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Located in the beautiful islands of Thailand and Bali, All Yoga Training is the top destination for students aspiring to become yoga instructors from all over the world. We offer 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher trainings in Bali Indonesia and Koh Phangan & Koh Samui Thailand. Being one of the most active and successful yoga teacher training programs in South East Asia, we keep on improving the programs to match our highest standard to certify the best yoga teachers in the international yoga industry.

Proud to offer the highest quality of teaching and sharing our passion in yoga with our students, we emphasize on the proper technique, breathing and ethics of teaching and practicing yoga.

The programs at All Yoga Training specifically cater to the individual needs of each student. Preserving the unique voice of each individual, our international faculty provides positive guidance and tools for every student in how to discover their own inner teaching voice.

It is our honor to be part of so many people’s yoga journey and continuously strive to pass on the light and wisdom of the Ashtanga tradition by spreading the passion and knowledge of yoga to others.

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Erin Paulsen

All Yoga Thailand Teacher Training was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I met so many amazing yogis who I will remember and love forever. Annie Au and other yoga teachers are such amazing souls. I’m so glad to have had their energyies uplifting me through my YTT journey.

Laura Lund

All Yoga- All awesome! No aspect of my 3.5 weeks here was anything less- the quality of the curriculum, the view of the ocean..etc But the best part were the teachers themselves. David, Annie, Vari & Ambra are all amazing teachers and great people. Each with their unique experiences. They’ve inspired me to go out and find my own teaching voice and continue to spread the love.

Todd Griffith

My teacher training experience with All Yoga Thailand was very powerful. I started yoga for only 3 years and had no idea how to teach. I am now leaving the course feeling transformed, confident and excited to teach yoga! The instructors brought so much knowledge and fun into the teaching. I will always remember this incredible experience.

Sophia Christie

A genuinely life changing experience. I started the course very unsure of myself and my voice and I feel that I am learning with so much positivity. Each teacher bought their own special energy and knowledge and I have learnt so much. While it was physically and emotionally challenging at times, I feel that I have developed so much in a short time. I am so grateful to have shared this experience with beautiful people in a beautiful place


For me this experience was a total challenge in my life in all aspects: food, language, surrounding and to be alone for the first time traveling in my life. However, now that I finished the course, I felt so different as this experience had helped me to understand more than yoga. It helped me to look within myself. I now feel stronger and appreciate what I have in my life.


All Yoga yoga teacher training was a journey of a life time. I knew that a 200hr course on a tropical island with people from all over the world would be an unforgettable experience and it certainly was. It was challenging and demanding on every dimension: body, mind & soul. There were days my body didn’t want to get on the mat. There were days my mind didn’t want to arrive. But when we all arrive in the shala at the break of dawn, everything was pushed aside. They say yoga is a journey to the self… though the self and what a trip this has been. Thank you to all the teachers for your hard work and dedication.

Emily Giles

Thank you All Yoga for everything! All the hard work was very appreciated & admired! I really enjoyed my time here, meeting great people from all over the world. I loved it when I challenged myself physically and mentally every single day. I am already looking forward to my next journey ahead. I will miss Annie’s yin class (soothing/kind voice & words), Vari’s teaching and clothing style! David’s handstand advice, Edson’s Rocket classes and great music and Wendy’s smile and kindness! Thank you all!


It has been an amazing experience. I feel that by having different kind of teachers with their own flair was great! I couldn’t’ believe that I could start teaching on Day 10. Great people and great yoga! Loved it!

Stacey Howe

The training was well put together, well executed and gave me the confidence to walk away as a yoga instructor. The experience has opened my mind to every aspect of yoga taught and allowed me to see myself in a new and improved light. The general experience has been one that I will never forget, will cherish and will probably bore my kids in years to come. Thanks All Yoga!

Gemma Garau

The training was a mind and heart opening experience. It was a comprehensive yoga course with teachers who were also friends. I felt like at home. Annie, David, Vari and the other teachers were full of energy and passion. I knew right away it was the right place for me. Overall I had a great experience, great start for the beginning. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I now go home stronger and wiser.

Juan Carlos Ruiz

As a guy, it’s not easy to come into a yoga teacher training where women predominantly are the majority. However, the team and the group made me feel so welcome and comfortable that I forgot all about my fears. All the teachers brought out in me skills I never thought or knew I had. They all pushed me to my edge to find the better me and believed in me. It’s been an experience I’llnever forget. A the beginning, I didn’t know if I wanted to teach, but after the course I have no doubt in my mind that I want to teach yoga and touch people’s lives they way the teachers touched mine. I know the skills and lessons I learned not only applies to yoga but also the way I’ll live my life. I am very grateful to have found All Yoga Thailand to do my training. I love you guys and you all will be my inspiration in my journey! Thanks for everything!

Terra Meenam

This has honestly been such an amazing experience. The course was challenging at times but definitely pushed me to my full potential. I really enjoyed each of the trainers unique style. I can feel that I am physically and mentally stronger from just 24 days of this course. I will continue to grow fro it and use the tools givcen to me to better my practice. I look forward to sharing my knowledge gained here at All Yoga Thailand with future students and friends. Definitely one of the best choices I have made, the course beat my expectations.


The course was very well organized. The teachers were friendly, approachable and very experienced. I felt like I could trust and open to them. I loved that we had the chance to do different kind of yoga. Yoga philosophy was extremely interesting and it made me want to study more once I go back home. I don’t want this wonderful journey to end. I feel like I’ve learned so much and I will never forget this great experience.


The whole course has been challenging, both physically and mentally but it has been an incredible experience for me. As well as learning the brand new skill of teaching yoga, my own practice has improved and my mind has been opened tot the spiritual side of yoga. The teachers were supportive and tough (when they needed to be) and the physical and spiritual sides were perfectly balanced. Also the variety of yoga styles have helped to keep things exciting. I am going back to the UK with a self practice and the skills to teach and share with others and also new friends from all over the world! Thank you All Yoga!

