Top 10 Most Popular Yoga Retreats near Barcelona Spain

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Barcelona, Spain, with its Mediterranean climate, a harmonious blend of cultures, fascinating landscapes and spirited atmosphere calls out to people in unique and mesmerizing ways. The diverse and picturesque surroundings, from the beaches to the mountains, offer varied and inspiring locations for spiritual practice. Barcelona's commitment to wellness is reflected in its numerous yoga studios, wellness centers, and vegetarian-friendly establishments. They create a supportive environment for those seeking a holistic retreat experience. The city's unique architecture, delicious cuisine, and welcoming locals add to the overall rejuvenating and culturally enriching retreat experience. They cater to individuals of all backgrounds and levels of education.

There are 42 short-term Yoga retreats held in Barcelona at any given time. With our unbiased list, we present to you the Top 10 Most Popular Yoga Retreats Near Barcelona Spain. Our aim is to help you cut straight to the heart of the matter and drill down to that one retreat where you can have a truly transformational experience, well within your budget and right up to your expectations. To simplify things, this list is sorted in desending (high to low) order of online popularity. Now, all you have to do is read through and select the one that calls out to you loud and clear.

1. Alaya Retreat Centre at Cal Pau Cruset

Location - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Yoga Retreat Name - 4-Day Chakra Bliss with Hike to Waterfalls, Good Food and Local Wine Yoga Retreat Barcelona, Spain

Cal Pau Cruset is nestled amidst vineyards in Torrelles de Foix of the Alt Penedes region renowned for its wines and champagnes. This extraordinary location houses the Alaya Retreat Center, which is less than an hour away from Barcelona. Its lush and tranquil surroundings make it an ideal escape for a wholesome vacation. The property features a stunning, expansive pool surrounded by swaying palm trees, offering a perfect spot to relax and bask in the sun. Adding a touch of luxury, there's an indoor Jacuzzi and sauna room right by the pool. What makes this place truly special is the array of animals that call it home, including horses, parrots, a charming black pig named Lola, and a friendly mix of cats and dogs, creating a real-life sanctuary-like atmosphere.

Ellen Christiaanse is the founder of Alaya Retreat Centre at Cal Pau Cruset. She holds a Master's Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Information Systems from Harvard and MIT. With a background in academia and consulting, she shifted her focus in 2005, delving into healing techniques. By 2008, she devoted her efforts to establishing the Alaya Retreat Centre. Over her 20-year career, Ellen completed the Four Cycles TM integrated healing program, acquired a Master's in Reiki, and underwent Yin Yoga TTC. She is also certified in sound therapy (Levels I and II) using Quartz Bowls. In 2017, Ellen expanded her expertise to horse-assisted coaching and animal reiki healing, reflecting her commitment to holistic well-being.

The property consists of the main farmhouse and 3 smaller houses, each, named after a native grape variety. These are equipped with a private bath, kitchen and balcony. The accommodation varies from private rooms to shared rooms that are bright, airy and comfortable. The food served here is a delicious vegetarian fare. Every meal is prepared with great attention to detail making for an amazing dining experience. 

The 4-Day Chakra Bliss with Hike to Waterfalls, Good Food and Local Wine Yoga Retreat Barcelona, Spain is a moving and powerful journey. Included in this package deal are - 

  • Different Yoga styles in the morning and evening, each centered around a chakra. Alongside there will be Pranayama and meditation classes as well.
  • Activities include a hike to the waterfalls, a walk through the vineyards, journaling, sharing circles and optional healing treatments like massage, Reiki, sound baths, etc.
  • Accommodation for 3 nights with tasty vegetarian meals. You will be welcomed with a glass of wine or organic vegan cava.

        Price per day USD 150

2. Can Mussol - Anima Mundi Retreat Center

Location - Canet de Fals (Fonollosa), Barcelona, Spain

Yoga Retreat Name - 5-Day Yoga Retreat in Barcelona Fonollosa Spain

Close to the Montserrat Mountain, amidst the Canet de Fals vineyards is located the Can Mussol Anima Mundi Retreat Center. This beautiful Stonehouse provides a phenomenal experience. An inviting atmosphere, attention to detail and great facility allow you to disconnect from the rest of the world and connect with yourself. You will feel completely at ease in the little corners tastefully built to read, meditate, and observe nature. This retreat location is ideal for Yoga as it is quiet, charming, comfortable and surrounded by nature. The place is run well in a completely professional manner by an excellent staff and volunteers.

The property is a quaint farmhouse built of stone. This recently renovated medieval property dates back to the 13th century. Here, you will get most of the modern comforts with the solidity of the times gone by. The house offers lovely views of the Pyrenees mountains on the horizon. It has a living room with a big fireplace, a library, a patio and plenty of other areas where you can venture to relax or meditate. Key points to note are that this place is for adults only, meaning 14+ year-olds can only stay, and no pets are allowed.

With the comfort and well-being of guests being a top priority, the Can Mussol Anima Mundi Retreat Center makes you feel like you are living in the old times sans the discomfort associated with that era. Rooms are not air-conditioned and are available on single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy basis. You cannot wear shoes, sandals or slippers inside. You can walk barefoot or have overshoes on socks. The food here consists of a natural, healthy and conscious diet made from local vegetarian products. 

