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  • Monday 06:30 - 21:00
  • Tuesday 06:30 - 21:00
  • Wednesday 06:30 - 21:00
  • Thursday 06:30 - 21:00
  • Friday 06:30 - 21:00
  • Saturday 06:30 - 21:00
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About The Dailey Method- Barre Studio

We’re ready to help you transform your life. The Dailey Method is the fastest way to a strong, lean, sculpted body. Combining the best of Pilates, yoga, and ballet barre training, our classes are an ever-evolving mix of movement that offer extreme benefits for body and mind. Our classes are driven by fitness research and our students’ needs. We offer individualized attention in a group setting to give you the strength, discipline, and joy to find ultimate alignment.

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Packages (2)

1. Foundations of Cycle

*limited to 15 participants per training.
You will receive:

  • In person training – CEC – Certificate of Completion
  • Time – 8.5 hours
  • Manual

Content includes:

  • Equipment Education & Bike Set Up
  • Drills for Cycle Class – setup, alignment, basic variations
  • Anatomy Review
  • Structure of Cycle Class – Sample Class & Template
  • Basics of Musicality for Indoor Cycling
  • Basics of Dynamic Teaching
  • Pregnancy and Injury Basics
  • Group Teaching  

2. Foundations of Barre

*limited to 15 participants per training 
You will receive:

  • In person training – CEC – Certificate of Completion
  • Time – 16 hours
  • Manual

Content includes:  

  • Exercises for Barre Class – setup, alignment, basic variations
  • Anatomy Review
  • Adjustment and Assists Basics
  • Structure of Barre Class – Sample Class
  • Layered Barre Cuing and Musicality
  • Pregnancy and Injury Basics
  • Group Teaching

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Dailey Barre Streaming on Zoom

Dailey Barre Streaming on Zoom Description
You will receive a confirmation email upon registering for class. Zoom link is sent 1-hour prior to class start. 
Live streaming from our Burlingame Studio, this class will strengthen, lengthen and tone your entire body. It blends the best exercises from ballet barre work, Pilates, yoga, core strengthening and more into a fun, challenging and inspiring 60 minute class. Right in your own living room. You are encouraged to work at your own level and to make the positioning the priority for each exercise. Movement is layered on after form and alignment is perfected. This is an ideal class for students of all levels.
Jen K.
Born & bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jen discovered the Dailey Method in 2014 after the birth of her last child. After completing the 90-day new mom special, Jen noticed that the core strengthening and toning exercises helped her body bounce back faster than with previous pregnancies. After being a core member for 4 years, Jen wanted to deepen her practice and share her love of “up an inch, down an inch” with others. When not at the studio teaching or taking, Jen enjoys volunteering in her community and at her children’s schools and hanging out with family and friends. You can catch Jen teaching Dailey Barre, Dailey Basics and Dailey Baby.

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The Dailey Method- Barre Studio Reviews

5(36 reviews)

Kimberly Zak

The Dailey Method Birmingham is definitely my happy place. I have been attending class since March of 2015 and it never gets old. When stress gets in the way, it melts away for the hour I am in class, and I walk away with renewed energy. The cherry on top of the cake is that my middle aged body is in better shape than it has been in years. The staff and the owner Carly definitely make you feel like family. The Dailey Method Birmingham does wonders for my mind body and soul.

Aly Wenson

I started going to the Daily Method a little over a year and half ago! Yay! A very good friend, (Andrea Papadopolous) told me to come take a class with her because we previously were yoga buddies (So thank you AP!) I had no idea what I was stepping into, but love physical activity so was excited to try something new. After one class I was hooked! I love the space the daily method has created. It's such a wonderful community of woman who share the same love to connect with their body and mind. I truly have never felt so comfortable and confident in my own skin since taking these classes. My whole body has improved-from my posture, strength, core-not to mention I've always had a small booty but can now say I finally have a daily dent!! I can't imagine my week without this space to come to. Thank you to the teachers and ladies who run the show @ TDM. You're all so inspiring, wonderful and beautiful! I'm never leaving!

Darcy Chute Sieber

It's my home away from home. If you're looking for more than just a workout, if you're looking for a community, this is your place! TDM is my balance between strength and inner peace. It's where I find my calm and refuel my soul to make me a better wife, mother, daughter and friend. Oh and it's where I sweat my "seat" off too! No one could have convinced me just by telling me that I'd get the best workout of my life by simply holding a contraction and then moving JUST an inch. I had to try it. You do too!

Meghan Sanborn

I honestly do not have the words to fully express how much I LOVE The Dailey Method-Birmingham!! I had taken barre classes prior to entering this studio, but after my first TDM experience I knew what a true gem I had found. The owner, Carly, was one of the first people I connected with. She is such a special, gifted person. She shines without even trying! I quickly realized that she is not the only one-the entire staff is not only dedicated to health and fitness, but also to empowering everyone who walks through the door. Every instructor has her own style but is just as knowledgeable and talented as the next. They make an effort to connect with all of their students so everyone can get the most out of each class-they even remember names! :) This positive energy ripples out to everyone, making this a community that I am grateful and proud to be a part of. I am so much healthier physically AND mentally since joining TDM-Birmingham!

Julia Veresh Christman

I love this place! I was hooked the first time I tried it. I needed to start working out to get fit and also for my sanity. Its my place for "me time", but it's so much more! It's a wonderful community that is so supportive and I'm so lucky to be part of it. If you haven't tried it, you should!!!

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