Liana and Rachel

We loved the All Yoga Teacher Training! It was above and beyond our expectations. The teachers are all very knowledgeable, supportive and contribute their own unique styles to the training. We achieved more than we thought we were capable of and improved our practice tremendously. This wouldn’t have been possible without the great energy and time that the teachers devoted to our training. We hope that this is only the start of our relationship with the All Yoga Team!

Mariana Liefield

I feel happy and full of gratitude. This experience was what I really wanted and I’m very content that I found it. I like that there were many different teachers and teaching styles. To all my teachers, every one of you have a beautiful ingredient, everyone on your own way, dedicated to us 100%. I feel my body stronger and my mind clearer. Thanks guys!

Torri Demos

This training has been an amazing experience. Coming from a Hatha teacher training a couple years ago, All Yoga has completely blown my previous training out of the water. The amount of time, effort, and passion the instructors have is beyond inspiring. While many emotions, many ups and downs occurred in the training, the transformation that I’ve been able to experience is something I would not trade for anything. A vigorous, intense, and well thought out training—I could not be happier. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity.

Lindsey Leuschner

I didn’t expect to feel the way I do right now coming out of this teacher training. The transformation of who I was on day one to who I am now is incredible. I am more confident than ever. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such kind, experienced, remarkable teachers. The people I met will become life long friendships. It was an unforgettable experience, and I’m so happy I decided to take this journey with All Yoga.

Ute Palm

Deep thankfulness for the purification, the concept and patience of our teachers. The flow of the our, clean and tremendous energy was amazing. I myself learnt what the healing of devotion is. This 3 weeks will take a deep everlasting meaning in my mind. And my hart is going on.

Paulina D’athis

This training was an amazing experience. It really makes me deepen my ashtanga practice. Before doing it I wasn’t sure that I would be ready to teach straight after, but Vari and Rachel inspired me so much that I feel I wanna keep teaching once back in my city. It was an intense and challenging training which I think make me grow and feel comfort in my goal to become a yoga teacher and spread my love of yoga.

Shina Siao

Not knowing what to expect, I still think I wouldn’t have had a better experience anywhere else. I was able to create friendships with different people who shared the same passion as mine while being guided by the best teachers. Thank You!

Audrey Ellis

A phenomenal experience and a true transformational experience. I learned so much more then I was expecting on and off the mat. Many many thanks to our teachers for helping me become my best self and showing us the beauty of yoga. I love All yoga and could not be more satisfied with this experience.

Marilyn Whiston

Coming here as a lover of yoga, I feel I have gained a really good understanding of what yoga is. The teachers are truly inspirational, knowledgeable, patient and understanding. They do not cut any corners and are prepared to go any length for their student. I feel prepared and ready to take forward the teaching I have gained and begin to teach others the amazing ways of yoga as a more enlightened being. Namaste!

Courtney Millitello

This experience was life changing. I learned so much more amount yoga then simply asanas. I was challenged, I laughed, I cried and I have enjoyed every moment of all yoga teacher training program. Each teacher Vari, Marcela and David brought their own unique aspect that made the training complete and whole. I feel prepared and knowledgeable enough to teach and be successful. Thank You!

Gabriela Depusoy

I did not come to this training with the intention to teach, only to deepen my personal practice, however I have left All Yoga with the ability to spread the teaching of yoga to others. The teachers were awesome and down to earth and really helped me develop my own personal voice and confident. Myself and the other students were taught more then only the asanas but how to apply yoga principles to every day life. I enjoyed everything about my time in Bali, Thank You All Yoga.

Christina Alexandra

I had a wonderful time with all yoga. I was challenged physically and mentally everyday. I felt my body and mind surrender to the practice. I know this is only the beginning of my life as a yoga teacher and dedicated yoga student and I look forward to the unknown ahead.

Shyanin Nakeesathit

I wasn’t really planning to become a yoga teacher, my goal was to deepen my practice and to able to practice safely on my own. So now I guess I can accomplish that. But I also feel like sharing my practice knowledge to my friends and family too. Other then that I found loads of friendships and positive energy here. Really grateful from this experience.

Shireen Kiadeh

It was a wonderful 3 weeks doing yoga in the jungle. The teachers were all fun, funny, enthusiastic and positive. I feel much more confident and comfortable talking in front of a large group then when I got here. I am leaving feeling renewed and refreshed.

Georgia Macdonald

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the teacher training and have learned so much along the way. From week one to now has been a big change in not only my practice but also the way I think and see things. The best thing is knowing that the world just gained 24 new amazing yoga teachers.

Torey Ostrom

I rediscovered my passion for teaching, whether its teaching yoga or anything else. I meet a lot of amazing people from all over the world, we shared good times and bad. It was good to see everyone’s teaching improve so much in such a short amount of time.

Lisa Campbell

I actually cant believe we are at the testimonial part. I remember Vari saying on the first day “Be present “, the next few weeks will fly by.They have! This experience has taught me patience,compassion and to go easy on myself, this will also be transferred to those around me. Vari constantly reminded us to “Be Present” observe who is on your mat. From day one the teaching has been amazing. I love all I have learned and will use MPS as my main foundation, the creative ideas and suggestions to mix it up will provide endless creativity.

Shawn Tang

I came into this training with the sole purpose of deepening my practice , but I have gained so much more than that. Obviously my strength, flexibility, knowledge of the asanas has improved a tremendous amount, but more importantly I have been given the tools to teach a real live yoga class. I am actually starting to think that I may be able to actually lead a class. Vari and Rachel are such knowledgeable and caring teachers. You can go to them with any questions you may have even if its outside class hours. I loved every moment of this training and I feel like a completely different person from the person I was on my first day here.

