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Abhaya Yoga is a community oriented Center committed to the process of awakening the body, heart, and mind. The traditional roots of yoga are held while embracing a modern, accessible approach. The various styles of yoga and healing modalities are offered with a non-dogmatic perspective allowing students to find their own way to freedom. The culture of Abhaya Yoga encourages humility, studentship, and a high value on yoga education. It is a place where like-minded students of yoga and life gather to share the great conversation and transformative practice to yoga in a beautiful, supportive, sacred environment.


Abhaya Yoga- DUMBO specializes in offering an integrative experience of Yoga with the goal of exploring awakening of body, heart, and mind though: hatha yoga, meditation, pranayama, restorative yoga, chanting, and more. The primary darshan or philosophical viewpoint, is grounded in the non-dual and empowering philosophies of Tantra and Bhakti which teach that consciousness or Love is us, connects everything, and is in every part of our experience. Classes draw influence from Vinyasa, Anusara, Dance, Iyengar, Chi-Gong, Yin Yoga, Restorative, Ayurveda, power yoga, and more. All classes are taught by highly skilled teachers who lead students through a journey from physical to more subtle experience.

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Joshua, Orlando, FL

I stumbled upon Abhaya during my recent trip to Brooklyn…The view from the studio is absolutely amazing.

April D., Brooklyn, NY

Abhaya Yoga is great! The teachers are amazing and the studio has quite possibly THE BEST view in the entire city. Certainly of any yoga studio in the city! If you are looking for top notch Ansusara yoga, Abhaya Yoga is the place to be!

Loretta P., Brooklyn, NY

Abhaya yoga studio is an amazing space. The view is breathtaking and allows your practice to go the distance. If you haven’t taken a class you must make it there during the summer. Deborah’s class is amazing. I have been studying with her for a year. She creates a powerful, uplifting and spiritual practice that nourishes both the body and soul. Give yourself a treat and make it to Abhaya yoga soon. Enjoy!”

M.T., Brooklyn, NY

“There is nothing better than plopping your mat down and practicing with the Empire State Building sparkling in front of you. The light at Abhaya Yoga is so beautiful, it makes practicing early in the morning or late in the afternoon really special. Hell, any time of day is a great time to take yoga classes there! The teachers are all welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly, and classes are downright fun. Highly recommended!”

Alexandra M.

“Abhaya is unique among New York studios for it’s beautiful space. Most of the classes are held in natural light and the view of water creates a calming and inspiring backdrop. Abhaya was my introduction to Anusara, and has completely changed my practice. The classes are notable for their seamless combination of precise alignment instruction and grounded heart-oriented philosophy. Tara’s classes in particular show an integrated and elegant approach to yoga. She is notable for teaching classes that can both stimulate an advanced practitioner, as well as guide a beginner. Her Friday evening “Bhava classes” create a link between Anusara and Vinyasa and combine her love of music and flow with her deep understanding of Asana.”

Henry Corra, NYC

Taking a private with Tara is priceless. I encourage all yogis to do privates a couple times a year to really further their practice.

k s. Brooklyn, NY

the space is AMAZING. i haven’t taken classes with anyone but Deborah, and let me tell you, she is THE BEST. she’s the only one who teaches a vinyasa class at that place. she might as well be the only one anywhere who teaches a vinyasa class. i leave feeling strong and thoughtful every time. definitely check this place out.

Mary T.Brooklyn, NY

Thrilled to have this anusara studio in brooklyn! I went to my first class at Abhaya this weekend led by Siri (who was great!) and as the other reviews say the space was amazing. The views of the water & city were beautiful but laying in savasana and hearing the waves – that was perfect.

F A. Durham, NC

Beautiful space, amazing views and excellent and highly skilled instructors. I feel grateful I found Abhaya during my visit to Brooklyn. I’ll definitely visit the studio again on my next trip to New York.

sm T. Brooklyn, NY

So I have been living in Dumbo for over a year and was wondering where the good yoga studio(s) were because I need yoga in my life to restore my sense of good spirit in this crazy city, and it’s just plain good for my health. I saw a flier for Abhaya at a local business and immediately went to a class. It was and continues to be amazing. Not only is the view absolutely breathtaking, with the noise of lapping water to soothe when the windows are open, but the teachers have the most amazing sense of their practice and such dedication. Each and every class is always started with a bit of a telling on what we are going to focus on that day. So therapeautic. I have taken classes from a few of the teachers and they are all hands down so knowledgeable and patient. Lately I have been focusing on Tara’s classes and I have felt so strong internally and externally for the last few weeks. Such a great addition to the hood, and to my life.

