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Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

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Muppra Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

1 Reviews
M. Ganeshan
I had treatment for arthritis from March 2018 to July 2018 due to my misadventure of going to Washington D.C. in peak winter to see the snow falls and enjoy the below 0 degrees weather. So, problem came due to my invitation. I am 67 years old senior citizen living in Pune. I approached Muppra finally even after exploring knee replacement due to its very good review. I was supposed to have daily Janavasti and alternatively Udvartana and Elakijhi and heavy diet restrictions. Over all treatment was good and most of the masseurs were sincere in their duties. However, my treatment was supposed to be 35 days continuously but got interrupted for long time due to two unfortunate incidences. One was due to pouring extra hot oil on my knees for the treatment of Janavasti inadvertently by masseurs, i developed big blisters on my knees. Extra treatment now from Allopathic doctor + cost related to that. My treatment was abruptly stopped for one month. Doctor at the clinic gave me four extra days treatment called Abhyangam. Then started the regular treatment. Oh God! Not once again. Due to towel that was used for cleaning my body , i started having Dhobi itching (Jock itch) in my groins. Though it never happened on daily basis. Again heavy expenditure due to allopathic treatment and skin specialist's fees. Treatment was stopped. Again when they started the abandoned Udvartana and gave me Elakijhi on my knees only. But somehow my treatment got over and i had 70% relief. Probably if only my treatment was continuous for 35 days i may be having better relief. The Doctor Syam Bhargavan is good and kind but not so proactive with senior citizens and chronically ill patients by looking after them once in a week at least due to his various assignments at various places including Ayurveda college in Pune. The Manager Renee Thomas is good and managing the clinic's appointments well but she sends her messages not immediately to the patients. Overall, they give good treatments and masseurs (most of them) are well trained and sincere. The overall cleanliness of the clinic has to improve including recycling the oils used, though the treatment table is very well maintained after every patient's treatment. I do not mind recommending the clinic for the treatment but for my two incidences which they have to take care in future too that it does not recur since they are charging heavily for the treatment. The manager will reply this review which may not be palatable though i stated truth and nothing but truth.

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