Top 10 Popular Women's Retreats in Mexico

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Women's retreats in Mexico have become increasingly sought-after. These opportunities give women a chance to find solace, rediscover themselves and come out refreshed and revitalized. The Women's retreats in Mexico exclusively cater to a woman's unique physical and emotional needs. As such, they have gained remarkable popularity and the profound healing power of yoga is just the icing on the cake. It's important to note that this surge in demand isn't about excluding men, but rather the creation of a unique space where women can connect and bond over their shared love for yoga. The sense of sisterhood and support that blossoms in such retreats is unparalleled, making them a sanctuary for those seeking both physical and spiritual nourishment.

In Mexico, a tropical paradise known for its peaceful and captivating landscapes and rich cultural heritage, there are currently 25 short-term Women's retreats in Mexico taking place at any given time. With options aplenty, it can be challenging to determine which retreat aligns best with your preferences and budget. To assist you in making an informed choice, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the Top 10 Women's retreats in Mexico. This list is not influenced by any bias and is organized in ascending order of price per day, ensuring that you have access to honest and transparent information to make your retreat experience truly unforgettable.

1. Corazón Del Agua

Location - Mazunte, Mexico

Retreat Name - 8-Day Inner Light Women's Wellness Retreat in Mexico Puerto Angel, Oaxaca

Corazón Del Agua, nestled in the enchanting paradise of Mazunte, offers a unique shelter for those seeking relaxation, self-reconnection, and a deeper connection with the natural world. At the heart of this tranquil wellness retreat lies 'Aguahara,' a profound form of Water Therapy that beckons individuals to surrender to the gentle embrace of water. It's an invitation to let go, to gracefully sway and dance within the water's embrace, evoking memories of our time in the mother's womb. Here, breath and movement harmoniously blend in moments of air and water, creating an experience that defies easy description yet remains profoundly incredible. This transformative journey through healing waters becomes a sensory gift, guiding participants back to the core of their being, a reconnection with the essence of who they are.

For a decade now, Jojo Walsh has passionately dedicated herself to guiding individuals on their journeys toward healing and ensuring their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Her quest for recovery after a serious back injury, coupled with an earnest desire to assist and inspire others, has spurred her to explore a diverse array of healing practices and modalities. In recent years, her endeavors have expanded to include the facilitation of women's circles and wellness retreats. Along this remarkable journey, Jojo has unearthed invaluable tools, including meditation and the transformative therapy of Aguahara, seamlessly integrating them into her lifestyle and professional practice. Due to their profound healing and transformative capacities, these practices have become an intrinsic part of her personal life and work, allowing her to extend the gift of healing and empowerment to others.

The 8-Day Inner Light Women's Retreats in Mexico Puerto Angel, Oaxaca is a transformational week that is all for you and finding your true essence. The inclusions of the wellness retreat are - 

  • Accommodation for 7 nights in a beautiful villa.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, juices and tea every day.
  • A session of Sound Bath Healing.
  • A boat trip that gives you a chance to see the turtles, dolphins, and whales and a unique opportunity to dance with them.
  • A private Aguahara session.
  • Healing expression through movement.
  • Different Yoga styles.
  • Experiment through art in the Art Therapy session.
  • Fostering self-love and compassion.
  • A massage workshop.
  • Guided meditations, reflective practices, and mindfulness activities.
  • Heart circle gatherings provide a safe and loving space for listening and sharing.
  • Workshops on boundary setting, balancing the feminine and masculine within, etc.

The cost of flight tickets and travel insurance are not a part of the package deal.

Per day USD 215

2. Corazón Del Agua

Location - Mazunte, Mexico

Retreat Name - 5-Day Inner Light Magical Hot Springs Women's Retreats in Mexico Huatulco, Oaxaca

Corazón Del Agua aims to make every woman feel beautiful, pure, sacred, radiant and powerful through its retreats. Its programs are all about discovering your potential, depth and grace. United in sisterhood, you will get a chance to forge lasting meaningful connections with other women on the same frequency as yourself. Corazón Del Agua achieves this life-altering transformation through its healing waters therapy.

Jojo Walsh, the visionary behind these retreats, is often described as a compassionate soul, radiating boundless love and nurturing care to all who cross her path. Her remarkable qualities include flexibility, unwavering support, and an acute attentiveness to the needs of each individual. These retreats, crafted by Jojo, serve as a profound vehicle for women to rediscover their inner strength and empowerment. Her wealth of healing practices and diverse styles is extensive, acquired through a deep exploration of various modalities during her journey of recovery from a significant injury.