Tina B. Brooklyn, NY

I absolutely LOVE this studio. I’ve been going for several months and have never had a bad practice. My favorite aspect is that it’s an Anusara studio….in Brooklyn! While I like Virayoga in M’tan, I keep to my borough whenever possible. I love starting each practice with the Anusara invocation. It’s gives me a warm feeling all over. I’ve tried many classes (daytime, weekend, evening) with various instructors (Lisa is my favorite). They’ve all been amazing, talented and kind. The weekday evening classes do get really crowded. But it’s worth it. And the view is just fantastic! There’s nothing quite like moving through a practice and looking out over the city. It’s especially cool during a sunset or crappy weather. The prices are pretty standard for yoga. If it’s your first time, you should take advantage of the free week. Also, they have cubbies for your stuff and coat hooks in the tiny changing area.

Crumpler J. Brooklyn, NY

I have been practicing yoga on and off for several years, but just recently became acquainted with the Anusara style. I began with the free week and then bought a 3-month unlimited membership because the classes here have been so transformative for my mind and my body. Not only am I more patient and calm (even when commuting, which is a HUGE feat), old sports injuries have been alleviated by practicing here (usually 3-4 times a week), and I feel so much stronger and balanced in my body. When I get cranky these days, my husband has actually asked me, “Is doing yoga twice a day too much?” All the teachers here are great, super skilled, and give their all to their students (Deborah is probably my favorite–wish she taught here more!). The space is amazing, too.

Dali L. Brooklyn, NY

I only took two classes here. One was with Elias and another with Carl. Both seemed to teach the Anusara style, which was totally expected, since they are an Anusara studio. I come from a vinyasa flow and ashtanga style, however, I was up for trying something new: Anusara. They have a one week introduction free offer on, so I seized the opportunity and I thank Abhaya for it! The studio: It is an amazing space. seriously. you practice with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the river. the light is amazing. I only wish i had a chance to try it out at night. I found the poles in the middle of the room annoying. But they were very clean and props were plentiful, then again, my classes never had more than 6 people in them. They don’t really have an ample space to check in and everything is in the same room. But you can’t have everything… The teachers: I liked both of them, esp Carl. They seemed very experienced. While i have practiced for over 10 years in varying forms, they had nice direction for old poses and even new ways to enhance restorative poses (like using the wall to work a shalambhasana. I did regret not taking Tara’s classes after reading her bio. Perhaps another time. The amenities: Aside from props, I didn’t see if they charged for mats, they didn’t seem to have the room to offer water, or at least I didn’t see it. You have to remove shoes outside the door of studio/room, and that seemed odd, because it is freezing in the hallway and dusty. Corner changing area. Overall, I liked the experience. However, that said…i don’t think I am changing studios. I prefer the vinyasa flow and ashtanga mix. Anusara was fine and very alignment focused, always a good class to come back to every now and again, much like Iyengar.

wendy l. Brooklyn, NY

This studio has it all. Awesome teachers, great location (I live in Dumbo) and amazing view of the river and Manhattan skyline. I’ve been in most of the teachers’ classes and they have all been very good – that’s the best thing about Anusara, it really focuses on alignment and helping you really understand each pose.

Rebecca D. Brooklyn, NY

I am in NYC every once in a while and an Anusara yogi–friends highly recommended Abhaya Yoga. It’s a beautiful corner studio with views of Manhattan and the East River in an old building in DUMBO. I took an afternoon class with Elias–what fun! I love his approach and learned some really wonderful variations on getting into handstand. I only wish I were able to take class here more often!

Ksenia A. Manhattan, NY

My favorite studio in New York! Especially classes with Elias and Adriana – no better way to set a great mood for the day/night!

Michael B. Brooklyn, NY

My wife and I have been going to classes and events at Abhaya since it opened. We were attracted by the excellence of the studio owner, Tara, and the ambitious schedule that was set up with a full roster of classes. Not only has the studio delivered on our initial expectations, it keeps getting better. All of the instructors are excellent so that we can choose a class to suit our convenience. Tara has built a “community” so that the buzz in the room just before a class in any of the popular hours reflects the togetherness of the group. There are extra fun events, many special immersion classes to expand one’s yoga practice and endless variety to the mix of poses in each class. There are instructors-in-training roving for the large classes to provide individual adjustments. There is occasional partnering to practice a challenging or unfamiliar pose. Without question, this is the best yoga studio I have ever visited and with over 15 years of yoga, including finding yoga studios on trips throughout the US, I have a long list of places for comparison.

