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The Yoga Garden Image
Yoga Studio 5.0 (1 reviews)

The Yoga Garden

USD 15.00 Avg. Price / day
The Yoga Garden Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States is a business in Yoga Studio category. The Yoga Studio is located at The Yoga Garden, 903 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147, United States
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 441 Views
Wake Up Yoga Image
Yoga Teacher Training Centre 0.0 (No review)

Wake Up Yoga

n/a Avg. Price / day
Wake Up Yoga is a Vinyasa (flow-style) and Yin (passive yoga) studio with two locations: the original, in the heart of the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia and on East Passyunk Avenue in South P...
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 356 Views
Drishti Yoga International Teacher Training Image
Yoga Teacher Training Centre 5.0 (1 reviews)

Drishti Yoga International Teacher Training

USD 35.00 Avg. Price / day
Our Drishti Yoga Teacher Training School launched in Mexico 2012. The setting was a remote jungle hanging over a tranquil private beach. The location was serene and the local community made an impact...
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 547 Views
Shanti Yoga Shala Image
Yoga Training Centre 0.0 (No review)

Shanti Yoga Shala

USD 15.00 Avg. Price / day
Shanti Yoga and Ayurvada is a Yoga community that was created to offer a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for students to embark on and sustain a Yoga journey. We offer Ashtanga and Vinyasa...
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 554 Views
Kadampa Meditation Center Image
Meditation Training Centre 0.0 (No review)

Kadampa Meditation Center

n/a Avg. Price / day
Welcome to Kadampa Meditation Center Philadelphia Living a stress-free and meaningful life has never been closer to your fingertips. Meditation is a method to acquaint our mind with causes of happines...
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 801 Views
Star Pilates Studio Image
Pilates Studio 5.0 (1 reviews)

Star Pilates Studio

USD 50.00 Avg. Price / day
Star Pilates is a classical Pilates studio that offers one-on-one private sessions. We focus on your body’s needs as the exercises strengthen, stretch, and lengthen your body. The i...
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 481 Views
Urbanfront Pilates Studio Image
Pilates Studio 0.0 (No review)

Urbanfront Pilates Studio

USD 40.00 Avg. Price / day
Why Urban Front Pilates? From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel like you found the right place!We are a family run studio who believes at our core that Pilates makes everything be...
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 395 Views
Ploome Fitness Boutique Image
Pilates Studio 0.0 (No review)

Ploome Fitness Boutique

n/a Avg. Price / day
Ploome and REQ.1 took root in Philadelphia, PA in 2010 and quickly gained momentum. The fitness boutique and corresponding non-profit organization have existed in various forms and across three contin...
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 590 Views
Shambhala Meditation, Image
Meditation Training Centre 5.0 (5 reviews)

Shambhala Meditation,

n/a Avg. Price / day
Shambhala Vision is rooted in the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness. This nature can be developed in daily life so that it radiates out to family, friends, co...
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 355 Views
Bombay Yoga Company Studio United states Image
Yoga Training Centre 0.0 (No review)
OUR PRACTICE Yoga as described by the Sage Patanjali, dates back to the Vedas and includes guides for the practice of yoga both on the mat and in your life. In the west many styles of yoga are practic...
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 302 Views