Top 10 Popular Weekend Retreats Barcelona Spain

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In today’s stressful life peace, good health, and mindfulness are hard to find. Add to that the constraints of our busy lives which results in never taking out quality time for just ourselves. Sometimes we are just too lazy and at others not very sure. But mostly it is the lack of time and sufficient funds that prevent us from taking a relaxing break. To address this challenge, there are several weekend retreats near Barcelona, Spain, offering an expedited transformative journey in just 3 to 4 days. 

Barcelona’s vibrant atmosphere, together with its cultural richness, diverse landscapes and attractive architecture creates an inspiring backdrop for any wellness journey. Participants in weekend retreats can immerse themselves in the city's rich history, indulge in exquisite cuisine, and unwind against the backdrop of stunning beaches and picturesque mountains. But the main issue arises when you have to pick one retreat. In and around Barcelona approximately 25 weekend retreats are running. We seek to help you pick the one that is a perfect match for you. Our list of Top 10 Popular Weekend Retreats Barcelona Spain is an impartial attempt at bringing to you the best of the lot. It is arranged in decending order of online popularity that is from highest to the lowest.

1. Mas Can Puig de Fuirosos

Location - La Batlloria, Catalunya, Spain

Weekend Retreat Name - 3 Days Middle of Nature Meditation and Healing Weekend Wellness Retreat Barcelona, Spain

Nestled within the Montnegre Corredor natural park, Mas Can Puig de Fuirosos is an age-old farmhouse, that stands as a specialized retreat for health and well-being tourism. This rural abode offers an enchanting and idyllic setting, inviting visitors to lose themselves amidst its picturesque landscapes and, in the process, rediscover their essence. The seamless harmony of the river, mountains, birds, and grazing sheep paints a captivating tableau. The primary mission of Mas Can Puig de Fuirosos is to champion healthy rural tourism. These are tailored for personal growth groups, yoga schools, and psychotherapy training. Accommodating families, couples, and solo travelers alike, the venue ensures a high-quality rural experience. Guests are treated to a blend of manual therapies such as reiki, chiromassage, chromotherapy, sound therapy, and a culinary journey featuring local mixed or vegetarian fare. This retreat promises not just a physical escape but a holistic rejuvenation of mind and body.

Alex Mena and Gemma Tarridas are the lovely hosts of Mas Can Puig de Fuirosos, which started in 2004. They are both passionate about life and living and love nature in equal measure. Mas Can Puig de Fuirosos is their place where people can come to rest, meditate, delve into nature, and learn to love themselves.

Dating back to the 14th century (1343), Mas Can Puig witnessed neglect during the 19th century, ultimately falling into ruins. However, through the efforts of rural tourism initiatives, the estate is gradually undergoing rehabilitation. Embracing traditional Feng Shui principles, the property is being harmonized to create a serene and balanced environment. Mas Can Puig offers accommodation with 20 beds spread across 7 rooms, each equipped with a private full bathroom, hot water, and adjustable heating controlled by a thermostat. The entire farmhouse boasts underfloor heating. Hot water for showers and the kitchen is heated through a wood boiler and thermal solar panels. This showcases a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Partaking in the 3 Days Weekend Wellness Retreat Barcelona, Spain is to your benefit. This short break from routine is a respite that you will appreciate once you step away. It consists of - 

  • 2 nights of accommodation with full board ovo-lacto (no animal flesh but you can have dairy and eggs) vegetarian food. Coffee and detox juices are also served.
  • Chiromassage and Reiki therapy, guided meditation and stretching & conscious breathing or Chikung are some wellness practices whose benefits you can avail.
  • Mountain bikes are available for excursions, visit the farm animals and use the swimming pool to relax.

Price per day USD 125

2. Alaya Retreat Centre at Cal Pau Cruset

Location - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Weekend Retreat Name - 2 Days Yoga, Meditation with Horses Weekend Wellness Retreat in Barcelona Spain

Cal Pau Cruset is situated amidst the scenic vineyards of Torrelles de Foix in the renowned Alt Penedes region. This region is famous for its exceptional wines and champagnes. Within this extraordinary locale lies the Alaya Retreat Center, conveniently located less than an hour away from Barcelona. The property's lush and serene surroundings make it an idyllic retreat for a wholesome vacation experience. A breathtakingly expansive pool, fringed by gently swaying palm trees, provides the perfect setting for a relaxing vacation. Adding an element of luxury, an indoor Jacuzzi and sauna room are conveniently located by the pool. What sets this place apart is the diverse array of resident animals, including horses, parrots, the delightful black pig Lola, and a mix of cats and dogs that get along surprisingly well, collectively contributing to a real-life sanctuary-like atmosphere.