Sylvia Motruk

Coming into the course I expected it to be a majourity of time dedicated to practice and teaching in order to prepare me for all that being a yoga teacher involves. With most days running from 7.30am until 7pm, I was surprised to find only 1 to 1.5 hour dedicated to practice teaching per day. That said what we did during the remaining 9-10 hours of the day changed my life. From the many methods of meditation I learned, to the wonders of indian philosophy, my mind was expanded and I connected to what I now recognize as soul. Variprovded a dominant, tough guy personality which pushed me to be the best I could be without making anything easy, and Rachel provided a beautiful contrast in personality, highlighting the importance of connecting to your body and moving in a way to protect from injury. I’m very grateful.

Meleane Bourke

Before coming to the course I have heard from other teachers that it would be the most physically and mentally challenging and transformative experience. Well I certainly agree with that and the rewards that comes from the discomfort are well worth it. There were a few obstacles like the Vulcans nearly disrupted and I would arrive late, and I became quite sick during the training but the teachers and the other students were really understanding, supportive and encouraging. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to further pursue their yoga training, become and discover the hidden warrior in you throughout the guidance of amazing teachers .

Monique Baas

A life changing experience on many levels.Physical as well as personal. Long days, short nights and feeling fully submerged into what life could be like as a yogi and yoga teacher. The balance between tough and soft for me sometimes was a little off. But i think that mainly has to do with personal preference( and drawing back into your soft spot). I loved the posture clinics and the jump through and jump back workshop. Whish we had more of those. Vari is a very strong teacher in many ways, with eyes that look through you. We butted heads many times, but his strong character and will power are inspiring. Rachel the soft one of the teachers but with such a subtle power inside. I feel that she has tons of experience and knowledge and I wish we could have seen more of that.

Juliette Saputo

Coming into this training I really had no idea what to expect. I barely even knew what ashtanga was. Now at the end I feel like a I have a pretty decent grasp on the idea of ashtanga and full confident and comfort ability to practice as well as teach the sequence we have been taught. Arriving late due to travel complications I thought might set me back and give me a disadvantage but Vari and Rachel threw me right into it and pushed me to catch up and stay with the class. Both teachers were supportive and nurturing in their own way and have really inspired me to continue my journey along this yogi path. Overall an incredible experience. Thank You All Yoga Thailand!


This training was an intense learning experience. Of course I learned a lot about teaching yoga, but also about myself. This experience confirmed that I want yoga to be my way of living for the rest of my life. At the beginning of the training I was wondering will I be able to make it? With commitment and persistence I did make it and I am proud of myself and of everything I learned. I really appreciate the energy and the wisdom of the teachers, they are really great models for us future yoga teachers. Now its time to go back home and apply all the learning n my teaching practice and I look forward to it. Thank you Vari, Rachel and DR. Ganesh

Olivia Rowe

I have not anticipated how much of a transformational experience this would be. Our teachers supported us in every way, helping us both to breath into difficult asanas and out of difficult emotions. The wide range of experience held by each teacher made them be able to offer us the most well rounded and well informed introduction to yoga teaching. Thank Yoga!

Mikel Hengeveld

The experience overall was life changing for me personally, It helped me to get more focused and to go more inwards. The teachers were great they did a good job helping with every aspect and alignment in the poses, emotionally and physically. Thank you Vari and Rachel for the time and effort you gave each and everyone. Thank you for this transformational experience.

Natalie Marciano

Overall I had an fulfilling experience, teachers were very knowledgeable, fun and excitable no matter what was being taught. I had quite a few uh-huu moments which has made my time a memorable one. I feel more comfortable speaking to a room full of students and that would have not been possible it if weren’t for Vari and Rachel creating a safe and nurturing but firm environment. Thanks for a life changing experience.

Milan Ladas

Overall I had an fulfilling experience, teachers were very knowledgeable, fun and excitable no matter what was being taught. I had quite a few uh-huu moments which has made my time a memorable one. I feel more comfortable speaking to a room full of students and that would have not been possible it if weren’t for Vari and Rachel creating a safe and nurturing but firm environment. Thanks for a life changing experience.

Milan Ladas

All through these 3 weeks I have been learning everyday. Not only yoga/asanas postures but also the way to look at your life, and how to enrich yourself. One of the biggest things I learned is to “Be Present” . This word “ Be Present” is very important to everyday life.

Helena Yang

The training opened a lot of doors to my future practice. I liked learning how to meditate, how to trust myself and to be present. The course was quite intense and at times I felt discouraging by the poses I could not do. I have noticed I am getting stronger and more flexible after a short 3 weeks. I am very pleased about my improvement .the teachers are very knowledgeable, I have learned a lot from them and they have inspired me to become a better person and take my practice further. I feel more confident in teaching now then before the course. I cannot believe I have managed to remember so many sanskrit words! Thank you Vari and Rachel and all the classmates that made this experience unforgettable.

Osnat Angerman

This workshop is practical and interesting with peer practice after each adjustment demonstration. It's beneficial from a teachers perspective and it's also helpful for the practitioners to develop awareness of the asanas. The adjustments for ashtanga sequences can be an inspiration for alignment and anatomy. A great combination of theory and practice.

Osnat Angerman

Great training! Learnt a lot, in 5 days I got to learn many different adjustments. Vari is a great teacher with a lot of patience to all the students. I enjoyed his led primary class in the morning and the adjustment classes, happy I did this. Highly recommend!!!

Jake White

I returned back to Thailand for this advanced adjustments training after attending my 200 YTT with Vari in 2013. Vari's unique teaching style, presence, passion and energy is what makes me keep coming back for more. The adjustment training gave me all the tools and confidence I need to go teach straight away.