The 5-Day Inner Light Magical Hot Springs Women's Retreats in Mexico Huatulco, Oaxaca will help you find those parts of yourself that have yet remained unheard and unseen. The key inclusions of this wellness retreat are - 

  • 4 nights accommodation in a lovely riverside house.
  • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are prepared by a private chef.
  • A rejuvenating Sound Bath Healing.
  • An enchanting boat trip for encounters with whales, dolphins, and turtles, offering a unique opportunity to dance with these magnificent creatures.
  • Healing manifestation through movement.
  • Diverse Yoga styles to explore.
  • Art Therapy session for creative experimentation.
  • Nurturing self-love and empathy.
  • Engaging in a massage workshop.
  • Guided meditations, reflective practices, and mindfulness activities.
  • Heart circle gatherings that foster a safe and loving environment for sharing and listening.
  • Workshops on freeing yourself from limiting beliefs, lunar cycles and conscious menstruation, among other topics.
  • Entrance to the healing hot springs.
  • Return transport from Huatulco.

The expense of flight tickets and any other personal expense do not fall in the purview of the retreat package.

Price per day USD 225

3. Aloha Mana Pono by Nika Keilani

Location - Tulum, Mexico

Retreat Name - 11-Day Daughters of Isis Women's Retreats in Mexico Tulum, Quintana Roo

'Aloha,' the essence of life, 'Mana,' the force within, and 'Pono,' the virtue of goodness, combine to convey that love possesses the remarkable ability to renew all things while doing what is right and enriches our capacity to dwell in the spirit of Aloha. The creation of Aloha Mana Pono retreats stems from a profound longing to return to the Original Divine Design, to become complete beings brimming with love. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery within this sanctuary will grant you a deeper insight into the formation and influence of your relationships with others. It serves as an opportunity to embrace personal growth and the chance to reshape your perspectives, ultimately allowing you to align more closely with the true essence of Aloha.

In 2004, Nika Keilani, the visionary behind Aloha Mana Pono Retreats, made a life-changing decision to invest in her personal growth, setting her on a spiritual and transformational journey. Armed with a degree in Psychology and a background in esoteric practices and energy healing, Nika embarked on a global exploration, reconnecting with her spirituality and ancestral heritage. The following years were dedicated to her own healing, leading to the triumphant resolution of childhood traumas. In 2021, Nika relocated to Mexico and initiated a profound journey with sacred medicines like Ayahuasca, guided by an experienced shaman. Today, she is a highly sought-after coach and facilitator, empowering countless individuals to break free from self-imposed limitations and embrace fearless love.

The 11-Day Daughters of Isis Women's Retreats in Mexico Tulum, Quintana Roo is designed with mothers and daughters in mind, offering a transformative journey to fortify their connection, enhance communication, and foster healthier relationships with those in their lives. This retreat serves as a catalyst for liberation from doubts and insecurities, guiding participants to embrace the profound strength of sisterhood. The retreat package will give you access to - 

  • 10 nights shared accommodation at Cachito de Cielo for 2 persons.
  • 3 vegetarian meals on full days and 2 on ceremony days.
  • An ancestral medicine ceremony called Ayahuasca with sound healing.
  • Cacao and Temazcal ceremony.
  • A personal mother-daughter photoshoot by a professional photographer.
  • A few surprise trips where all necessities like transportation, meals and entrance fees are catered for. 
  • Different workshops.
  • Airport pick and drop.
  • A 30-minute follow-up Zoom call.

Not included in the course package are air tickets, visa expenses and insurance.

Daily Price USD 297

4. Temple Of The Wild Feminine

Location - Yelapa Bay, Jalisco, Mexico

Retreat Name - 6-Day Temple of the Wild Feminine Women's Retreats in Mexico Yelapa, Jalisco

Temple Of The Wild Feminine offers an exceptional chance for women to embrace and honor their complete selves, including their glow, pain, happiness, stories, and their distinct contributions to the world. The retreat, set against the stunning backdrop of Yelapa Bay, unfolds at Casa Isabel, a picturesque eco-friendly lodge with open-air accommodations just steps from the beach. This immersive experience is undeniably extraordinary, guiding participants on an enlightening and liberating journey surrounded by like-minded individuals, ensuring ample sun, sand, and joyful moments.

