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The word "yoga" means "forming a unity", combining, uniting, melting together. Yoga is a knowledge about the schools and getting physical, mental and mental health. In Living Yoga, you will learn the harmonic interplay of intention, breathing, movement and focus. Disciplined work on oneself is just as much in demand as the deep breathing and the observation of asanas (physical exercises). In this way, our perception of conscious and equilibrium as well as a deep satisfaction will arise. Find out for yourself, where you will accompany the regular yoga practice.

In our own cause ... Flexibility is a nice side effect of regular yoga practice. We do not expect any artistic contortions on the mat.Every yoga-interested person is very welcome.

Hatha Yoga

With targeted body movements, breathing exercises and relaxation, Hatha Yoga helps us to optimize physical well-being and improve mental balance. The poses are taken without any performance or competition, and only for as long as pleasantly held.For the practice of Hatha Yoga it does not matter how old, difficult, flexible, you are.

Power Vinyasa yoga

Power Yoga is the dynamic form of Hatha Yoga. The Asanas (physical exercises) are performed in Power Yoga in a dynamic and powerful sequence. This course can be regarded as a personal challenge, where you will develop a great energy with great commitment, strength, patience and humor. Sweating is worth it because you are rewarded with a moving, strong body and a clear and balanced mind.

Easy Hatha Yoga

Man is constantly confronted with change, and changes are coming to us from time to time. Health-related, family or professional incidents suddenly bring us out of balance - but there is a way to prepare and reconcile these life stages.

This Hatha Yogaklasse gently adapts to the various times of change in the course of life. With focus on balance and regeration, we have the possibility to consider your individual needs. Teenagers to seniors, men and women are equally welcome.

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