Nelly Nghiem

Great workshop with lots of information. I loved to practice in the morning and then to have adjustments course. We learnt lots of adjustments regarding different shapes and bodies. I love Vari's style as a yoga teacher and as a human being. He's accessible and we can always ask him to explain more if we weren't sure about the adjustments. I hope to have another workshop with you soon.

Belle Jansen

Vari is an amazing teacher with a very unique adjustment style, it was a great opportunity to learn from him. The workshop is hands on, a lot of practicing on each other to get more comfortable with different bodies to adjust, very valuable knowledge! I can't wait to start teaching my students and apply what I've learned here.


The All Yoga training has been an overall fantastic experience. The program is intense but you truly get out what you put in, and the changes you witness in yourself and the other trainess is incredible. Although this is an ashtanga vinyasa course the training provides the tools to teach or deepen your practice in a whole variety of yoga types. I am so grateful for our fantastic teachers and the community that was built here over the past three weeks. It has been a transformative and amazing experience

Becks Mepham

At the beginning of the course it was hard to see how could possibly learn everything in just over 3 weeks. At the end of the course I can honestly say that I am leaving with confidence a to become a successful yoga teacher. The teacher are amazing and all have unique styles of teaching. I am going to miss them and all the students that I have shared this experience with. Thanks David, Vari and Marcella!!

Sarah Fischeredr

It was such an amazing time here, so many experience and we shared a lot of energy together. For me my energy is now after this 4 weeks very high, but it was a long process and not every time easy. Now I'm feeling so healthy, the food here and the calm atmosphere is amazing. I really want to continue this healthy lifestyle. Thank you for your great teachers, they gave me a lot of energy, and now life is much more than just a good job... We don't need a lot to be happy and content. Thank you for my first Yin Yoga lesson, I love it! Thank you Christa and Vari, and David

Chanisa Kubkusal

All yoga is all I have been looking for, before I decide to take the yoga teacher training. I was not sure what I was looking for, All Yoga will give me what I was looking for? I was in doubt. I came to All Yoga with just a small knowledge of yoga. Now I am walking out from All Yoga with confident, respect myself and proud. I thankes All Yoga team who teach me, transform me to be a confident yoga teacher. The experience it will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you "All"

Charlie Bostick

I came here to become a yoga teacher and I'm leaving with so much more. All Yoga has not only endowed me with the skills & tools to teach. It has given me the knowledge to make yoga a part of my everyday life & practice. I liked all aspects of the course I now feel that I went to explore the philosophy side more and the benefits of yoga on the mind, not just the body. I feel a lot of passion to share my knowledge with others and make a positive impact on them.

Veronica Slater

Not only did my practice improve amazingly with the help of Vari and Marcella, but the opportunity to adjust and learn the "art of adjusting" from them and put that into practice on my fellow classmates was fantastic. I now know the importance of alignment for a strong and powerful asana practice. Thanks :)

Candace Arcand

Highly recommend, the most well structured and dynamic 200 RYT yoga teacher training available! The intuitive facilitators foster an environment where the yoga student could yoke their inner awareness, innate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual power in a supportive, interactive, instinctive and insightful space with strong foundations in asana, meditation, mantra, sanskrit, philosophy and anatomy.

Sara Montes

All Yoga TT helped me to realize the true meaning of yoga. I've been practicing for several years and only in the last week of this teacher training, with the help of All Yoga teachers, I truly have shifted the way I think, I act and feel. Being open, focused, caring and lighter with myself and others in order to embrace the joyful pearl which is inside all of us. I'm honestly grateful for the intense and transformational time I've spent in Thailand and truly recommend this TT to all. Both Old and new students of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga!

Lindsay DeAguila

All Yoga Thailand was such a transforming experience for me. The course, community and new friendships have encouraged me to bring out the inner teacher. Not only do I have more understanding about the practice of yoga, but I have a community of like minded individuals forever. Thank you All Yoga.

Philip Witt

I came to this course with the expectations that I would be pushed to my limits and my practice would be elevated to a higher level. Both expectations were met. The instructions in all segments were excellent. The curriculum was well designed and organized, and I was given the right and space to completely crash, pick myself back up and transform into a new, fledgling yogi with a path and direction to grow.

Katie February

All yoga is a truly enriching journey for anyone ready to open their mind & heart to learn. Vari, David and Marcella aren't just there to teach, they're there to walk you through every step of the way as friends. I've met many incredible people whose friendship I will keep and gathered tools to help me grow as a teacher and woman. Yes it has been physically, spiritually and mentally challenging, but I am finally on my way to something better. Thank you All Yoga this is just the beginning.

Sandro Bersma

I had a good general experience. I learned more than I expected. Yoga is now becoming a lifestyle for me instead of just an asana practice. I'm really confident in teaching a yoga class and I am convinced I can use all of the teachings in my daily life back in Amsterdam. All Yoga pushed me in the direction where I want to evolve in. Now it's on me to do with this knowledge back home.


I really don't know what to expect when I signed up a year before this course, or eve when I started. Now I am so glad that I chose to do it. Although I have no plans to teach, I feel fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to do so when the time comes. I will never forget the surprises, activities, memories and friendships that have been formed over the duration of this course. It was definitely over way to fast.

Angela de Klein

All Yoga teacher training has been the most amazing experience and truly transformational. I learned so much in such a short space of time. There is so much about yoga besides the asana practice! It's a lifestyle, and this training was just the start of a life long journey. I feel more grounded, focused and calm already and can't wait to take this experience home with me and continue exploring. A huge thank you for everything to truly inspirational teachers Vari, Marcella, David and Christa. XX Lots of love.


