Here is the message from an Indian Yogi Mahi and Founder of Mahi Yoga Centre who is currently in quarantine to prevent COVID-19 spread


Hello world!

I hope everyone is doing well. Staying home and safe.

It is my 7th day of self quarantine! Due to my travel history, I have to quarantine myself for at least 28 days.

But thanks to technology, it is possible to find out what is going in the world. I have big sympathy for those countries who are suffering from this novel virus on a big scale. I offer my deep condolences for those who have been affected, lost their family members. And thanks to the wonderful medical carers who are fighting this on the front line.

I request all of you please stay at home and break the chain of this virus.


My advice on how to maintain a healthy mind body and spirit during this time:

  • Practice sun-salutations for cleansing the body and general good health.
  • All types of inversions increase immunity: Vipreeta karnee, setu bandha asana, salmbha asana, Vipreeta dandasana.
  • Pranayama is very good for the respiratory system: Kapala bhati, agnisar and bhastrika pranayama. Please avoid these if you are suffering from high BP or heart problems. {You can have a long sleep instead of that}
  • Herbal remedies that are very good: Asparagus, black pepper and Turmeric with garlic is also very good.
  • Mudra: linga mudra is the very best because it increases the heat in the body and will also help to get rid of this virus.


Wishing you a healthy and safe life

Stay home stay protected.

Guru Mahi

Mahi Yoga Centre