The pillar of the Alaya Retreat Centre at Cal Pau Cruset is Ellen Christiaanse. Her academic qualifications include a Master's Degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Information Systems from Harvard and MIT respectively. Originally rooted in academia and consulting, Ellen redirected her focus toward healing techniques in 2005. By 2008, she fully immersed herself in establishing the Alaya Retreat Centre. Over her extensive 20-year career, Ellen completed the Four Cycles TM integrated healing program, obtained a Master's in Reiki, and underwent a Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course. Her expertise also extends to sound therapy (Levels I and II) utilizing Quartz Bowls. In 2017, Ellen broadened her horizons by incorporating horse-assisted coaching and animal reiki healing into her repertoire, thereby creating a holistic commitment to overall well-being.

Alaya Retreat Centre at Cal Pau Cruset is an enchanting property. It consists of the main farmhouse and three smaller houses, each named after a native grape variety. Each house is outfitted with a private bath, balcony and kitchen, providing guests with a range of choices from private rooms to shared spaces that are both bright and comfortable. The culinary experience at this retreat is characterized by delicious vegetarian fare. With meticulous attention to detail, every meal is thoughtfully prepared, contributing to an exceptional dining experience.

Animals, nature and wellness are the essence of the 2 Days Weekend Wellness Retreat in Barcelona Spain. This exquisite offering from Alaya Retreat Centre at Cal Pau Cruset has - 

  • 1-night accommodation with brunch and dinner alongside water, coffee and tea.
  • A Yoga class in the morning, meditation and meditative walk with horses, and Pranayama practice.
  • Spa treatments include a Jacuzzi or sauna session.

Daily Price USD 162

3. Avalon Holistic Ayahuasca Retreats

Location - Barcelona, Spain

Weekend Retreat Name - 1 Day Therapeutic Magic Mushrooms Weekend Wellness Retreat In Barcelona, Spain

If you seek a secure environment to shed old emotional burdens and break free from detrimental patterns of the past, Avalon Holistic Ayahuasca Retreats is a reliable choice. They establish a safe and sacred space where the intentions of each guest align harmoniously with those of the hosts, shamans, and professionals. The primary objective is to instill fresh realizations in your life, empowering you to consciously cultivate new habits and beliefs that facilitate lasting change. English serves as the medium of instruction, and the entire staff is fluent in Spanish. They are affectionate, friendly, and readily available to provide support and comfort through hugs and positive interactions. The facilities at the retreat are exceptional and characterized by cleanliness and charm.

Alejandro Carbó is the founder of Avalon. He is the guardian of the sacred ceremony space and also the musician during the ceremony. Alejandro’s main job is to provide guidance and integration to the guests. His journey of self-discovery took him through 2 years of training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, a 10-day program in Vipassana meditation and draw focus on nutrition and movement for 1 year. The circle of learning was completed by encountering the sacred Ayahuasca and receiving blessings from Wakan Tanka (the Great Spirit). 

It's crucial to acknowledge that Avalon Holistic Ayahuasca Retreats are designed to be intense, emotional, healing, and beautiful, all at once. The experience can be quite overwhelming, but bear in mind that there is a dedicated team of 6 people for no more than 12 participants. So, you will be optimally supported throughout the journey.

The 1 Day Therapeutic Magic Mushrooms Weekend Wellness Retreat In Barcelona, Spain is conducted in a safe and secure setting. It is overseen by 4 experienced guardians of the sacred space and musicians. Before the actual retreat, you will be prepared for it through a one-on-one video call. The experience includes - 

  • A safety screening with the help of an experienced doctor.
  • 1 Therapeutic Magic Mushrooms ceremony, 1 Rapé or dried tobacco powder ceremony, 1 Integration workshop that combines writing, sharing circle and art therapy, and 1 online integration follow-up circle.
  • You will be given one high-quality meal that consists of nuts, fruits, etc.

Daily USD 200

4. Can Mussol - Anima Mundi Retreat Center

Location - Canet de Fals (Fonollosa), Barcelona, Spain

Weekend Retreat Name - 3 Days Rural Yoga Weekend Wellness Retreat near Barcelona, Spain

Situated amidst the Canet de Fals vineyards, near the Montserrat Mountain, the Can Mussol Anima Mundi Retreat Center is a memorable place. This captivating Stonehouse creates an inviting atmosphere, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and excellent facilities. It extends the perfect setting to disconnect from the outside world and foster a connection with oneself. The thoughtfully designed nooks within the retreat, ideal for reading, meditation, and nature observation, contribute to a sense of complete ease. With its quiet, charming, comfortable ambiance surrounded by nature, this retreat location is particularly well-suited for yoga enthusiasts. The efficient management of the place by a highly professional staff and dedicated volunteers further enhances the overall experience.

