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Anna Patycka

"Carol, I'm using the anti-inflammation ointment you recommended. This plus my ongoing anti-inflammation dietary regime appears to have brought down swelling in my knuckles. Thanks for being there!"

Julie Wan

"Carol has an easy going nature. The atmosphere of the space is calming. I only wish it were closer to me :) But it's worth the trip for me to get quality care from someone that loves what she does."

Laura Schikkerfling

"Carol is so knowledgeable and informative along with providing a top notch massage experience. It's not enough to simply know how to massage. Being trained deeply on why the body does what it does, as well as knowing how to massage deeply is why I go see Carol regularly!"

Jan Franko

"Carol is an incredibly talented Ayurvedic Massage Therapist. I have enjoyed her treatment for years and it was especially healing to experience during my pregnancy. I always enjoy her attention to detail, including the oils she utilizes depending on my current needs, and the information she provides for self-care so I can continue treatments at home!"

Lizzy Edwards

"My rating is actually between good & amazing :) I'd like to come back sometime, for one of the other services or even a consultation. Carol has a really nice touch and you can tell she's invested in helping people with their overall health and well-being."

Carolyn McPherson

"Outstanding experience, very comfortable and welcoming environment. Carol was empathetic and extremely professional, especially when dealing with some very personal topics. Clearly focused on finding the root of health imbalances."

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