Top 10 Luxury Weekend Wellness Retreats in India

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Picture this: A weekend (or rather a long weekend) is around the corner. You don’t have any concrete plan of action yet - will it be some casual socializing, attending a soiree, or just plain planning for that next anniversary vacation? Hmm. Yet another weekend spent doing the familiar activities. Consider paying heed to our friendly advice if you don’t want your next weekend to look like a spitting image of the weekend gone by. How? May we suggest venturing into the unfamiliar (or slightly familiar) terrain and doing something as spectacular as your taste in wine, watches, condos, and other finer things in life.

“If your body’s not right your day will go all wrong. Take care of yourself.”—V.L Allineare

A new way to spend the weekend will not only zhuzh up your downtime, but it will also enable you to break free from the loop of predictability. So, how about spending the weekend doing something that will energize you for weeks and maybe empower you (and your loved one) to pick up various atomic healthy habits along the way. Doesn’t seem like a bad plan, doesn't it? Enter the Luxury Weekend Wellness Retreats India. Taking a weekend retreat isn’t only a determined way to celebrate the weekend, it’s a great way to celebrate your being too.

 “The goal is to grow so strong on the inside that nothing on the outside can affect your inner wellness without your conscious permission.” — OUI, WE

Luxury Weekend Wellness Retreats in India are way more beneficial than regular vacations, as they are intentional in their overall approach. For instance, a few of the proven benefits of taking a weekend retreat include improvement of mental health, a significant improvement in physical health, and an opportunity to regroup. Doesn’t this sound like an i-d-e-a-l way to spend the weekend? The Luxury Weekend Wellness Retreats in India enlisted below are located in different cities in India and are known for their USPs. So, whether you want to prefer a weekend wellness retreat that specializes in, say, a wellness program, or would like to go to a retreat that scores eleven out of ten in terms of ambience and amenities, this list is all you will need.

The list of Top 10 Luxury Weekend Wellness Retreats in India has been sorted in descending order of price per day (high to low) in order to maintain utmost transparency.


1. Vana Wellness Retreat Dehradun

Per day USD | INR 32,000+

Set on twenty acres, the walls at Vana Wellness Retreat Dehradun are kept neutral to shine the spotlight on the natural ambiance. The retreat, in 2015, achieved LEED Platinum status, making Vana, the first retreat in India to have achieved this status. The rooms at Vana are equipped with LED lighting, In com control system to ensure efficient monitoring of energy (light + heat) usage. Further, the property keeps its night outdoor lighting to a bare minimum, so as not to obstruct the natural nocturnal habitat. At Vana, everybody enters as equals – and no distinction is made between the two guests (or Vanvasis.) The retreat tries to tweak its offerings (in terms of food and other features) as per the prevalent season – Vasanta, Grishma, Varsha, Sharad, Hemanta, and Shishira.

The guests of Vana are lovingly referred to as Vanvasis (the dwellers of the forest). These Vanvasis try to tap into the restorative benefits of the forest to find equilibrium between the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual self. Vana (meaning forest) Wellness Retreat, Dehradun, lives up to its name and character in many ways. Let us explain! First, it is a forest-based wellness retreat that offers the choicest range of wellness programs rooted in Ayurveda, Sowa Rigpa (Traditional Tibetan Medicine), and Yoga to revive your mind, body, and spirit. Second, it is enveloped in virtually all shades of green (you name a green shade, and you’ll spot it here!)

Vana also encourages its staff and guests to practice an energy-efficient means of habitation while on retreat. As it envisions putting Indian farmers at the heart of Indian society, Vana makes its own versions of classic cheeses, ghee, miso, and Kombuchas, instead of sourcing canned produces.The wellness retreat also uses karess paper (100% post-consumer recycled paper) with a ‘use-one-tissue-at-a-time’ approach, green seal-certified solvents, biodegradable garbage bags, soy wax T-light candles, bed and beddings made of organic linen to create negligible stress on the environment. 

