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CHF 30.00 Avg. Price / day

The coloresens yoga workshop, located in the Pontaise district of Lausanne for 6 years, offers hatha yoga classes as well as aerial yoga.Maira and Piera been teaching for many years and a specific creative yoga that meets the possibilities and limits of each person. The number of participants is of a human size, allowing individualized teaching.

We constantly explore different aspects of the multi-dimensional movement (dance, blackroll, hammock, hoola hoop, structural integration), but always in the context of yoga.All that exists changes and develops continuously, including our knowledge, our experience, our consciousness, our own practice and our teaching.


We are guides and not masters. You have everything you need in you. We know the techniques and you know each other. We can accompany you during your practice with respect and love. Nobody can be better YOU, than YOU. Pleasure to meet you !


Trained in Vinyasa Yoga with Gérard Arnaud, then in Hatha Yoga in Thailand by Swami Dharm, Piera found her yoga line with Sri Dharma Mittra (NYC). She follows one of her most important pupils, Sri Andrei Ram (Colombia) several times a year around the world, and practices with Dharma Mittra and her main students as much as she can.

Before devoting herself exclusively to the practice of Yoga in all its aspects (postural but also philosophical, ethical and meditative), Piera trained at the Conservatory of Dramatic Art of Lausanne and was an actress for ten years. During this period she practiced for years with various dancers, and mainly with YoungSoon Cho-Jaquet.

His practices are traversed in a continuous flow, mixing visualizations and pranayama (work of the breath) to live the assanas (postures) with grace and lightness. Piera offers courses accessible at all levels, with variations for the more advanced.


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Vinyasa Yoga, Rue de la Pontaise 8, 1018 Lausanne, Switzerland
CHF 30.00 Avg. Price / day