Miriam B. Brooklyn, NY

I’ve been practicing Yoga for over 15 years. Finding a yoga community that works for me is super important. When I moved to Brooklyn a year and a half ago, there were of course lots of choices. I wasn’t married to a certain style of Yoga, I just wanted a sincere, knowledgeable and non-judgmental community I could be myself in grow, get more understanding of the practice. Easy to say I was won over by the amazing space, the Skyline view of Manhattan from its Dumbo home. But more than that, Abhaya is by far the most inclusive Yoga community I’ve come across in New York. Tara, the studio owner, is a beautiful soul whose knowledge and love for yoga comes across in every class she gives and every workshop she participates in. All the studio teachers offer something unique and rich and they all make you feel safe. I practice their weekly, have taken 3 immersions and just finishing up teacher training now. It’s been a transforming and amazing experience to say the least. If you want to evolve your practice, take a “me” moment in a beautiful space, or let some steam off with a really healthy physical practice, Abhaya is a great choice. Their programming is amazing, bringing some of the country’s best Yoga and Holistic teacher for weekend workshops and Tara and her programming crew are always expanding with new ideas without losing the essence of the Tantric philosophy and Yoga values. Seriously… make the trip. I think you’ll find something up your alley…Bhava Friday’s or a Sunday a.m class would be my suggestion for a first class… Enjoy!

Lisa H. Brooklyn, NY

Whether you’re a super-beginner or an experienced yogi, Abhaya is the place to be! A friend introduced me to Abhaya Yoga two years ago. I had been practicing at various New York City studios for a few years but hadn’t found a place to call home. Despite Abhaya being a few subway stops from my house (and several more from my office), I have had an unlimited practice card there ever since! Abhaya is a beautiful space to practice yoga for so many reasons. First and foremost, it is a small business carefully attended to by its owner, Tara Glazier. Tara is an exceptional teacher who is very present at the studio. She is devoted to cultivating a life-affirming community and an aligned physical practice in her students. This intention resonates throughout the studio and within every teacher Tara employs. Second, if you’re at Abhaya, you’re in good hands. The teachers are all extremely knowledgeable. They take time to introduce themselves to students and to learn about each person’s practice. While some of the poses are challenging, the teachers always offer modifications to accommodate every body in the room. Third, Abhaya is quite simply the ideal setting for practicing yoga in New York City. It is an open rectangular room with hardwood floors, huge windows, and sweeping views of the East River and Manhattan. There is a changing room in the back and bathrooms just outside the studio. During savasana, at the end of class, you can hear the waves of the river, birds in the trees, and just about nothing else. Finally, this review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the community. Before and after class people really relate to one another. I have made friends there who help me with my practice and who I now see outside the studio. If you go more than a couple times you will begin to know people’s names, see regular faces, and feel at home there yourself. I am always meeting new people and without exception leave feeling better than I did when I arrived.

Katie T.Brooklyn, NY

Amazing view of the Manhattan Bridge and skyline while you’re practicing. And wonderful teachers :)

m t. Brooklyn, NY

Upon entering Abhaya Yoga studio, a sense of peace immediately restores my desire and dedication to the practice of yoga in the Anusara method. Abhaya Yoga is located on the sixth floor of 10 Jay Street, in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The view of Manhattan through the large windows is breathtaking and helps me to become centered and melt into my first down dog of the day and to tune into my breathing as I listen to the sound of waves gently lapping against the boardwalk outside. Finding a studio with the right setting is as important as finding knowledgeable yoga teachers who care. The yoga instructors at Abhaya Yoga have the desire, knowledge, commitment, and love of Anusara Yoga necessary for a successful practice. Having been a student of Tara Glazier (who is the most caring and creative yoga teacher I have ever met) for over two years, I made the greatest decision to follow her to Abhaya Yoga. And I am happy I did!! Tara Glazier and David Murphy have created an Anusara community. The Abhaya Yoga staff members are as knowledgeable, caring, creative and attentive as Tara. I have had the honor of taking various classes from the other Abhaya staff and recommend every single one of them. This is confirmation that I have found an Anusara studio in Brooklyn (finally!!!) that opens to grace and allows me to open to grace and encourages me to continue to achieve some of those playful poses I haven’t yet mastered. I still may fall flat on my face!! And if I do fall, I just laugh it off. I don’t feel at all self-conscious at Abhaya Yoga. And that is what is most important: to be accepted in an environment that encourages one to be playful while further exploring the practice!!! Open to grace and take your first class at Abhaya Yoga!!!