The 4 days An Ayurvedic Luxury Weekend Wellness Retreat India by Vana Wellness Retreat Dehradun includes

  • A Retreat Program with yoga, meditation, cuisine lessons, functional fitness, talks, music and more
  • Arrival and departure wellness consultations
  • All cuisine including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner
  • Private treatments/specialist consultations/sessions based on 1 wellness weight per night per guest
  • Attire to wear within and outside Vana, footwear, summer and winter accessories
  • Airport transfers from Dehradun Airport
  • No service charge or gratuities are added. Our team does not expect tips as appreciation for their work

2. Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort Kerala

Per day USD 347.5 | INR 27,000

Located close to exotic Alappuzha backwaters, near Marari Beach, Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort, Kerala, has forty luxury villas, two backwater suites, and a sailing club. This expansive property also has 25 acres of landscape garden for a leisurely/daily walk. The villas at Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort Kerala, fuse traditional and modern décor, combining the best characteristics of both styles. Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort Kerala is an eco-conscious resort made of materials such as jute, bamboo, and recycled cardboard to cause minimum stress to the environment.

Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort offers Ayurveda treatment, naturopathy, marma (treating vital body parts damages), pranic healing, and yoga classes. Featured in Forbes magazine in 2017, this award-winning wellness resort is located on the shores of the Arabian sea. In terms of cuisines, Ida and Chimera, the restaurants at Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort, offer a delectable range of continental, south Indian, and pan-Indian dishes for one to relish.

Composed of a strong mix of yoga teachers (Dr. V. P. Rajasekharan (PhD. in Yoga, M.D in alternative medicine), Gopalakrishnan Pillai (MSc. Yoga), and a few more) and Ayurveda doctors (Dr. Mobi Ommen (BAMS), Dr. Shona Antony (BAMS), Dr, Midhu Bhaskar (BAMS), and a few more), Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort qualified wellness team recommends certain long and/or short-term treatments upon satisfactorily diagnosing a guest’s condition.

The 8 Days Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Luxury Weekend Wellness Retreat India at Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort Kerala includes

  • 8 Days Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Package
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily Yoga & Meditation
  • Daily Ayurvedic Doctor’s Consultation
  • Free Medicines during the Treatment as per the Doctor’s advice
  • Daily Ayurveda Treatment 60 – 90 minutes depending on the Doctor’s advice
  • Daily 45 to 60 minutes therapeutic treatment / Naturopathy treatment/ Acupuncture
  • Airport pickup and drop
  • Breakfast Lunch and Dinner
  • Daily use of Detox tea gut cleansing gel Himalayan tea & white tea

COST: USD 2,433 | INR 1,89,000

3. Ananda Ayurveda Resort & Spa Rishikesh

Per day USD | INR 26,000+

Located in a hundred-acre Maharaja’s Palace Estate and surrounded by sal forests, Ananda Ayurveda Resort & Spa Rishikesh came into being, when its founder, Ashok Khanna, stumbled upon the Palace Estate of the Maharaja at Narendra Nagar, Tehri Garhwal, two decades ago. Enraptured by the beauty of the palace and the fact that it was frequented by Southern India’s hugging saint ‘Ma Anandmayi’, Khanna wasted no time further in converting it into a haven of wellness.

 Since then, Ananda in The Himalayas, Rishikesh has become the preferred luxury wellness retreat among decadent travelers, besides carving a niche for itself for organizing offbeat retreats such as musical retreats from time to time. Ranked number 1 Destination Spa 2020 by Conde Nast Traveler USA & UK readers, Ananda is a trusted name in the field of wellness, and has an immense brand value and recall in the ultra-premium wellness segment.

Ananda incorporates Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedanta, organic cuisine, and the best global wellness practices to craft a wellness experience that is long-lasting and truly memorable. Ananda offers bountiful wellness packages such as renew, active fitness, holistic detox, dhyana meditation, and more, which can be customized as per an individual’s unique requirements. Recently, it has also introduced newer therapies such as Oriental therapy and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to buttress its wellness arsenal. Ananda also offers work from hills package, in a conducive ambiance for those facing creative blocks at their work or plainly seeking some creative inspiration. The wellness haven is also ideal for people wanting to break away from the tepid and sterile environment to work amidst stunning views.

