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5(8 reviews)

Susan Reno

I love, love, love this studio. Megan has built so much more than just a set of walls for practicing yoga, she has built the foundation for a strong, wonderful community of yogis. Through hard work, sweat, laughter, and maybe even tears, you will find what you need here. I never thought I would be going on six years of Bikram practice, but for me it's the perfect combination of strenuous exercise, physical therapy and meditative restoration. The studio itself is bright and airy, and the teachers are wonderful, each bringing their own unique perspective to the practice. I highly recommend practicing yoga at this studio and getting to know its community!

Suzi Verner Zug

In all honesty, there are no words to adequately express how extraordinarily wonderful BYCF is.....as a yoga studio, as a welcoming, caring, and down to earth community of instructors and fellow yogis sweating together, laughing together, celebrating a healthier way of life together. There is a palpably positive energy infused throughout this place, and and this energy emanates from the people here, most especially from the studio’s owner, Megan.

Michael Crist

I'm a beginner to yoga (three months in). Everyone at the Chadds Ford studio from the owner (Megan) to the instructors to the members are so supportive and make coming to practice a pleasure. If you are like me, a life long athlete who never appreciated the benefits of being strong and flexible, I strongly recommend you give it a try.

John R. Hill

About five months ago someone mentioned hot yoga to me, more formally known as "Bikram Yoga". If you are Not familiar with it at all? We are blessed with Goggle etc. Take a look. At first I thought that sounds a little crazy, but then my crazy, oh I meant to say adventurous side, kicked in and and I found myself in a hot room with all these people I didn't know, doing things to my body I had never done. Well, here I am now, practicing yoga regularly, in the best shape and fe...

Ron Ehman

About 7 years ago I experienced debilitating back pain. I found no way to alleviate the pain. I was not able to sit and a large portion of my day is driving. For more than 3 years, I am a regular for 90 minutes of Bikram and by strengthening my back, I have been pain free. Of course, with the intensity of the beginner class, I have muscle aches but not the extreme pain that led me to try Bikram. I love the focus on alignment, the core and flexibility!!!

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