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About Santosha Society Surf & Yoga - Sri Lanka

Five years ago I started using yoga with an intention to become more fluent in the whispers of my soul. When I began using yoga to become more intuitive, tapping into a more heart centered perception, I found a power to change and grow in a big, bold way.
My piercing passion is to share a yoga and meditation in a way which guides you to grow happier and healthier, breath by breath and day by day. I love to teach in intimate settings, calming and clearning your way to more compassion.
After traveling around the world with my beautiful family hosting over twenty soul-nourishing retreats for the past five years, I have dedicated all of 2020 to meditating with you. Grab your headphones and join me for a calming, sacred practice.
Twenty years ago, I found meditation. What I have found is: the more I meditate, the better my life becomes. And when I am too busy or distracted to sit down and meditate, things start to go awry. I love how change starts happening the second you press play.
Meditation is my one non-negotiable ritual. I believe shifting your your focus away from the thinking mind and more into the heart, you can feel what your soul truly wants. Then you create it. I meditate to manifest. And I manifest as a spiritual path.
The meditations I share come from my learnings from Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana Meditiation, Bali Usada Healing Meditations and Integrated Restoration (yoga nidra). When you meditate with me, you will discover all of these styles and be guided to benefit from them.
I invite you to join one of my meditation experience to help support you in connecting to your sacred self.

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Santosha Society Surf & Yoga - Sri Lanka Reviews

4.5(5 reviews)

Kare Lin

Matara, Sri Lanka

Beautiful yoga sequences no matter your previous yoga experiences. Kori is a shining soul with a great eye for lovely spaces. I loved every moment of my retreat in Sri Lanka; location, food, people, fellow guests

Cyndy Thompson Cordray

Matara, Sri Lanka

Santosha Society is my happy place and my peace of heaven on earth! I have been to many retreats around the world with Santosha Society and just to give you a little idea about what they offer, I am 60 years old not even a yogi or a surfer but a tennis player! They are so accepting and open to everyone! Most people always think, oh I have to be a pretzel or a yogi! Not! It is a group lead by the most amazing inspiring open instructor who doesn’t care how far I bend and twist but that I am wherever I am in myJourney, if it’s just sitting in the yoga class smiling as all the really amazing yogis are twisting away! It’s a very loving open accepting group that loves me for who I am! The travel is so therapeutic and it truly is my happy place!!

Vilia Zeisig

Matara, Sri Lanka

The trip to Sri Lanka was my first retreat experience ever and I couldn´t have asked for a better one! It was a spontaneous decision and so worth it! The stunning location (imaging yourself waking up to the sound of the ocean and doing yoga surrounded by palm trees), the food (OMG, that food!!) and relaxing atmosphere… Ok, I know that sounds like paradise already, but did I mention the best part? It´s Kori. I could feel, that all her heart and soul went into the retreat and that makes it a special event! All the little details, the care that she took about us, the fun surfing lessons (don’t be afraid to be a beginner! I´ve never stepped on a board before), the yoga lessons (my favorit was the beach session), deep conversations and her knowledge about the island, Ayurveda and culture… Kori truly seems to be a magnet for awesomeness :-) I will definitly join another time!

Verena Meyer

Matara, Sri Lanka

I joined the SANTOSHA SOCIETY for an amazing trip to Morocco and am so happy I did. As a single traveller, I was trying to find a group retreat focusing on what I love to do - Yoga & Surfing. But I am also not looking for the average yoga/surf camp. So I was happy and curious at the same time when I stumbled across the Santosha society website. Something I have not seen before, so I made up my mind very quickly and booked. Kori is one of the most inspiring, creative, fun, caring, soulful and warm hearted people I have met. She has this great sense to find the unique and beautiful locations in the world and alongside to bring a great bunch of people together. I felt super welcome, already long time before my arrival, when Kori shared all infos about the trip. The location in Morocco was amazing with nourishing food, a beautiful yoga shala overviewing the ocean and amazing surf opportunities during the day. I opted to take some lessons with an instructor, while the more professional crew went out on their own or the non-surfers just chilled at the beach or pool. There was not strict agenda to follow, everyone could just BE and DO what you felt like doing. And you certainly found someone to join you, e.g. going to a Souk, Hamam, Surfing, Eating, Chilling.... total freedom. We started into the day with a guided meditation followed by a more dynamic Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga class and we also finished the days with a relaxing restorative/ Yin class to soothe our sore muscles. :-) NICE! AND, on top of this we also got some great photos of the week from 2 professional photographers (one of them being Kori's amazing partner) so I have my first real surf picture on hand now!!! Thanks!!!

Jason Scheben

Matara, Sri Lanka

Kasha Palmer and I did an all inclusive trip to Sri Lanka with Santosha Society. Kori had everything all dialed in- from the airport shuttle taking us right to our amazing accommodations right on the beach... to food, drinks, surf, sightseeing, culture experiences and yoga sessions in the morning and at night. The place we stayed was absolute paradise. I’ve traveled all over the world and to this day I look back... and this trip is definitely top 3 I’ve ever done. I wanna go back...

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