practitioner taking the TTC, Himalayan Yoga Bliss will surely provide some insight into your journey on the mat. Namaste,


I was lucky enough to find beautiful Sonam and Himalayan Yoga Bliss to do my YTTC200 last October. The place, high up in the the tea fields of Darjeeling is the epitome of serenity, peace and escapism and serves as a great place to discover more about yoga,the Himalayan region of India and yourself. The teaching course was fantastic; in depth, hard enough to challenge your physical and mental limits, but taught in a simple and caring manner. Both our teachers were great, and the locals, our homestay hosts and everyone we encountered in town were so friendly. The course and town was not daunting to a group of India first-timers like us, but we really felt adopted by the community. I know one day my yoga practise will bring me back to Darjeeling and I look forward to returning to HYB. Highly highly recommend to anyone lucky enough to be passing through. Namaste


I did a Yoga Teacher Training (200h) in the fall of 2015 at the Himalayan Yoga Bliss & Wellness Centre and I can only highly recommend it. The teachers are wonderful Yogis and Yoginis, knowledgable and caring. The training teached me to be open minded and opened up my heart to the large field of Yoga. Yoga is so much more than I thought it to be – and I am grateful to have been able to discover so many facets of it. They teach different style physical practices (we did Hatha, Ashtanga Primary series and Vinyasa Flow) and also a great deal of meditation, chanting and the ancient philosophy and history of Yoga. It has been an intense month of practicing and learning.


Beautiful Experience during my first 200 hours TTC under the guidance of the experienced and humble Yogis/Teachers of the Himalayan Yoga Bliss. Friendly environment plus beautiful Yoga Shala(school) in a very serene location. As far as my experience matter, Himalayan Yoga Bliss did a tremendous work on me, they pointed me to a direction where there is absolute bliss :). Well I would recommend this Yoga Centre to anybody who wants to do their Teacher training course , drop in classes or Yoga Retreats. Darjeeling is a beautiful place and Himalayan Yoga Bliss just adds upto it.

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