The 5-Day Yoga Retreat in Barcelona Fonollosa Spain is a program that helps you destress and listen to your body's needs. Included in the specially designed program are the following - 

  • 4 nights accommodation of your choice with 3 vegetarian/vegan meals a day. Access to tea, fruits, cookies and infusions is unlimited.
  • Daily practice of Hatha Yoga with meditation and other forms of relaxation.
  • Hiking, Reiki and massages are optional activities for which you will have to pay extra.

        Price per day USD 100

3. Yoga Weeks

Location - Carme Street Pral-2, Barcelona, Spain

Yoga Retreat Name - 6-Day Urban Yoga Retreat in Barcelona City, Spain

Yoga Weeks is a contemporary setup dedicated to teaching people the yogic lifestyle through yoga retreats, classes, and teacher training in the vibrant city of Barcelona. Each of these is painstakingly planned to ensure maximum benefit to the participants. A dedicated approach ensures that all levels of people, regardless of their age and physical capability get an equal opportunity to learn. Vinyasa Yoga is taught here with influences from traditional Hatha Yoga, restorative practices and Ashtanga Yoga. Open all year round Yoga Weeks Urban Yoga Retreat is aimed at helping you find good physical and mental health.

Ana Mckie Puig embarked on her holistic journey after spending several years in a fast-paced corporate world. The transformative process made Yoga an integral part of her life and led to the creation of the lifestyle project, Yoga Weeks, in 2015. Its whole and sole aim is to chase a healthy lifestyle and help others find the same. Ana is not just an entrepreneur, she is also an Astrologer and a Yoga teacher.

The Yoga Weeks center in Barcelona was renovated in 2021. This big, beautiful and modern house is an example of the modernistic movement also known as the Gaudi’s movement. It is located a short 10-minute walk from the beach and a few minutes away from the Gothic neighborhood. The building built in 1890 has high decorated ceilings, colorful floors, beautiful works of iron and exceptional woodwork. The rooms are creatively designed making them spacious and comfortable with a relaxing feel. There is an indoor Yogashala and the rooftop, too, can be used as one. The outdoor patio has sofas and hammocks where you can unwind, sit and chit-chat with others or just sit down to enjoy a book and catch some sun.

Embracing a happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle is the aim of the 6-Day Urban Yoga Retreat in Barcelona City, Spain. This well-balanced package provides - 

  • Yoga sessions every morning and evening that internationally acclaimed Yoga teachers lead. All yoga material is provided.
  • Holistic and alternative therapies alongside special full moon sessions accompanied with music.
  • Accommodation for 5 nights with access to all in-house facilities and vegetarian/vegan brunch. Filtered water and herbal teas are unlimited.

        Price per day USD 140

4. Can Kushala

Location - Font-Rubì, Barcelona, Spain

Yoga Retreat Name - 4-Day Love Your Inner Child Yoga Retreat Barcelona Font-Rubí, Spain

Can Kushala is located near Vilafranca de Penedés in Font Rubì. People come here to heal their bodies and find harmony in life. It is a place to reconnect with yourself and find mind-body balance. In addition to retreats, Can Kushala also offers Yoga, art and therapy-related workshops. Fresh air, the healing power of nature and healthy food contribute to a very positive experience. The forest here is a part of the Garraf Natural Park covering 25 hectares with a variety of flora and fauna. You can walk around, enjoy the view of the southern Mediterranean landscape, meditate, or immerse in the raw beauty of the forest. You will find no better way to reconnect with nature and boost your well-being.

Neelamber and Fabrizio lead the 4-Day Love Your Inner Child Yoga Retreat in Font-Rubí, Barcelona, Spain. Neelamber or Neel, as he is lovingly called, is an interior designer who embraced Buddhism in 2002. His first foray with Yoga was when close to a decade ago he was asked to decorate some spaces of a Yoga retreat center. The energy of this place was different and compelled him to bring some changes in his life. Thus, started Neel’s journey to learn and practice Yoga. In 2017 he completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-approved Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Then, in 2018, Neel came to India and took instructions to become a Tantra and Dancing Soul teacher. Fabrizio is from Italy and practices Kundalini and Hatha Yoga. He started learning Ayurveda and massage in Rome and furthered his Ayurveda learning under Dr. Urja. He also mastered Abhyanga and Shirodhara massage. Together Neel and Fabrizio, ensure your personal growth.

Can Kushala is a relatively new property. It has a meditation garden, dining room, kitchen, lounge and a lovely Shala for Yoga. The house can accommodate up to 20 people in its 2 triple rooms, 3 double rooms and one big bedroom having 8 beds.

The key features of the 4-Day Love Your Inner Child Yoga Retreat Barcelona Font-Rubí, Spain are - 

  • 3 nights accommodation of your choice with 3 nutritious and tasty meals a day. Water, tea and coffee are available.
  • Pranayama, mantra chanting, meditation (silent and dynamic) sessions, and Yoga practice every day.
  • Inner dance for Kundalini activation, forest bathing and creative workshops are other activities to indulge in.

        Price per day USD 132