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Amuna Ayurvedic Retreat and Wellness Resort

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USD 376.40 Avg. Price / day

“AMUNA” carries the concept of providing a holistic and authentic Sri Lankan traditional herbal experience to ensure a relaxed and unforgettable healthy holiday. Ayurvedic traditional medicine is a major part of Sri Lankan culture.

The history of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka ranges back nearly 3,000 years sustained by kings who were also skilled physicians. The methods and organization of this practice were well advanced, and the mountain Mihintale holds the ruins of what is widely believed to be the world’s first hospital. Ayurvedic physicians were revered by royal patronage and a well-known Sri Lankan saying tells us: “If you cannot be a king, become a healer.”

The five senses are the gateways to how we experience life – and it is important that they all work in harmony for us to live our most pure life. All aspects of our lives affect health and disease – from nutrition, career, our mental frame of mind, to the relationships we have with family and those around us. When one area falters or is weak – we as a whole, and all areas begin to suffer. The mind ties this all together, and reacts to situations based on the information and experiences gathered by the senses. A clear and calm frame of mind will allow us to deal with any problems – mental, spiritual, or physical to the best of our abilities.

Ayurveda is a holistic path that looks at all aspects of one’s life. Not only will your body receive healing, but your mind and soul will also be rejuvenated. It is through creating a balance with the healing of all components that Ayurveda offers a treatment path unlike any other.

“AMUNA” is well-equipped and all therapies are conducted by experienced therapists under the supervision of professional Ayurvedic Doctors and Physicians. We offer many different types of traditional ayurveda treatments and therapies (“karma”) along with yoga and meditation, and a strict in-house diet coupled with rest and relaxation. You will discover your own personal sanctuary at AMUNA.

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Nathalyn Rduch
I highly recommend this beautiful place to everyone, who wants to find some peace for his heart, to do something for his health or like me, to get some rest after 5 months postpartum and help the body to recover from the pregnancy. It felt like being in paradise, being surrounded by wonderful loving people. The Amuna Team was for us like a family, they took so much love and care of us, specially of our baby daughter. If you want to know what life is like in paradise, go and stay in Amuna!! We are definitely gonna go back ??
An animal abode it was amazing to hear nature sounds in this place even throughout the night there is a monastery temple nearby that chants prayer at dawn. makes this place have a spiritual life. the food was amazing and ayurvedic therapy by experienced therapists and doctors. It is a great women team here from the kitchen to the doctors to the therapist to the admin

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USD 376.40 Avg. Price / day