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Dhamma Sota Vipassana Meditation Centre

4.5 (19 reviews) 8433 Views Vipassana Meditation Centre Gurgaon, Haryana

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Dhamma Sota Vipassana Meditation Centre

19 Reviews
Anshul Aggawal
Best place to get peace of mind and a very skilled staffHere you get best services and the best experience you can I am feeling The classes are very helpful to live the life in the right wayPlease go ahead and join them a Sufi for the best experience of your life
Reinu Sharrma
Nice place to visit at least once in life time ...Nice experience with dhamma sota sohna.. I hv been there to attend 10 days vipasna meditation course.. All I would say visit this place only if you're seriously interested in meditation till 10 days.. You won't be allowed to speak to anyone for 10 days.. A complete noble silence for 10 days.. And vry strict rules n regulations...High discipline you hv to maintain for these days.. You will meditate from 4.30am to 9.00pm...only a small breaks 30 mins or so for lunch n breakfast in between..and rest of the time you won't speak to anyone... 10 days journey to go completely into ur inner world...

How to reach Dhamma Sota Vipassana Meditation Centre

The Dhamma Sota Centre is located at Village Rahaka, Sohna, Dist. Gurgaon, Haryana. It is near Nimmod police post.

You can reach the Centre by Car/Bus/Train/Metro. Train goes upto Ballabhgarh and Metro goes upto Badarpur (Violet line),(just before Faridabad) and HUDA centre, Gurgaon (Yellow line). By Rented Car or Taxi Taxis can be hired from any place in New Delhi. Route by Car or Taxi from New Delhi via Gurgaon From Delhi Airport or New Delhi take the Jaipur Highway i.e. NH-8. After the toll, take left turn from Exit 10 i.e. Rajiv Chowk in Gurgaon. Now you are on the Sohna Road. Travel 22km. At the Bhiwadi -Palwal-Alwar junction take the road to Palwal. Travel 4km and turn left on the Sohna- Ballabhgarh highway . Travel 6 km. A big hoarding of ‘Dhammasota’ across the road will be there. Turn right from here. This is also Nimmod police post. Travel 1 km and you will reach Dhamma Sota.

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Dhamma Sota Vipassana Meditation Centre, Ballabhgarh-Sohna Road, Near Nimoth Police Force, Rahaka, Haryana 122102,
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