A charming stone farmhouse, this recently renovated medieval property, dating back to the 13th century, blends modern comforts with the robustness of its historical roots. The dwelling provides a nostalgic ambiance with lovely views of the Pyrenees mountains gracing the horizon. Featuring a spacious living room adorned with a grand fireplace, a well-stocked library, a serene patio, and various other inviting areas for relaxation or meditation, the house is quite special and impressive. Important to note - this retreat is exclusively for adults, restricting accommodation to those aged 14 and above, and does not permit pets.

Prioritizing the comfort and well-being of its guests, the Can Mussol Anima Mundi Retreat Center delivers a unique experience that transports you to a bygone era with modern creature comforts. Accommodations (for single, double, triple, and quadruple occupancy) do not have air-conditioning so you may feel a bit flustered. The retreat encourages a shoe-free environment. The guests can either walk barefoot or wear overshoes or socks inside the premises. Emphasizing a commitment to natural, healthy, and conscious eating, the center provides meals crafted from locally sourced vegetarian products, creating a wholesome and nourishing dining experience.

The 3 Days Rural Yoga Weekend Wellness Retreat near Barcelona, Spain is about learning and adapting to new things. This package provides - 

  • 2 nights of accommodation with unlimited access to coffee, tea and different infusions. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are inclusive.
  • Daily practice of Hatha Yoga and learn different breathing and relaxation techniques.

Price per day USD 100

5. Can Kushala

Location - Font-Rubì, Barcelona, Spain

Weekend Retreat Name - 4 Days Yoga Retreat December Long Weekend in Fontrubí, Barcelona, Spain

Nestled near Vilafranca de Penedés in Font Rubí, Can Kushala beckons individuals seeking healing for their bodies and restoration of balance in life. This retreat is for those looking to reconnect with themselves and achieve a harmonious mind-body balance. Beyond hosting retreats, Can Kushala extends its offerings to include workshops focused on yoga, art, and therapy. The combination of fresh air, the rejuvenating influence of nature, and a diet centered around wholesome foods contributes to an awesome experience. The forest surrounding Can Kushala is an integral part of the Garraf Natural Park. It is spread over 25 hectares and has an astonishing variety of flora and fauna. Whether strolling through its pathways, basking in the view of the southern Mediterranean landscape, meditating, or immersing in the unspoiled beauty of the forest, Can Kushala provides an unparalleled opportunity to be one with nature and yourself.

Overseeing Can Kushala retreats are Neelamber or Neel and Fabrizio. Neel is an interior designer who underwent a transformative experience with Buddhism in 2002. His introduction to Yoga occurred nearly a decade ago with the job of decorating a Yoga center. The energy and environment of the center inspired Neel to initiate changes in his life. This was the starting point in his Yoga journey. In 2017, he completed a 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance-approved ), and in 2018, Neel became a Tantra and Dancing Soul teacher. Coming to Fabrizio, he hails from Italy and specializes in Kundalini and Hatha Yoga styles. He commenced his Ayurvedic and massage education in Rome. Furthering his studies under Dr. Urja. from India, Fabrizio has mastered 2 special massage techniques - Abhyanga and Shirodhara. Together, Neel and Fabrizio lay the foundation for an exceptional weekend getaway with wellness as the main goal.

A recently established property, Can Kushala boasts a range of amenities designed for tranquility and well-being. Among its features are a meditation garden, a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable lounge, and a delightful Shala dedicated to Yoga practice. The accommodation capacity of the house is 20 individuals. The options include 2 triple rooms, 3 double rooms, and a generously sized bedroom that easily fits 8 beds. This variety of choices for guests goes a long way in sticking to one's budget.

Opening the mind and releasing the pent-up emotions is the purpose of the 4 Days Yoga Retreat December Long Weekend in Fontrubí, Barcelona, Spain. This all-inclusive deal covers - 

  • Delightful accommodation for 3 nights, 3 vegetarian meals a day and drinks consisting of tea, coffee and water.
  • Daily yoga class and meditation sessions. Learn Pranayama and participate in mantra chanting.
  • Also included are a crystal workshop, Shamanic journey, Kirtan and enlightening talks.

Per Day USD 132