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Dark Retreat Centre

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Dark Retreat Centre

7 Reviews
Freya Savage
I had a fascinating experience in the dark retreat. It was one of those experiences that I’ll never forget and would count as life changing. The space is very basic, I had some interesting moments with going to the toilet in the dark, and it’s quite hot in there, but that was all part of the experience of getting to know more of myself. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to know themselves on a more intimate level.
Mattia Zambaldi
I did a 8-day dark retreat here. First of all Santosh was very kind and supportive already before booking, always willing to reply to my questions. We took some time to speak the day before entering the dome and I also very much appreciated his availability to answer my questions and support me after the retreat! The retreat itself was a great and powerful experience for me, which I would recommend to anyone with some prior experience with meditation who wants to go deeper into the practice. The isolation and the darkness really push you to deeper levels that I think would be hardly achievable outside in other conditions. I stayed in the little dome and I found it to be basic but comfortable, the space was limited but well organised so I was happy with it. Lastly I would like to mention the raw food that Santosh prepared daily, it was so tasty and felt it helped my practice. Thank you Brother Santosh ???? I wish you all the best and I am sure we will meet again at some point in the future, I might well come back to the island and to your dome!

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