I am so glad to be here with you and my friends. I feel so lucky to have shared this amazing experience with you. For me, everyone was amazing the energy was always good. Before here I realize I wasn't listening to myself but now I started to feel the difference inside. Now I feel I have more confidence. You changed how can I see in different views in myself. Thanks for everything.

Zoe Kettlewell

My time studying with All Yoga in Koh Phangan has been a wonderful, inspiring, heart opening and life changing experience. I truly experience the way the course is structured but also how the teachers adapt the course to help us grow and learn. The friendships I've made are deep and will outlive this lifetime. Each day, during the course I woke up humbled that I could share another day with my teachers and fellow students/friends. My transformation from "caterpillar" to "butterfly" is irreversible, my mind heart and eyes are truly open in ways which made me a better person, filled with love in my soul and presence for the moment.

Natalia McLean

It was an eye opening experience for me. I was coming to this course with no expectation to actually become a yoga teacher, but to deepen my own practice of yoga. What I received here is absolutely invaluable- I've found out more about myself & that I am capable of during these 4 weeks than during my whole 30+ years... I feel that I've grown mentally, got stronger physically and will be going home totally renewed and refreshed. The intensity of the course was spot on. Well structured lectures and workshops and of course Friday fun days! So I am finishing the course with 100% intention to be a yoga teacher. Thank you All Yoga.

India Pearson

Making the decision to complete my 200 hour yoga teacher training with All Yoga has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Living, breathing, and completely indulging in the training over an intense month with 24 other students has given me the most amazing grounding in my future as a yoga teacher as well as now having 24 amazing new yoga friends from around the world! The course has the perfect balance between learning, growing as an individual and enjoying this trip of a lifetime. The teachers are inspirational I will never forget this magical adventure!

Roberto De Luca

I love the energy that Vari brings and the strict schedule, it has been a great experience and I feel stronger and more flexible. I also feel more confident to teach and I have come a long way in 3 weeks. I have a great feeling about the future and what it holds and I’m sure we will work together in the future.

Rebecca Elena Glaser

The last past weeks have been a transformation on every level; physically, spiritual and mental. I finally felt that I am in the right place doing what I love and what I should be doing in my life. Although learning is an ongoing experience, I feel a lot more confident now to go out and share my knowledge about yoga and teaching it. I enjoyed the community of like minded people and being able to share all our experiences.

Chris Alice Blee

The teaching was excellent and complete. It was a hard class but very much empowering. I learned a lot about yoga about meditating. It really changed my vision about things. About life. The shala in Koh Samui is beautiful too. Perfect to learn something new. I definitely recommend it.

Anne Marie

3.5 weeks of hard work, making a lot of effort but, I enjoyed every minute. I learned that yoga is so much more than doing the poses and learned so much about myself as a person. The journey of yoga will continue for me but this was absolutely the best start I could have wished. Thank you for the classes , helping me grow in my ability to teach, for all the feedback given and most of all for the good times we had as a group.

Natalie Ortiz

I had a wonderful time during the training. There was a good combination of teachers and the content of yoga was taught in a holistic manner with attention to philosophy, asana, breath and meditation. The location was beautiful, it allowed for growth, inner study and peace. I would do it again :)

Samantha Long

Coming to Thailand for a YTT was the best decision I've probably ever made. I not only learned so much about yoga, philosophy, anatomy and so many other peoples stories, but I learned so much about myself. I learned to trust my mind, listen to my body, and lean on others when I needed support. That was always a difficult thing for me to do previously, but submerging yourself in this environment allows for some opening up. I would recommend this course and specifically All Yoga for anyone looking to enhance their lives, whether that means wanting to teach yoga or just practice and learn. Thank you for All Yoga staff for everything you do!


I loved there experience and grew every step of the way. When I came here I was excited and wanted to mainly improve my personal practice. I did not think about necessarily becoming a yoga teacher as it was not my favorite thing to speak in front of a group of people. During the past 3 weeks, I extended my comfort zone and discovered my inner voice and discovered the joy in teaching a one hour yoga class. All Yoga Thailand did a great job in giving next challenges, clear instructions whenever needed, but also in leaving room for adjusting/adapting the sessions according to the energy level in the group! As I said, I loved every part of the journey and I would definitely recommend this school to anyone, who is ready for transformation to happen!

Victoria Andrew

All Yoga Thailand enabled me to push my boundaries on many levels. The biggest transformation for me was learning to quiet my mind & with the use of my breath became more comfortable in any uncomfortable situation. I will leave safe in the knowledge that whatever challenges life may throw at me I will approach them from a new positive perspective. All Yoga Thailand was a great way to mark the beginning of my yoga journey.

Sofia Hedblad

I’m surprised at how much I have developed my own trying and how strong you can get mentally and physically if you get the right knowledge. I am very thankful for this experience and training, looking forward to share the lifestyle of yoga with my students.

Nhu Diem Trang

The training is a transformational experience in every aspect, be it physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. As a yogi and a person who loves yoga, I think it is a stepping stone and a great foundation for you to move forward with your personal experience and share it with those who need and love yoga. In spite of the fact that the 1 month training schedule is quite intense with lots of activities and subjects, the results are really rewarding. the dedication and the professional expertise from the teachers namely, Vari, Marcella and Christa and David make it an even more memorable training. Thank You All Yoga Thailand!

Ali Ditchfield

I came to this training with the intention of learning more about yoga and deepening my personal practice. I had no plans nor desire to actually teach. Somewhere along the way all of that changed; The skills given to us by our teachers along with their unwavering belief in each and everyone of us opened something inside of me and helped me find my voice and a confidence I didn't know was there. I now can not wait to go forward and share all of the things I have learned in this amazing place. There is no doubt in my mind I will teach.


