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About Eastern Sun Yoga Studio

Since 1987, Eastern Sun Yoga Studio has provided instruction in classical yoga, adhering to the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar. The approach is vigorous and precise and focuses on the balance between strength and flexibility. Practice develops body awareness, balance and concentration, while improving physical and mental well-being.

Lou Hoyt, Eastern Sun’s Founder and Director

Lou has studied and practiced yoga for 30 years. She travels to to study with the Iyengars, most recently, August 2014, and holds a Junior Intermediate Level 3 Iyengar certificate, a Masters Degree in Education, and a Masters Degree in Counseling.

Introduction to Yoga – A Class for Beginners: This is a series of classes especially for beginning students or students wanting to learn and review the basic principles of yoga poses. These classes will introduce new students to the principles of the postures and build a foundation of understanding for a continuing practice.

  • Developing Your Practice: Continuing practice and understanding of the standing poses and introduction of inversions (headstand, shoulderstand, etc).
  • Refining Your Practice: Linking basic principles learned to more intermediate poses. Classes include inversions, floor poses, and backbends. Classes at this level and above require that you have the permission of the instructor to attend.
  • Advancing Your Practice: Classes for students with an established personal practice.

Restorative: Designated classes each month (see asterisks on class schedule).

Focuses entirely on restorative poses (relaxation) and pranayama (breathing). Students must have six months of experience at Eastern Sun to participate. A new Apprenticeship Program for students and teachers interested in teaching Iyengar Yoga will begin in Sept. Please send inquiries to [email protected] This one year training includes: mentoring of a small group of Iyengar students through class attendance observation and assistance

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5(1 reviews)

Casey Gardner

Really like all of the instructors I've met so far. Clean, relaxed, non competitive space. I'm really shy and adjust slowly to new spaces, all students and staff have made me feel comfortable and welcome.

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