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About AyurYoga Eco Ashram

AyurYoga Mysore is an 18-acre riverside Organic Farm in peaceful countryside between Mysore and Kerala. AyurYoga Eco Ashram offers 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training and 300 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. Ashram also organizes the spiritual retreats, taught by traditional teachers of Hatha Yoga, Pranayamas, Meditation, Philosophy, Ayurveda, Ecology. AyurYoga Mysore four week Yoga Teacher Training is accredited with Yoga Alliance, two week Yoga Immersion Retreats for Beginners and two weeks Yoga Intensive for Intermediate/advanced students regularly. AyurYoga Mysore is a platform for the spiritual teachers with backgrounds in traditional monasteries and ashrams, to connect with international students who are ready to explore yoga beyond the mat. Besides physical practices, AyurYoga Mysore Ashram shares a philosophy to live a dynamic life. The Ashram does not impose any fixed manuals, guidelines, books, traditions, rules, etc. Krishna Chaitanya is the founder and lead yoga teacher in the AyurYoga Mysore. He teaches Yoga and Pranayama sessions to advanced students who are comfortable with 3-hour sessions. He is also being regularly invited by other retreats/ashrams around the world to teach.

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Packages (4)

1. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (300 Hour)

AyurYoga Mysore gives 300 hours of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in India is meant for students and yoga teachers who completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training from a recognized school already. Advanced Yoga Teacher Training inAyurYoga Mysore ashram helps to deepen the understanding of advanced asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, yoga Nidra. This advanced yoga instructor training helps to improve both self-practice and ability to teach advanced poses and sequences, which are not covered in 200 hours yoga teacher training certification courses. Practically, they prefer the students who completed 200 hours teacher training with us to come for this course. However, if you have completed your previous training in a different school or style, please email us your yoga teacher training certificate and syllabus of what you learnt, to ensure that you are prepared for our highly challenging Advanced Teacher Training, in both self-practice and teaching careers.

2. Ayurveda Retreat For Weight Management

AyurYoga Mysore provides The Weight Management Therapy at AyurYoga Eco-Ashram includes specific ayurvedic treatments to increase the element of Fire and decreasing anabolic metoblism. This program includes several powder massages and steam, along with ayurvedic oral medications to increase pitta (fire) which will improve the catabolic metabolism of the body. In addition to Ayurveda treatments and medications, healthy diet and lifestyle in mother nature at our ashram, yoga, pranayamas, meditation etc. can be very helpful in maximizing the effect of this ayurvedic therapy for weight loss. The Ashram don’t give you any specialized diet during this therapy. You will be eating healthy and yummy food like all other guests in the ashram, twice a day and fruits once. We will not compel you to eat less or more – unlike many other weight management programs. We may suggest reducing the amount of rice or bread. Nevertheless, most of our diet consists of vegetables, curries and lentils, along with salads and a separate fruit meal. So, there is not much negative impacting nutrients (such as excessive fats, sugars, etc) in our diet, in case if you are wondering why we don’t restrict your diet. From our experience, starving is not a solution, instead we want you to eat healthy.

3. Ayurveda Retreat For Stress Management

AyurYoga Mysore provides Ayurvedic therapies relieving the stress from the brain and nerves, proper diet, yoga, pranayamas, meditation and lifestyle changes offer a holistic approach. The peaceful atmosphere and mother nature at our ashram not only nurture your body-mind but also reset your physical bio-rhythms and mental equilibrium. The stress management therapy offered at AyurYoga ashram has a multi-approach to work on various aspects of the body-mind through gradual stages:

1- To relieve stress from different organs in the Physical body at a deeper level.

2- To improve the Cardio-Respiratory System (Blood Circulation and Lung Capacity).

3- To improve the Nervous System and Nadis in the Pranic body.

4- To improve the Endocrine Glands / Hormonal Balance, which is closely connected to emotional balance in the mind.

4. Yoga Teacher Training (200 Hours)

AyurYoga Mysore offers 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in India, to experience the intensive practice of traditional Hatha yoga in a peaceful environment. Half of the course content is focused on training new teachers with detailed practice and teaching methodologies of the asanas. While another half of the course content is focused on improving Pranayamas, Meditation and practical philosophy to combine the physical practice Yoga with traditional spirituality and Yogic lifestyle for yoga students living in a competitive stressed life in modern society. So, this yoga teacher training Retreat in India is not only for would-be yoga teachers but also for anybody wanting to make a transformational shift in their body-breath-awareness and trying to find a meaningful purpose in life. This Yoga Teacher Training covers all the basic techniques and skills to get started on the noble path of sharing your practical knowledge of yoga – both physical & intellectual – in a professional way.