The practice was quite intense but helped me a lot to come closer to myself and gives me a lot of opportunity to work on that for myself in the next time. My big goal in life is to get a silence in myself, to calm down as I am having an addicted background. And yes, this training was a good step in the right direction for following my goal and my dream.

Mia Park

I did not know much about yoga before the teacher training. The course is more about awakening my own abilities and possibilities than a physical level. It was an amazing journey, felt like learning too much information in such a short period but I am trying to absorb the knowledge. It is such a huge responsibility to be a teacher, will try my best. Really enjoyed this course, Thank you all the teachers.

Phil Mason

This experience changed my life. It has been the most awesome, challenging, emotional and rewarding training and it has blown my mind. The teachers will inspire, challenge and motivate you and the other students will become your new yoga family and support you through the journey. In the space of less than a month, not only has my yoga practice strengthened and grown but I have developed new skills, confidence and abilities I did not expect. I came into this course purely for enjoyment but I am leaving with a passion to practice and to teach and to inspire others. If you also choose to participate in this training I can promise you that you will leave a better version of yourself. Thank you Vari, David, Marcella and Christa for the opportunity to learn, grow and transform my life. Namaste.

Sonia Dhalt

This was physically and mentally the most challenging experience I have had in life. When you deepen your yoga practice a lot of thoughts and emotions come up that you have to face. Coming to this training was exactly what I needed in life… Structure and direction to move forward. I look forward to going back to Wisconsin and sharing my style of yoga. I would recommend this training to anyone at any skill level. I plan to do future trainings and deepen my practice. Namaste.

Esther Yanez

Because of my windy-vatta body type, before coming to the course, I started having many doubts about doing it or not… but finally I came! Since day one, I felt so blessed to have taken that choice! The structure of the course was growing organic day by day, from how to understand my body in the postures, how meditation is a big part of yoga, or how sounds my inner voice. I liked very much the connection on between all the teachers and the way all of them made us to participate and be part of myself believe more in me. Thank You all the facilitators, teachers and friends/students for being a part of this unforgettable experience!

Marina Li

This training has been an amazing experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything. From day 1 we were being prepared on how to become better our own practice and how to teach and share our love with others. I joined the course to further my own practice, but I left Koh Phangan really excited to teach in my spare time. This course has also helped me become more comfortable in public speaking, which will be important for my career as a physician. Great teachers and great new friends! If you are in doubt just sign up and do it! **** Additional feedback —> Offer free wifi —> Offer free filtered water *** These are basic necessities

Mai Rosthof

I’m very grateful for this experience. The way this teacher training is organized is very professional. All aspects of the training seems very though through. At the same time it has been a very personal training. All our teachers have brought their own personalities and own stories and that has ben very inspirational. On a personal level this training has truly made me connect with my inner true self. I feel transformed and energized, ready to go out as deeper connected, even more present and a stronger person. Thank you, David, Corey, Arki and Christa. You rock!

Ingrid Chen

I must say this training is so fantastic. I like them put the teaching methods in the daily course and make sure that everyone have chance to practice teaching. During the training, I really learned a lot. The most valuable treasure is I found that I cane a real yoga teacher easily, without fear. Great Thanks for my teacher Corey, Arki, David and Christa. Love you all!!

Jennifer Mann

This school over exceeded my expectations. The teachers were top notch with a world of knowledge about yoga, meditation & life. I felt very comfortable asking questions and overall feel prepared and confident to teach when I get home. On a personal level I know I will be coming home with a different set of eyes as to how I view others, myself and the world. I’m grateful for this experience and look forward to sharing my knowledge with others. Viewing things at a higher conscience level and learning how to control your mind, body and breath is magic. It will forever be a lifelong practice.

Agnes Yu

So grateful to join this training course. All Yoga Thailand’s teacher training is way much better than I expected. I learned a lot from the teachers and other students, still can’t believe I can teach now!!! From the first day of training I felt myself changing little by little, even I can’t achieve some postures yet. I believe practice and all is coming. Thank you so much all the ashtangis :)

Rodrigo Lasmar

I already think that I am a lucky person, but I wasn't expecting that kind of energy from the other students and that perfect energy between the teachers, they are amazing. The course was really hard but I loved each day, I learned not only how to teach yoga… I learned how to live as one and I am really grateful for that. Thank you David, Corey, Arki and Christa and Ram. I became a better person after meeting you…

Geraldine Cheah

Once in a lifetime experience which I think everyone should do. I would do this all over again. Teachers were experienced and know what they are teaching. I liked the warmth and friendliness I feel from David, Corey, Arki and Christa. They are all amazing people. I like the Friday fun days and Saturday off days too. Before I joined this 200hr teacher training I had no clue what is the exact way to pose and now, I can do the poses correctly and I have definitely grown much stronger, be it body, mind or soul. Feels very awesome to be a yoga teacher and I can not wait to impart my knowledge and spread love to the world. Thank You All Yoga Thailand. It was truly an amazing experience with you. Namaste.

Gia Butera

Before coming to the training I was a little nervous because I didn't know what to expect, but from the minute I arrived I felt so welcomed and comfortable with everyone around. The Teachers (Corey, David, Arki and Christa) have exceeded my expectations and did an amazing job breaking down everything they taught us. It’s indescribable the feeling you have at the end of the course, looking back at where you started, to where you end, teaching a full class and having it come so naturally. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in taking a yoga teacher training. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Jordan Loo

My time in All Yoga teacher training was amazing! Thank you to the teachers (David, Corey, Arki and Christa) for an unforgettable experience. I feel confident in teaching due to the tremendous amount of knowledge that was passed down to me by the teachers. Thank You All Yoga for being all about yoga!

