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Prana Veda Yoga Retreat

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2614285.00 Avg. Price / day

Prana Veda Sanctuary is an organic manifestation of my life’s dream and vision. “Live your dream” was always deep inside myself and the vision to create a space of healing with my passion for community and love for people. Life guided me to Bali and to this place of tropical beauty by the Indian Ocean. After deep meditations and lots of dreams, I designed it from the ground up. Then, together with the Balinese from the village, with their great craftsmanship, we built it to serve as a Sanctuary, Guesthouse, Holiday Retreat, Healing Place and a Social Children’s Association.

I feel very blessed and thankful for this gift.

Prana Veda Sanctuary was opened in 2010 to connect people from east and west, to learn, grow, heal and just be.

Renate is a German-, French- and English-speaking therapist, who came to Bali for the first time 30 years ago. Since then, she has fallen in love with this magical island. Her professional journey started as a Physical Therapist in Switzerland and guided her as a volunteer in a home for handicapped children in Singapore for the Red Cross. Later she gained 20 years of experience in her own clinic in Germany. During this time, her son Marc grew up and enriched her life tremendously. On her path to holistic healing, she added psychotherapy trainings. Over the course of 9 years she spent half of her time in India studying and eventually began teaching Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation. She has guided workshops and seminars in many countries.
It is her intention to provide you with a very special place and to offer you the necessary tools so that you can activate your self-healing potential and realize your natural state of wholeness.

In Sanskrit, Prana Veda means “the science and wisdom of life energies”; a place of power that invites everyone who is a researcher and seeker and wants to study life energies with us.

Prana Veda is a dream of paradise with a common spirit, designed to create a safe sanctuary and participate in creating a “New World” by planting a seed to awakening us out of our conditioning.

And another dream of mine is that someone can be found who wants to live here in our small community, who still carries the vision of Prana Veda and who wants to take over the day-to-day business in the future.

Prana Veda Yoga Retreat Reviews (5)

Matteo Rocca
Just amazing. This little gem located in the northern coast of the island gives you everything you need if you are looking for a relaxing and yet productive visit in Bali. Escursions, daily yoga and meditation classes, and you can literally walk in to the barrier reef straight from a little gate. Renate, Sandra, Hanna and the rest of the staff will take care of guiding you through this amazing experience. Loved it
This sanctuary is a tropical paradise and a perfect place to relax, meditate and do yoga. Food is amazing, the staff very nice and helpful. The place is even more beautiful than the pictures show, even if this seems hardly possible :-) with a lot of attention to small details.

How to reach Prana Veda Yoga Retreat

From Ubud it's all about Kintamani; few kilometers Kintamani turn right (in Desa Dausa) (signs for Tejakula / Bondalem); So not to the left, follow the road; signs "Shangrila", "Bali Mandala" or "Bondalem Beach Club" followed, in Tejakula on the coast road (T-junction) turn the lower left, the next place is Bondalem. In the village at the temple on the market (Pura Bale Agung) turn right towards the sea, turn (the sign "Shangrila" or "Bondalem Beach Club" followed), the road go all the way to the sea, on the left side is Prana Veda Bali seafront. If your driver needs more information, they can contact us at Prana Veda Bali Phone: +62 (0) 82 144 545 315

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Prana Veda Bali, Jalan Arcana, Bondalem, Tejakula-Buleleng, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia
2614285.00 Avg. Price / day