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Sivananda Yogshala

5 (10 reviews) 20 Views Yoga Training Centre Gurgaon, Haryana

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Sivananda Yogshala

10 Reviews
Soham sir is real yoga guru. Very professional and understand body anatomy way deep. It helps to do asanas according to one's ability and know your limits where to push and when to stop. Real custom treatment, I am sure it benefits all. I have been taking his classes since 3 months, and never feel to stop such an amazing experience and awareness/awakening of my own body. I strongly recommend him for folks who are serious and want to achieve something in their life.
Soham from Sivananda Yogshala has very effectively helped me manage my cervical pain through yoga. I have also seen an overall improvement in my health and energy levels. I would highly recommend him to anyone for his ability to patiently work with an individual’s problems with a very personalized approach. He starts from your comfort zone and works in a ground up manner till you are satisfied with the results. 5 stars !!

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