List of services, treatments, health care programmes offered

AyurYoga Mysore offers the following services:

1- Yoga Retreat

2- Ayurveda Retreat

3- Yoga Teacher Training

4- Advance Yoga Teacher Training

5- Ayurveda Therapy For Stress Management

6- Rasayana Rejuvenation Therapy

7- Panchakarma Detox

8- Ayurveda Weight Management


Wooden Cottages

AyurYoga Mysore provides the wooden cottages (private rooms) contain a single bed, a desk and chair, a wardrobe, a western-style bathroom (toilet, hot water shower and sink), a pantry area with a second sink, and a balcony with a chair overlooking the river.


AyurYoga Mysore provides cottages made of hollow mud bricks to keep the rooms cooler. The eco-cottages are furnished with two beds, a desk and chair, a wardrobe, a western-style bathroom (toilet, hot water shower, and sink), a pantry area with a second sink and a balcony with a chair overlooking the river.

Deluxe Rooms

AyurYoga Mysore offers a room made of laterite compressed bricks. The deluxe rooms are the most spacious and comfy rooms in the ashram. Generally, they give these rooms for Ayurveda guests who are undergoing treatments. With better granite flooring and tiled bathrooms, these rooms are furnished a bit better than other rooms. Solar hot water and western toilets and showers are common to all rooms.


AyurYoga Eco Ashram serves Indian vegetarian food suitable for the sensitive western tummies. Other than nutritional value, AyurYoga Mysore loves to serve the tasty food with Indian spices, to give a truly Indian experience. Most of the guests go back home with inspiration to eat healthy and vegetarian. 

All meals come with either herbal hot drinks or fruit juices at noon. Tea is served only once a day along with brunch. Coffee is not available due to its acidic nature, which may not go well with ayurvedic medication. Filtered drinking water is available at four different locations in the ashram. AyurYoga Mysore does not serve meat, fish, eggs. All food is prepared with filtered water in the clean and spacious kitchen, where they gives utmost importance to hygiene. Some of the foods are grown in their own garden, without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. Both brunch and dinner include salads, vegetables, lentils/beans, rice/wheat items, soups/hot drinks, and desserts occasionally. So in AyurYoga Mysore, there is enough variety to choose from. All meals are served in Buffet-style and you can take as much as you want.

How to Get There

The detailed information about how to reach AyurYoga Mysore are as follows:

By Airport: AyurYoga Eco Ashram organize safe Airport Transfers with known drivers to pick up /drop back the students from/to Airport at any time of the day or night. As most of their students arrive one or two days before the course starts, they arrange a single car to accommodate two/three students in order to reduce the cost of taxis. In case you arrive/depart at an odd time and alone, they also recommend a hotel closer to the airport, to enable you to share a taxi with other guests.


By Bus: There are direct buses from Bangalore Airport to Mysore 4 hours/Rs. 800 ($10) at certain times. From Mysore to AyurYoga Eco Ashram, they can organize a taxi for Rs. 1500 ($25)/one hour. You have to call them by phone when you get on the bus to Mysore to confirm your bus number and arrival time at Mysore.



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AyurYoga Eco Ashram Reviews

4(41 reviews)


Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing place! Great experience, would definitely recommend to everyone xxx


Journey of a life time! I learned so much from these skilled teachers! The food was lovely and fresh, locally grown of course! The view of the river is spectacular and the birdlife just amazing! Ten thumbs up!


Just got home from Ayur Yoga eco ashram and can't wait to go back. Became my new home and family. I feel very thankful for the four weeks of Yoga teacher training and one week of art retreat. The teachers and all staff on campus are doing an amazing job. Very high quality and a wonderful familiar spirit makes it possible to grow and glow! With the teaching I could discovered myself in an intensity I was never able before. ready to teach? More than yes, I feel excited to share.


I attended 200 hour YTT in Feb 2015. I anticipated that my experience would be relaxing and fun. I enjoy practicing yoga but I didn't necessarily intend to teach. My experience at the ashram far exceeded my expectations. I learned so much more about yoga than just poses and breathing exercises. The ashram teaches history, philosophy, and culture. I felt so compelled to share my experience that I've been teaching small groups and individuals fairly regularly for a year. Recently, I was hired to teach a yoga class at a yoga and therapy studio for people with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and PTSD. A typical American trained 200 hour RYT would not qualify for a position like this because of the emphasis right now on yoga as physical exercise in the U.S. The traditional meditation, philosophy, and chanting I learned at the ashram have made me more marketable and flexible as a yoga teacher than most schools. Of course you will still learn asanas but this school teaches so much more. XO I miss the ashram people so much.


I reluctantly left the ashram after my 1 month Indian visa expired. I'm currently in Thailand, I've tried 3 different yoga schools and just cannot settle into the culture here after being in professional and friendly environment created by Krish and Lilly. cannot wait to return

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