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We offer a variety of yoga classes that meet a wide range of needs unique to each individual, and thus serve multiple purposes. YogaLife’s classes satisfy the fitness enthusiast, incorporate a meditative thread, and are available to practitioners at all levels – beginner through advanced. We offer both heated and unheated yoga. We focus on creating fun, supportive classes with consistent instruction delivery and skillful and creative posture sequencing. We recognize that every body is different, carries a unique history, and contains innate wisdom, and so we encourage everyone to work at their own pace and have compassion for themselves.

Our classes are student-centered with the focus on one’s relationship to the posture, or “asana” as opposed to “doing the posture correctly.” Our instructors are responsible for maintaining unconditional positive regard within the studio space and honoring each individual’s development allowing for self-exploration, reflection, discovery and healing. Through the asana practice students will connect with their breath and their truth and awaken a sense of trusting oneself and the life journey.

Vision And Mission

YogaLife is dedicated to promoting expanded consciousness, healing and growth in individuals from the global community. We do this by offering transformative yoga classes in a supportive and professional space that are fun, physically challenging, and contemplative, thereby creating a world-class experience.

We are committed to creating a conscious community of individuals who freely choose nonviolence, personal accountability, compassion and loving kindness when responding to the joys and challenges of life through the practice of yoga.

The Studio

Our studio is right in the heart of De Waterkant, right next to the Old Cape Quarter. There is a lot of street parking, and if you do not get lucky on the street, there are 1000 parking spots under the Cape Quarter. Our studio is right on Waterkant Street, opposite Manhattan Cafe. We have two yoga rooms and a men’s and a lady’s bathroom each with several showers, so you can take a shower and get ready after class. We also have lockers for you to lock your stuff up in when you are in class – please bring you own lock. We also have towels and mats for rent as well as clothes and mats for sale in our reception area. The studio opens 30 minutes before class and closes 30 minutes after class, so please help us be respectful of each others time.


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Yoga Life, 127 Waterkant St, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
ZAR 130.00 Avg. Price / day