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Sitaram Beach Retreat

5 (1 reviews) 2514 Views Ayurveda Retreat Thrissur, Kerala

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Sitaram Beach Retreat

1 Reviews
Ankit Gupta
Health is wealth! Indeed. Sitaram Beach Retreat is a place where traditional healing & modern science combine to give you a life-changing experience. Dr. Vignesh shares his deep knowledge on Ayurveda and gives you a comprehensive insight about your well-being. The excellent team of doctors conscientiously adapt the treatments & diet to suit your needs. Food is fresh & mild. The chef is accommodating & provides you with a variety of healthy meals.The staff members are warm & have a friendly disposition which appreciably facilitates the healing process. The retreat has a serene ambience. It’s clean & plush green. The sea-facing rooms are a luxury. The sound of waves, the warmth of sand, the gentle breeze are therapeutic. It’s a place for relaxation & mindful being. Being healthy isn’t a fad, it’s a lifestyle! Relax, reflect, & rejuvenate at Sitaram Beach Retreat!

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Nambikadavu Road,Near Snehatheeram Beach, Natika .P.O, Thrissur Kerala
196.42 Avg. Price / day

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