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At Yoga Oasis, we aim to provide a welcoming environment to celebrate the diversity in Yoga – in a soft, simple and joyful manner. In our SLOW & GENTLE classes we introduce yoga essentials: familiarizing ourselves with techniques to be kind to the body while moving into, holding, and moving out of postures and stretches. We explore different breathing techniques and through them, experience the connection of body, breath and mind. This allows us to allow postures to happen, rather than moving into them with effort and willpower. Relaxation combined with mindfulness and meditation give you a holistic experience. This studio is also a space to explore different “styles” or “schools” of Hatha Yoga. We are fortunate to be able to offer you classes that are influenced by the gentle, yet DEEP approaches of SATYANANDA and SIVANANDA Yoga. We provide a space to introduce yourself to these styles in your own time, slowly and gently, bringing precision and sophistication to your practice. Taking that experience further, explore a more dynamic interpretation of Yoga in our INTERMEDIATE AND/OR VINYASA FLOW CLASSES where we refine and bring a rhythm into our practice, strengthening the body and increasing flexibility. No matter how young or old, physically unfit or fit you feel, recharge, strengthen, and awaken your true self with the style of yoga that suits you best.


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Yoga Oasis, 69 Nicolson St, Bailey`s Muckleneuk, Pretoria, 0181, South Africa
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