Yuri A. Brooklyn, NY

Wonderful breathtaking studio! I am like yogi junky will go to Yoga class anywhere. But I don’t know any other studio in New York where you find such a spectacular view… East River, Hudson Harbor, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridge. Need something to focus for the tree pose -how about Empire State Building? Boats, Yachts passing by while you practicing. What can be more perfect mind comming place… Just “Open to Grace” I love Abhaya teachers , they give it all to the students being prepare for each class with a personal attention to every student. And Fridays yoga with a live DJ, lovely

Jules H. Brooklyn, NY

I have been practicing with the Tara (an amazing teacher and the owner) for over 5 years now in both classes and workshops/immersions. I credit her and the Anusara style of practice with helping to improve my alignment in poses, to increase my understanding of alignment principals, getting over my fear of inversions (first time ever in handstand was in Tara’s class and it was sooooo empowering I am addicted to the pose now) and introducing me to Tantric philosophy – once I found this teachings I knew what resonated with me and what I would want to study more on in the future. An important lesson always present in her classes and teaching is the first principal of Anusara – take a breath and Open to Grace…..


As a self proclaimed yoga addict, who has practiced at several different studios, I must say that few even compare to Abhaya Yoga. The teachers are wonderful & the space is so beautiful & welcoming. Practicing at Abhaya is like a mini vacation from my everyday world.. I took the teacher training, with Tara, in 2010-2011 & learned more than I imagined in that period. I am forever grateful for finding this gem of a studio with such sincerely intelligent & caring teachers!! I highly recommend the studio & the teacher trainings offered to everyone !

Robin W.Brooklyn, NY

After I moved from Tribeca to Brooklyn a few years ago, I was still trekking over the Bridge for yoga. One morning I didn’t have time for the schlep and thought to check out, Abhaya, a local studio only a couple of blocks from my place in DUMBO. That day was nothing short of life-changing. Without exaggeration, this studio is paradise on every level. The Abhaya studio is breathtaking, overlooking the glittering East River, the Manhattan Skyline, the Bridge.(Imagine doing tree and watching barges, tugs and ferries sail by; sea gulls circling in the sky) . I was fortunate enough to take my first class there with the studio’s owner and visionary, Tara Glazier, who is talented, heart-centered, compassionate and majorly skilled. But I have yet, over the three years I have been going 3 times weekly, have a teacher who didn’t offer an excellent, injury-free class. Finally, I also found a warm, like-minded community who welcome all. There is no click-vibe here which is often the case in other studios. No matter how large, or intimate, the classes at Abhaya, are always rewarding. My body has gained flexibility and strength beyond my wildest expectations, but even more my heart has been opened. For beginner or advanced practitioner, this studio is heaven on earth.

Kim L. Brooklyn, NY

This review is for yoga novices, yogis who need a refresher but aren’t sure where to go, or anyone else who has been thinking about taking a yoga class but has something (fear, self-consciousness, confusion, lack of motivation) standing in the way. Consider this the nudge you need. Abhaya’s intro class on Thursdays with Joy is a revelation. It’s a beautiful studio, but more than that, Joy is a beautiful soul who is an incredibly inspiring and motivating teacher. The class is pretty low key, as a beginner would hope, and not as structured as a typical class. Joy asked questions to help her customize the session. Having had some health set-backs and very stiff limbs, I needed props and breaks, but we did just enough to get my heart rate up, work up a sweat and feel some great stretches. We worked through some basics, but also tried more challenging poses after figuring out what I was most comfortable with. Not surprisingly, there is great focus on alignment and opening your heart and you can’t help but feel immense satisfaction when you hear Joy say an enthusiastic “yes!!” after you hit a perfect pose. This is a new class, so I was lucky to get a private session before word spreads and the room fills up. The price can’t be beat (first Thursday of the month free, then $5-$10 donation). This is a great way to ease into yoga and I can’t say enough good things about my experience. I was self-conscious before, but I already feel more confident and I’m so glad I took the plunge. Can’t wait to return and continue to grow at Abhaya. Highly recommend this class.

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