The retreat's hosts, Jade Alexandria and Rachel Charise, bring a wealth of expertise and passion to this transformative experience. Originally hailing from Glastonbury, England, Jade is a dedicated Feminine Embodiment Guide, Holistic Therapist, Teacher, Seeker, and Ceremonial Space Holder. Her extensive training in diverse healing modalities and sacred feminine arts, combined with her global exploration and learning from various mentors, underscores her commitment to assisting women in deepening their self-understanding and shedding any obstacles hindering their true expression. Meanwhile, Rachel, a gifted musician, singer, women's space holder, yoga instructor, and breathwork specialist, has embraced indigenous wisdom traditions since relocating to Mexico five years ago. Her journey of transformation through these traditions has inspired her to facilitate cacao ceremonies, sharing the profound wisdom of heart-centered connections with others at the retreat.

When you book your place in the 6-Day Temple of the Wild Feminine Women's Retreats in Mexico Yelapa, Jalisco you can expect a safe place where you can be unapologetically ‘You.’ Here, you can be wild, raw and as feminine as you want to be without any care of what people may think or say. The wellness retreat mexico includes - 

  • Beachfront accommodation for 5 nights at Casa Isabel.
  • 5 plant-based breakfasts and dinners.
  • Daily classes of yoga and meditation.
  • Opening and closing circles.
  • Snorkeling and whale watching.
  • 2 special ceremonies - Cacao and Rosa.
  • Breathwork and sound healing sessions.
  • Nature adventures and self-dedication ceremony.
  • A temple gift bag filled with useful personalized gifts.
  • A soft copy of all recipes with the method.
  • Round-trip water taxi transportation to and from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa.
  • Support and integration even after the retreat is over.

Airfare, taxi service to the airport and lunches fall outside the cost of the retreat package.

Per day USD 360

5. Body Elements Whistler

Location - Playa La Saladita, Mexico

Retreat Name - 8-Day Surf Your Inner Space Wellness Women's Retreats in Mexico La Saladita, Guerrero

Body Elements Whistler creates an inclusive and rejuvenating environment where women, regardless of their background, age, or life experiences, can bask in the sun and recharge both their bodies and spirits. The transformational journey is guided by healing therapies, invigorating yoga classes, surfing and peaceful retreats, all with the central aim of enhancing women's self-esteem and overall well-being. Nestled at Casa Fuego, a delightful and refined beachfront residence, the retreat boasts three bedrooms and a suite. The property features an open kitchen, a lounge area, and a refreshing swimming pool, ensuring a comfortable and tranquil stay for all participants.

Marie Soleil, the lady behind Body Elements, is a passionate advocate for the great outdoors, finding solace and connection with nature through activities such as surfing and stand-up paddling. Her journey with yoga began in 1997, becoming a vital means of balancing and harmonizing her body and mind. Over time, yoga evolved into a way of life, seamlessly integrated into her daily routine. After years of dedicated learning, she ventured into teaching, armed with a diverse range of qualifications, including RYT 200hr certifications from Yandara Institute and Embodied Flow, expertise in dance and medicine guidance, proficiency in massage and deep flow therapy, Cranial Sacral therapy, and skills as an ocean SUP guide.

The 8-Day Surf Your Inner Space Wellness Women's Retreats in Mexico La Saladita, Guerrero is thoughtfully crafted to provide a secure haven for women to step away and prioritize self-care. Within this wellness and surf retreat, participants have the opportunity to engage in an array of transformative embodiment practices, fostering self-exploration and bolstering confidence. It is uniquely designed in an a la carte (bespoke) fashion, allowing each individual to select the elements that resonate most profoundly with their personal journey. The wellness and surf retreat mexico inclusions are - 

  • 7 nights accommodation at Casa Fuego.
  • Traditional, nutritious and healthy breakfasts and dinners.
  • 1 surf lesson with board rental.
  • Daily sessions of guided meditation and yoga or embodiment practices like Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Chi Kung, etc.
  • Dance as therapy or medicine with the community.
  • Sound healing and Cacao ceremony.
  • Temazcal, Yoga Nidra and community acupuncture.
  • A Day of the Dead ceremony to remember those who are no longer amongst the living.
  • Airport transfers via shuttle service between Ixtapa Airport and the casa.

The price of the retreat does not encompass lunches, surf & paddleboard rental, the hike to the Limestone cave & sunset horseback ride, Thai & traditional Mexican massage, acupuncture & acupuncture with sound healing, Cranio Sacral therapy, Teonanácatl ceremony, surf photos & videos and night out in Troncone's village.

Price per day USD 411