Olivia Yardley

All Yoga Thailand has been mentally and physically transformative. I have had the honor of having teachers who care and bring humor to the practice. It has been incredibly challenging at times and pushed me to limits that I never thought I was able to overcome and I feel so grateful and excited that I can take all that I've learned and use it both personally and for future students. Thanks All Yoga! You have been more than amazing!


It was a great training with great people! I learned a lot and I think my transformation will begin when I am back home. Great experience and I am looking forward to my self practice. Was nice to share all the knowledge with different people. Great teacher and a lot of fun. I loved the place and the food :) Thank you for everything!

Amy Ruckel

This was an amazing experience. I never thought I would be able to teach a full 1 hour yoga class. Now my dream has turned into reality. The teachers were wonderful, extremely helpful and personable. My journey has not been easy, but it was well worth.

Lobna Nashed

Amazing training, full of positive vibes that definitely adds to your life! Teachers are knowledge and has something to contribute within every situation, not only that, but they are supportive & encouraging. The whole program is a real transformation! It took a long time for me to come here and I am leaving with the full experience I’ve been longing for.


I am very happy with my training with All Yoga. From day 1 we were teaching and this allowed me to leave feeling very confident to teach. Each teacher was very knowledgeable and supportive of me and my journey. I have made lifelong friends and learned so much about myself. Thank You :)!

Frances Timbers

All Yoga puts an emphasis on preparing the student to teach. They cultivate self-confidence as well as a general knowledge in the asana & anatomy. The team of instructors created fun and creative approaches to learning and interacted with the students personally as well as professionally.

Wang Lixia

It’s an effective system and help you to be able to teach. The food at beam is very good, even better than most of the other restaurants in Thailand. The meditation training also very helpful to train your mind, be the master of your mind. Live in a truly yogi lifestyle, this is the most precious part for me

Michelle A. Martinez

This was tough! Physically and mentally challenging but I couldn't be happier that I chose this school. The last 24 days have educated me in yoga asana as well as philosophy and lifestyle; all while meeting and studying with passionate people from all over the world! I don’t think I could have prepared to be a teacher in any other way! Teach everyday, YAY!

Desiree Wagner

This was my first trip out of the country, I was extremely nervous and wasn’t sure if I had made a mistake. As soon as I landed in Thailand I knew it was the best decision I ever made. Despite the amount of physical activity (practice 2X a day) and some difficult days/moments everything was worth it. I couldn't have asked for better teachers- they were funny, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. I can’t fully express how great the experience was- I can only encourage others to try it out. There is nothing to lose and much to gain :)


My practice has become more focused and I have been able to advance into poses unavailable to my body before. Highlights of the course would have to be the in yoga sessions and teaching the full mps for the first time. And of course the infamous mantra showdown.

Amy Pasienza

Amazing experience! I am not sure what I expected. Going in but looking back, I couldn’t have asked for more. I learned so much not only from the teachers but from my new found friends. I found strength in myself I didn’t know I had.

Angelica Liljestrand

This yoga journey has been so much fun, I’ve learned so much more than I thought I would. It has been an emotional journey as much as physical. It is definitely more than just a practical practice. A long life experience. And the teachers are awesome :)


Wendy rocks. She is so organized and lives her words. Marcela is light and energetic. Vari has a ton of knowledge to share. The training was awesome!

Dominique Olowolafe

Fabulous program to learn how to meditate and be still. Awesome to see the positive transformation in my body and mind.

Elizabeth Ficara

Having a space to have a consistent practice which loving and inspiring teachers allowed me to transform and inspired me to begin the lifelong journey of yoga.

Emily Hess

I’m incredibly thankful to have experienced an intensive yoga teacher training led by knowledgeable, experienced and inspirational yoga teachers. I have found my voice as a yoga teacher and developed the courage to share with the world.


Just the most amazing journey. I have learnt so much about the person I am and my capabilities as an individual. I am so proud of the person I have become to know in myself over the past 3 weeks. Vari, Marcela and Wendy are incredible souls and the most wonderful teachers. The students and teachers have become a part of me and I will take them with me to continue my journey. Thank you All Yoga.


Being part of teacher training course was unique and also very emotional experience for me. I am so glad that I met such a great group of people and being supported with great leaders too. I feel much better about myself now and ready to work more on being even better teacher. Thank you All Yoga and to all people that they were part of the team. Looking forward to see you all again

Jalita Aspelin

This training has changed my life. Coming here, I had a lot of expectation having researched yoga teacher training for over a year. All Yoga has exceeded all of my expectations on all levels. My mind has opened to the yoga world and I had learnt so much in this month that I never thought was possible. Vari, Marcela and Wendy are just amazing people. Passionate, experienced with so much love and personality. It was a very in depth training going beyond just asana. I’ve never been so happy in my life and I would recommend this training to anyone. Be ready for a deep transformation. Namaste.

Kara May

Amazing teacher, great energy, really made it a great experience. Feel like my yoga has really advanced this month with your help. Excited to take what I have learnt and pass it on to others.

Pauline Verona

The teachers made me feel very comfortable and strived to help me reach my goals. By doing this extensive training, I’ve seen my body develop and progress quickly. Through the support of the teachers they’ve picked me up through the lows of the process and reminded me of the basic principles of yoga. Throughout the high points, they’ve continuously encouraged me and assisted me in going further. As a yoga teacher I hope to spread the great teaching of yoga and help others develop a consistent practice. Thanks for the education and experience!

Diana Abukazam

This was one of the most physically challenging experiences I’ve encounter; the deep dedication, nurturing development and precise instruction has allowed me to keep persisting and maintain the motivation necessary to continue challenging myself during the yoga teaching training. The wonderful highly experienced teachers in both, philosophy and physical aspects of yoga left me inspired everyday. I hope to empower and inspire others in the same way I have been.

