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We are partners in Yoga, in life, in constructing an environment of truthful learning and truthful exchange. Turiya Yoga is specialized in Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training in and was born as a response to a world where Yoga is being extensively treated as business and keeps falling into the category of merely fitness or just health. For us, the aim is simple: to put people together that have their hearts set upon teaching, learning and experiencing this ancient skill of self knowledge not only on their mat. After all, Yoga is a technique for allowing us to be who we truly are and this glow of happiness is what brings balance inside and outside of ourselves. So, if you are interested in knowing what is Yoga, in taking some time to deepen your own practice and self-knowledge, in learning how to ease others into their practice as a teacher, we are fully open to receiving you. We just ask your heart and mind to be open to discover, re-discover or practice a way that since a long time has brought health, emotional stability, happiness and ultimately,freedom. Our Philosophy We could not differ our philosophy as a school, from our philosophy in life. In Yoga, the attitude towards others and the world around us are guided through a few concepts called Yamas. Simply it is about: Non-violence and Truthfulness. For us, as a team, it is about being honest and safe in what we share and offer, what we know and teach and where else (or with whom else) you can keep learning and growing on your own, even apart from Turiya Yoga, we don’t mind,we want you to spread your own wings. Non-stealing. Here it is about your time and not stealing it from yourself by not offering our best. We honor the time you spend with us, the investment in yourself that you are undertaking. In this sense, all the courses, classes and activities are planned in the best way to maximize your experience with us. Bramacharya. Though some people connect it only to celibacy, a wise teacher once told us that bramacharya really about doing everything with your heart fully in it, so it becomes an offer to your true Self, the Universe or God - whatever name you prefer! For us, it is the essence of our work, our every-moment goal. Non-possessiveness. It’s about not being guided by greed. Money, wealth and comfort are welcome in life; however, our policy is not to have them as the guiding star of our school. We are part of a net in this world and we bow to it. We are a platform of connection that brings together good and truthful teachers, practitioners, students and companies that somehow are – or wish to be – guided by this beautiful philosophy.

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1. 200-hour Yoga Alliance Training Economy Package (tuition & Meals Only)

Turiya Yoga’s yoga teacher training in india is dedicated to the styles of Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Hatha Yoga is the mother of our most known western yoga practices which branched from Hatha’s method of manipulating the body and especially the breath. A typical class of Hatha is a slow-paced practice which combines traditional body postures (asana), breathing awareness, pranayama (retention of breath techniques), meditation and mantras to open or close the class. In our rushed societies these days, however, the classes often only focus on physical postures. The style also employs cleansing techniques (kriyas), occasional use of bandhas (muscle manipulations seen as locks of energy) and special gestures called mudras. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a modern fast-paced practice in which students flow between body postures while breath and drishti (gaze) are also synchronized in its fixed sequences. The style counts Pattabhi Jois and his teacher Krishnamacharya as its gurus. There are a few stories about how the sequences originated, however the style in its current method was developed by T. Krishnamacharya himself. The Ashtanga Vinyasa system only became well-known, however, by his loyal student, Patthabhi Jois. Another of Krishnamacharya’s students, and another true gem of modern-day yoga, was BKS Iyengar.

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Turiya Yoga Reviews

4.5(5 reviews)

Hope Willis, USA

"I always felt that Suzana’s classes were warm and inviting yet pushed me to think about the asana rather that just doing…She is definitely knows her asana inside and out and the energy in the room was always very calm… I feel very fortunate to have studied with Suzana. I am most inspired by her gentle nature, I know I struggle with that… She’s strong and soft at the same time, and for me it’s such complementary qualities that I hope to embody those as well."

Vasia Vogias, Australia

"Manu’s classes were amazing! He brought an incredible happy energy to the room , he was really knowledgeable and I felt really comfortable and safe! I felt like I could ask him anything and I good a really good response and overall I loved his classes and I think he is great!"

Mel Chor, Canada

"Suzana really has such a soft and subtleness in her that evokes in the class right away…There is that trace of discipline with that softness. One of our colleagues pass along this nice quote “Nothing is as strong as gentleness and nothing is as gentle as real strength” and she encompasses that. She is soo well versed in Yoga and in Philosophy."

Anya Ismail, USA

"Suzana as a teacher was always approachable and always open to questions and critiques. I always felt just comfortable and supported…. She was very intuitive emotional also and personally could tell when I was a little off and would check on me every now and then and I appreciate that!"

Maria del Mar Garza, Colombia

"I really like the way Suzana introduces the poses so we get the alignment right! I think that really makes a difference in how we are making the poses! I also really enjoyed the quotes in the end of the classes, when everyone was with their hearts opened … They felt really enriching for us."

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