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Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital

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Ayur Bethaniya is an authentic traditional Ayurvedic treatment center, stands for health and healing unto the fullness of life. Here we provide all classical Panchakarma treatments and Kerala special therapies.

We provide a strict personalized diet with organic vegetables from our garden. The diet chart & medicine chart will be provided at the time of admission. Here we consider food & medicine with equal importance. Therapists will give medicine and food at correct timings to their dining tables. A printed treatment chart will be given to the patients every day before during their stay in hospital. All the treatments will be done under the supervision of our Doctors. With the effort of our Managing Directors, Doctors & all staffs, we could give a home like feeling to the patients.

Group And History Promoters

When you think of perseverance, vision, and organic growth, which conglomerate in Kerala comes to your mind? SML Group, of course. In 1980 when Mr. C. C. William Verghese laid the foundation of SML Group, he had a vision. A vision far ahead of his times. A vision to be the best in what he does, and to create an organization & benchmark for others to follow. That’s exactly where SML Group is now. A Group, which has diversified interests, yet has the agility of David who fell Goliath. The Group focuses on organic growth, rather than ad hoc spurts of immense growth. This allowed SML Group to be the no.1 in its category in Kerala in the long run.

SML Group earned the trust of its customers and investors alike by providing innovative products, customer friendly services and solution oriented, pro-active culture. The group is supported by highly dedicated Directors and a talented, skilled and experienced work force. SML Group has two major divisions : SML Finance Limited and SML Motors Limited. While SML Motors is into dealerships of various brands, SML Finance Limited is a Non Banking Financial Company.

Ayurveda, is a live science, an alternative medicine which deals not only with the life of human beings but also with the animals, plants And entire living beings in the world. Its an unique science in which prevention and healing of diseases are clearly mentioned around 10000 years ago. That is why; this science is getting reknown in the world. Ayurveda is a science which has evolved from transcendental knowledge from God & practical experience of sages of.

Ayurveda, the wisdom of longevity, focus on the living individual. Diseases management through Ayurveda aims at balancing the life force within the person. Rather than a medical system it’s a way of life which employs a life style regimen in tune with nature for enhancing immunity and self healing. Ayurveda shows us how to improve ourselves and our internal resources to facilitate the natural healing process.

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we had a very good experiances at Ayur Bethani. The Doctors & Staff are highly commited and professional... The facilities they are providing highly appreciated and we all wish you blessed days ahead..
To all the staffs of Ayur Bethaniya Hospital,I express my wholehearted appreciation for your care and professional attention you have provided.I would recommend this place to everyone....

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Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital in Kerala ayurveda treatment in thrissur, Athani-Thiruthiparambu Road, Peringandoor, Kerala 680596
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