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About All Yoga Teacher Training School

Located in the beautiful islands of Thailand and Bali, All Yoga Training is the top destination for students aspiring to become yoga instructors from all over the world. We offer 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher trainings in Bali Indonesia and Koh Phangan & Koh Samui Thailand. Being one of the most active and successful yoga teacher training programs in South East Asia, we keep on improving the programs to match our highest standard to certify the best yoga teachers in the international yoga industry.

Proud to offer the highest quality of teaching and sharing our passion in yoga with our students, we emphasize on the proper technique, breathing and ethics of teaching and practicing yoga.

The programs at All Yoga Training specifically cater to the individual needs of each student. Preserving the unique voice of each individual, our international faculty provides positive guidance and tools for every student in how to discover their own inner teaching voice.

It is our honor to be part of so many people’s yoga journey and continuously strive to pass on the light and wisdom of the Ashtanga tradition by spreading the passion and knowledge of yoga to others.

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All Yoga Teacher Training School Yoga Teacher Training Centre,
ERYT 500 and Senior Teacher at All Yoga; Vari was born and raised in New York by his Puerto Rican parents. At an early age Vari started asking himself “who am I?”, and in his early 20’s volunteered to do Karma Yoga for one year at Kripalu Yoga Center. Vari was determined to seek spiritual knowledge on how to live a life fully expressed. During his time at Kripalu, Vari was living with and surrounded by many gifted teachers, role models and enlightened souls who have devoted their lives to yoga and a yogic lifestyle. These are... read more..

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All Yoga Teacher Training School Reviews

4(130 reviews)

Celine Wi

Four weeks, four amazing weeks of hard work. Dreaming, breathing and sweating a lot of yoga. What a life changing experience. I feel lucky to be a part of the All Yoga family. I found out that yoga is not about doing extreme poses, but about what is on the inside that makes you yoga. I would recommend everyone to come to Thailand and become a yoga teacher with the great teachers. You won't regret it!

Xiao Yanan

Thanks for this meaningful and memorable yoga training course. During the days of training, I got further improvement not only on the physical body but also mental and spiritual body. Yoga for me is not only to stretch the body, but to control the mind hence control the body. Especially thanks to the teachers; you are really wonderful. I really feel comfortable and happy to join this training.

Sandra Lorentzen

This training has helped me in many ways; improving my practice, believing in myself and realizing who I am and that I am more powerful than I could imagine before. I will bring this new knowledge about yoga and about myself back home and I will make big changes in my life. You guys are awesome!

Yuko Kashiwagi

I started this course with excitement and great fear as I didn't know what to expect. Now, I am very happy with my choice to join the All Yoga TT. Each teacher has different character and energy; the dynamic of the team brings joy and fulfillment to the students everyday. It is hard work, but it's rewarding and such a beautiful experience in life to remember.

Suzana Brooke

On arrival, it was an exciting prospect to be part of a yoga learning experience in such a paradise of a place. As the days went by, the experience became very intense. So many workshops, yoga asanas and homework. Not for the light hearted, but definitely for those ready to face mental and physical challenges and those who are open hearted, looking for a whole lifestyle change. "The experiences that are the hardest tend to be the most beneficial"

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