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The Middle Way Meditation Institute

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The Middle Way Meditation Institute is a non-profit educational organization serving people of all ages, races, nationalities, religions and faiths; dedicated to the development of inner peace education and research, geared towards adults, youth and organizations. The Middle Way Meditation Institute offers meditation and educational training programs, based on mental and spiritual confluence, and organization of various cultural activities to promote unity and harmony. The ultimate aim of the Institute is to promote peace and happiness in people’s lives and create everlasting peace in the world at large. Build Core The Middleway Meditation program has introduced the practice of meditation to more than 100,000 people. All meditation classes and programs are provided to the community. As the opportunities arise to expand our programs, we rely on funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations to ensure our continued success. We hope you will become one of the many people supporting our mission by making a financial contribution today. Please consider supporting us on a monthly basis, no amount is too small. All donations are graciously received and the money is used with ultimate appreciate and respect. Log Off Stress and hardship are facts of life. Many react to these daily struggles with anger, drugs, depression, or even crime. The Middleway Meditation retreats have taught many people an alternative chose to deal with daily problems by doing meditation. We can find peace amidst the chaos of our lives. We can find this peace right here, right now, in the very eye of the storm. The Middleway Meditation retreats have made tremendous progress towards our vision of bringing harmony to our world. "Balance your life, brightening your mind." We offer retreats such as: 3 days retreats, 7 days retreats, 1 month retreats, and 1 month Middleway Meditation Coach training program. Join In This online course is designed to make this practice available to many people who find it impractical or impossible to attend regularly scheduled courses outside of their home. This online course would take less time than required for most people just to commute to a formal class. All one needs is 1 hour every week for the formal practice and to be mindful during other routine activities. Reach out Are you interested in learning to bring meditation in your community and country? The Middleway Meditation hosts facilitator training programs which allows us to bring meditation into the community on a larger scale. Anyone can help bring meditation to their community and country, it is easy. Your ability to communicate with others and facilitate a group is what matters most. The Middleway Meditation has a unique style of meditation which has been accepted in many public sector environments. Our program brings morality and wisdom to schools and public services such as "V-star" or Philippine floating lanterns ceremony."

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 Pathum Thani
Venerable Burin Thitakusalo
B.T. Bhikkhu or Venerable Burin Thitakusalo is teh Executive Director of Teh Middle Way Research Institute, a New York-based global non-profit organiz...
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The Middle Way Meditation Institute Reviews (9)

- Dominique Simoneua, Canada, Pilot
“I felt more subtle. What I realize was I just felt more relaxed, more at peace, and more subtle. I just felt gentle, I want to keep it. I felt inner peace and joy. And it started like some light was going up. This was my impressive experience. I want to do meditation everyday. In the fast society I live, it’s hard to do it. But I think I can manage the time to meditate every day. I would try to apply mindfulness everyday with work. I think for sure I will to come back again because here, it brings you back in the state.”
Joselyn Tan, Singapore, HR Manager
“I would say the best experience for me is probably this morning. It is very beyond words. It is quite difficult to explain it. When you come out of the meditative mood, you somehow feel a lot of peace within yourself. In your mind you start to see a very bright state. You somehow feel you’re so energetic or exited about it. On the other hand, you feel very happy. Very blissful.”

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The Middle Way Meditation Institute, 72/51, Moo 11, Ban Saun Tawanthum, Bangkhan St, Khlong Song, Khlong Laung, Pathum Thani 12121, Thailand
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