The 8 Days Yoga & Shatkriya Detox Luxury Weekend Wellness Retreat India  Ananda Ayurveda Resort & Spa Rishikesh includes

  • 1 Ayurvedic Therapy Sessions
  • 4 Cleansing Therapy
  • 5 International Therapy Sessions
  • 1 Oriental Therapy Sessions
  • 4 Personal Yoga Sessions
  • 3 Personal Pranayama Sessions
  • 1 Personal Meditation Sessions
  • Individual Wellness Consultation
  • Where required, fitness /physiotherapy consultation and tests
  • 3 Ananda Rejuvenation Spa Cuisine meals (breakfast/ lunch/ dinner), per night per person
  • Scheduled Spa Lifestyle and Wellness activities
  • Chosen Accommodation


4. Kumarakom Ayurveda Lake Resort Kerala

Per day USD 251 | INR 19,500+

The Zuri Kumarakom Resort And Spa, Kerala is a backwater spa, located on the shores of the Vembanad Lake. The lake has the distinction of being the longest backwater lake in Kerala. The Zuri Kumarakom is surrounded by the elements of nature and has an air of luxury to it.  

The five-star deluxe resort has 72 rooms which include 18 Zuri Rooms, 16 Zuri Deluxe Rooms, 28 Zuri Cottages, and 10 Zuri Presidential Pool Villas. The resort caters to leisure and business travelers as well by customizing experiences for them. Its Presidential Pool Villa is spread out over 70 sq m and comprises a living and dining room, master bedroom, semi-outdoor bathroom, and a private garden overlooking a private pool.

The resort has all the state-of-art amenities to provide you a world-class comfort. The Zuri Kumarakom Resort And Spa, Kerala has been awarded Best Resort Spa Hotel in 2007 &2008, World Travel Award 2010, and TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Awards in 2011. It offers a bevy of wellness packages such as rejuvenation, detoxification, massages of various kinds, and western and oriental therapies to help you let go of all your worries.

The 14 Days Ayurvedic RejuvenationLuxury Weekend Wellness Retreat India at Kumarakom Ayurvedic Resort Kerala includes

  • 14 days Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Treatment Package (2 ayurvedic treatments/massages daily)
  • Daily Yoga and meditation classes
  • 13 nights Accommodation
  • Breakfast Lunch and Dinner buffet style
  • Cultural Program every evening
  • One hour sunset cruise every evening on the Lake
  • Traditional welcome drink on arrival
  • Traditional tea/ coffee snacks every evening
  • Complimentary usage of Health club & indoor games on the house
  • Room Service

COST: USD 3,262 | INR 2,53,500

5. Niraamaya Wellness Retreat Trivandrum, Kerala

Per day USD | INR 16,500+

Cocooned in nature, Niraamaya Wellness Retreat Kerala, the multi-award-winning wellness property, offers a vast gamut of wellness therapies including traditional yoga and Ayurveda. The rooms at Niraamaya, and in fact the entire Niraamaya, are designed with the lowest density of guests per acre to give one an unparalleled sense of spatial luxury and comfort. Its Kumarakom retreat, for instance, is an idyllic backwater Ayurveda resort, offering an extensive range of plush Ayurveda treatments. On the other hand, its Kovalam retreat is perched on a dramatic cliff edge surrounded by isolated beaches, to give you an unhindered view of nature.

Niraamya believes in unlocking the destination’s cultural identity through food, architecture, and wellness programs. It also is involved in a series of educational projects, to help certain local communities grow and prosper. Nirmaaya takes sustainability measures quite seriously. As a part of its sustainability drive, Niraamya strives to reduce its carbon footprint whilst protecting the natural values of the destinations it is at.

The 4 days Relax and Rejuve Luxury Weekend Wellness Retreat India by Niraamaya Wellness Retreat Trivandrum, Kerala includes

  • Private arrival transfer from Trivandrum Airport
  • Accommodation in a well-appointed room
  • Daily 90 minutes ‘Ayurveda therapy’ by a single therapist.
  • Daily yoga for 60 minutes.
  • One-to-one consultation with our Ayurveda Physician.
  • Internal herbal medicines during the period of treatment.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner as per the menu prescribed by the doctor in consultation with our chef.
  • Wi-Fi
  • 50% Discount on Laundry
  • Departure transfer to Trivandrum airport or railway station