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About Kailasam Yoga Class

Kailasam Yoga is owned by Diana Shipp, who has been running yoga holidays here since 2002. She is ably assisted by Sajan, Manager, Padmini, Housekeeper, and the rest of the Kailasam team.

Diana grew up in Brighton, England, studied environmental science and made her career in conservation and sustainable tourism. During this time she was also practicing and studying yoga and began teaching in 1991. Soon her interests in yoga and the spiritual path led her to.

It was in 2000, during a ‘mature gap year’ that she signed up for a teacher’s course at an ashram, discovered Kovalam and fell in love with Kerala. When asked by the owners of a small yoga retreat if she would like to buy it, she knew where her future lay.

Diana expanded and transformed the small yoga retreat into Kailasam Yoga. Fourteen years on, and we are going from strength to strength.

Diana now divides her time between Kerala in the winter, running the yoga holidays, and Norfolk, UK in the summer.

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A treatment for mind, body and soul. A profoundly relaxing experience where a special warm oil is rhymically poured across the forehead to produce a deeply relaxing and comforting state. Perfect for relieving mental stress and tension, this treatment induces a state of calm and harmony, and promotes healthy sleep. By calming the mind, ‘shiro dhara’ allows you access to your unconscious which can be positively life-changing.Included in this treatment is a full body relaxing massage to enhance the depth of the experience.

This is an excellent therapy for the body, relieving arthritis, body pain and healing old injuries. A warm poultice of powdered or fresh herbs is applied to the whole body, with special emphasis given to areas of pain or stiffness. The warm poultice feels comforting as well as giving a gentle exfoliation to the skin.‘Kizhi’ (pronounced kiree) is also a very powerful technique for helping the body to eliminate toxins, which will reduce water retention, help you to loose weight and gain vitality.This treatment includes a stimulating full body massage before the warm poltice is applied.

Relieves stress and tension, which can build up through driving, computer work or just through the everyday tensions of life.

Traditional Kerala massage is famous all over the world for stress-relief and rejuvenation as well as improving circulation and relieving joint and muscle pain. After several massages you will feel more youthful, with smooth and beautiful skin, improved flexibility, strength and muscle tone.

Unique traditional treatment where the whole body is massaged by the foot. It balances the energy centres, and nourishes the tissues. It is a good treatment for insomnia, hypertension, headache and travel stress.


SIMPLE BUT COMFORTABLE ACCOMMODATION There are eight guest bedrooms, yoga shala, relaxation areas and dining areas, all within a beautiful garden. We can accommodate up to 11 people on site, in single and shared bedrooms, and we also use two or three rooms nearby for the most popular times of the year. All rooms are en-suite – simple but comfortable, individually decorated, with ceiling fans, mosquito nets on windows and over beds, hot showers and western-style toilets. We provide free WiFi for guests’ use.


Upstairs is our lovely dining area where we serve delicious and generous breakfasts. The fare is western-style, fresh and tropical. You can use the kitchen to make yourself a tea, coffee or herb-tea any time, day or night, and we provide complimentary drinking water. The shaded, relaxation roof with its day beds, is a favourite with our guests – great for chilling-out after a massage or catching up with that novel.

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Sharon Elliott

A home from home amongst the coconut trees. A great place to grow with yoga. Fabulous hospitality and support from Diana and the Kailasam family

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