Ella Fadai

This training has been a huge challenge, physically as well as mentally but I’m so thankful; All Yoga has helped me to push myself harder than i ever thought i would be able to do. Lots of love to all the teachers and fellow students!

Olivia Dippo

This was a truly transformational training. It is set up so that you are constantly learning about yoga and about the art of teaching yoga even if you don’t realize it. You won’t believe the progress you can make in one month at All Yoga!

Louis Tiquant

The training was really up to my expectations and as the days went by i got to trust more and more the program. The teachers were all amazing and had a lot to share with us on so many levels! I am very grateful for this wonderful experience and I feel i understand a bit better what is to be a yoga teacher, and what I can bring to my future students. Thank you All Yoga!

Julia Baumgartner

I am thankful. I feel i found my way back to myself. It was amazing to meet and get to know extraordinary people. Strangers became friends. Our All Yoga Teachers are nothing but amazing and inspiring in any way. Also to get all kinds of knowledge that connects to yoga and yourself. I did not intent to teach after this training. I wanted to deepen my practice, but now everything has changed. I cannot wait to teach. I cannot wait to share everything I’ve learned. I feel content - Became Mindful - Grateful to my teachers!!

Martin Gebel

This training was tough and bumpy road, but every drop of sweat and every sore muscle was worth it. We were guided fantastically through this journey always lead into the direction of becoming even better teachers than the great ones we had.

Kate Meeks

“Life changing” I came here to explore my mind, expand my knowledge and better know my body - all of this and more happened… I came for me but now want to share with everyone- my intention grew from personal to universal - The MAGIC of yoga.

Jess Strunk

The All Yoga YTT was a life changing experience from the knowledgeable & approachable instructors to the amazing people also taking the course. I learned more about yoga and myself than i expected and feel ready to start the next chapter of my personal journey. I’d like to thank the teachers for making this course as fun as it was challenging and transformational. I’m so proud of all of us for how far we’ve come in a few short weeks. Much love and peace.

Mel Reeves

I came with a lot of expectations; some were met beyond imagination, some I realized were my own limitations and still need to do some work on my own personal development. Either way, All Yoga provided the perfect platform for self exploration, development and true transformation. I am very grateful for the experience. I didn’t come to necessary teach yoga after this course, but i feel very prepared to do so. My self practice has improved beyond words. Thank you!

Paul Walker

This training has definitely pushed me to take my practice to the next level. I’ve gained a real in-depth knowledge of the postures in Ashtanga Modified Primary Series. For me, a real highlight was learning about yoga as a whole, including the philosophy, pranayama and meditation techniques. The teachers have been wonderful; sharing their knowledge of the practice with encouragement. This course has made me feel confident enough to begin my journey as a yoga teacher.

Glenda Inman

The training greatly exceeded my expectations. The instructors set the bar high from the beginning to the end. They were excellent, accessible and personable. The experience has been transformative as it has been inspired me to set up a daily and professional practice. The course design is comprehensive - i feel well prepared to teach asanas, pranayama and kriyas. The group dynamic was fabulous - one BIG yoga family. Thank You!

Alice Baccile

When I applied for All Yoga I didn't expect such a huge, warm, intense world waiting for me. The All Yoga training is not a simple period of learning about postures and how to teach them; it is so much more! It is a journey within yourself in order to find the peace and the base as a complete human being, in charge of years of wisdom given during the process. It is a powerful process, which makes you face yourself with yourself, with the outside world and the choices to be finally a yoga teacher. It feels powerful, a never ending journey and it gives an important responsibility in order to achieve the goals of your life. Thank you for sharing this golden treasure!

Sandrine Batard

I chose All Yoga because I wanted to improve my practice, know more about yoga and eventually be able to share what has been the gift of yoga in my life by teaching other people. My feelings and personal experience is very positive. I left my two little kids and husband for almost a month to do this, and before coming I wasn't sure about my choice, if it was a crazy one or not! I don't regret it at all, as this experience has been very fulfilling for me. The setting is amazing, the teachers have a lot to share, really generous and involved in the teaching and share all they know about yoga in all its dimensions. I feel more confident and I am really happy to come back home knowing a little bit more about myself, what I am capable of and what I want in my life. Thank you!

Suzana Brooke

On arrival, it was an exciting prospect to be part of a yoga learning experience in such a paradise of a place. As the days went by, the experience became very intense. So many workshops, yoga asanas and homework. Not for the light hearted, but definitely for those ready to face mental and physical challenges and those who are open hearted, looking for a whole lifestyle change. "The experiences that are the hardest tend to be the most beneficial"

Yuko Kashiwagi

I started this course with excitement and great fear as I didn't know what to expect. Now, I am very happy with my choice to join the All Yoga TT. Each teacher has different character and energy; the dynamic of the team brings joy and fulfillment to the students everyday. It is hard work, but it's rewarding and such a beautiful experience in life to remember.

Sandra Lorentzen

This training has helped me in many ways; improving my practice, believing in myself and realizing who I am and that I am more powerful than I could imagine before. I will bring this new knowledge about yoga and about myself back home and I will make big changes in my life. You guys are awesome!

Xiao Yanan

Thanks for this meaningful and memorable yoga training course. During the days of training, I got further improvement not only on the physical body but also mental and spiritual body. Yoga for me is not only to stretch the body, but to control the mind hence control the body. Especially thanks to the teachers; you are really wonderful. I really feel comfortable and happy to join this training.

Celine Wi

Four weeks, four amazing weeks of hard work. Dreaming, breathing and sweating a lot of yoga. What a life changing experience. I feel lucky to be a part of the All Yoga family. I found out that yoga is not about doing extreme poses, but about what is on the inside that makes you yoga. I would recommend everyone to come to Thailand and become a yoga teacher with the great teachers. You won't regret it!

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