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Avn Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital

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Avn Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital

1 Reviews
Sundaram Srinivasan
I am pleased to report what a boon Ayurveda was to me very recently ************ it all started with a the pain in my back hip side ,the same grew more and next morning i felt deep pain in my feet so intense that i was unable to place my foot and get up i can say the pain was chronic soon by late after noon the feet fingers became unable to be flexed easily so also fingers of the hands and could also notice swellings in feet . Though i am a pharma professional i personally hesitate the intake of pharmaceuticals since i know the harmful side effects and sensitiveness apart from the general opinion that the modern medicine care givers the so called specialists/consultants might impose on me with a battery of diagnostic investigations like biochemical ,X rays and Scans, I preferred contacting my well wisher cum friend Dr Biju, Medical superintendent at AVN arogya madurai who by generation are pioneering ayurveda. Just hearing from me the symptoms Dr biju asked me only to get blood tests done for three specific parameters. knowing the results Dr Biju suggested me medications adding specific methodology of using them. Dr Biju is in touch with me on phone from day one by tracking me to get a correct picture of my status as i began taking the medicines.. i am almost normal in every aspect than i what i had suffered prior to 13th aug [today is 24th aug]. Ayurveda as handled by Dr Biju, in respect of me, is a great rejuvenating experience. The wonder is no physical checking of me but entirely on line hearing me over phone and please note there was no need for x rays and scans etc at any point of time. Dr Biju and the systems of ayurveda are complimentary to each other giving me a wonderful and permanent healing. Though the patience and confidence of patients and their ability to describe their problems and symptoms counts a lot in healing I can vouch that it is a direct credit to Dr Biju's skill set and talents which have helped me cure thro online and tele medicining. i am so grateful to Dr Biju for effecting a amazing cure at the most economical way while not dumping any unwanted chemicals/stuff into my body and bringing at the same time an almost total relief at the quickest possible time lag. i am sure i will be able to commence my brisk high octane morning walking in few days The general understanding should be that except under emergency clinical/medical condition one can always rely on traditional / alternative health care systems..

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AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital, 175, Muniyandipuram P.O., Vilachery Main Road, Pasumalai, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625004
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