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About Agama Yoga Center

Agama – “The world’s biggest tantric yoga school” (The Guardian)
On the island of Koh Phangan in Southern Thailand is a destination for your soul
For many people, Agama Yoga has been the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream. For long decades now – and maybe even since centuries in the West – people of rational orientation have waited for a scientific presentation of metaphysical and spiritual truths, yet which should not lose its mysterious, magical and sacred flavor. Many seekers have dreamt about a system of practice and evolution that should be at the same time clear, effective, goal-oriented and rational, and also truly spiritual, transcendent in its aspirations, enlightening and compassionate. For such people the teachings given by Agama Yoga are exactly the right combination.
“Agama is an authentic tantric path. Agama is the path of the agamas (of the tantric texts) of the tantric tradition from India and Tibet. Today, there are very few places in the world, in where this kind of yoga, this kind of practice, this kind of knowledge is being preserved and Agama Yoga have been given the responsibility, the stewardship of preserving these things.
So, Agama Yoga is a spiritual path from A to Z and it has, on one hand, the main trunk of the tree, which goes with the levels and everything from Muladhara to Ajna and Sahasrara, to the higher Chakras, to the states of Samadhi and to the higher states of consciousness, but of course we are aware that a very limited number of people in this world have that kind of aspiration and have that kind of longing and then the tree of Agama contains many other gifts.
There are things about healing and things about improving daily life. There are things that relate to cleansing your psychological blockages, things about having a much better sex life, there are about a hundred other things, which address the body, the energy, the emotions, and the mind, which Agama does address collaterally.
They do happen in Agama, anyway, as byproducts of Yoga, as byproducts of your spiritual practice and we have many, many people, who are in Agama precisely because of those collaterals.
For us, we see only the vertical dimension, you know, the big picture. But besides that it is like a tree which is loaded with a lot of gifts on all the branches and therefore, there are many, many collateral things that people can get from Agama and it starts with a simple thing, which is so very important such as health, body, energy and similar things.
We aim much higher than that, way beyond that. But that’s not to be denied or neglected. It’s still very important.”
-Swami Vivekananda Saraswati on Agama Yoga

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Packages (4)


The Agama Tantra Initiation was created to provide an intensive program of personal transformation with a focus on sexuality as a tool for greater spiritual evolution. This five-week tantric retreat combines the study of techniques and rituals with modern psychological tools and teachings to understand previously hidden aspects of the personality.

2. 300 hrs Upgrade to 500 hrs Teacher Training Centre

Once a student has completed the Agama 200-hour teacher training course, he or she is eligible for the next challenge! We offer all of our 200 HR Yoga teachers the opportunity to upgrade to our 500-hour teacher training course. The 7-week long 300 HR TTC is the second part of the Agama 500 HR course.

The 500 HR Agama Teacher Training Course (ATTC) prepares you to teach at Agama’s headquarters in Koh Phangan, Thailand, teach at any Agama Yoga branch worldwide, open your own Agama branch, or teach the Agama curriculum at your own studio.

You can only become a fully certified Agama Yoga Teacher after successfully completing the 500 HR ATTC. This certification allows you, directly after graduation, to teach the first three levels of the Agama Program and then to continue your advancement as an Agama Yoga Teacher, gradually receiving the empowerment to teach higher levels, workshops, retreats etc.

As a graduate of this 300-hour program you may join our ever-growing Agama teaching family.

Supporting you throughout the seven-week course is an inspiring team of Agama yogis. You will have lectures from the founder of the school – Swami Vivekananda Saraswati – and the opportunity to study with Agama’s most advanced instructors. The complete Agama teaching team is here to support you in your process of evolution, to answer questions, and to hold space on a psychological and emotional level.


The 5 week, Agama 200hr Yoga TTC teaches a complete Hatha Yoga system, empowering you as a Yoga Teacher to stand apart in markets worldwide which are saturated with studios that typically address only the physical aspects of the practice.

4. 500-hour Teacher Training Course

Agama’s 500-hour Teacher Training Course is a 12 week program that prepares you to: teach at Agama’s headquarters in Koh Phangan, Thailand; teach at any Agama Yoga branch worldwide; open your own Agama branch, or teach the Agama curriculum at your own, home-studio


How to Get There

From Bangkok To get to the Island you need to take a train or bus to Surat Thani and from there a ferry to Koh Phangan. Joint Tickets are available from any travel agent in the Khaosan Road area.

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Agama Yoga Center Reviews

5(15 reviews)

Grig Burcus

Montreal, Canada

One of the oldest, biggest and probably the best school of yoga in Ko Phangan. I returned after 8 years and took the course of Hata yoga level two and also a workshop of tantra. The school continues to impress me by combining traditional Indian yoga with a modern way to teach and learn. All the topics are well explained and documented by professional yoga teachers from all over the world including India. The teachers are very competent and devoted. The environment is warm and cozy and makes you feel very comfortable. You find everything there including a vegetarian restaurant, a library, shop, 4 big pavilions for yoga classes and nice people. I will always return with great pleasure there


Koh Phangan, Thailand

Amazing teaching. I did level 1 intensive program of traditional hatha yoga. Theory, philosophy, practice... everything was high quality. The teachers are exceptional, each one specialized in a different subject which makes the teaching so rich. Attentive, available, and very open-minded, they push you to ask every questions that may come to mind and they will happily answer it and also encourage you to make your own observations and experiments. I met amazing people there during level 1 intensive program and I cannot wait to be back for level 2 ????


Koh Phangan, Thailand

A spiritual diamond with a profound understanding in Yoga and general the nature of reality. Knowledgeable teachers, beautifully inspiring. Powerful, life changing teachings and a Swami with a spiritual verticality and a immeasurable clarity. A harmonious environment for spiritual seekers from every tradition and background.

Vajra Alice Pazzi

Koh Phangan, Thailand

I have been attending Agama for five years. I am a Yoga teacher, a Reiki Master and an astrologer. I received very important and necessary teachings for my profession. I attended the Tantra courses in these years (2015-2019), Yoga and Psychology, Metaphysics, Art of Diyng, Astrology and the first 3 levels of Hatha Yoga. Both me and the people who came with me to attend the courses found themselves very well. The campus is well equipped, the Masters and teachers are very well prepared and I have learned many lessons that I did not have in Italy. It is truly a special school. I highly recommend it.

Ebba H

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Agama is truly amazing. The teachers are so knowledgeable, skilled and genuinely dedicated to ensuring the development of their students’ path that it’s quite impossible to leave one of their courses with anything but an open heart and mind. I took three tantra courses and wish I could have taken more. I would and constantly do recommend going Agama to anyone who is interested in actually evolving and furthering their spirituality, yogic and tantric knowledge and more importantly themselves as a whole. You’ll leave the school in a whole lot better shape (physical, mental, spiritual) than you were when you walked in.

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