Top 10 Yoga Studios In Noida

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Choosing the right yoga studio in Noida can be daunting, with over 304+ options available including centers, private teachers, and studios. That's why we're thrilled to present this article highlighting some of the finest yoga studios in Noida, each with its own distinct features and offerings that make it worth exploring. Our comprehensive analysis covers all the essential aspects, including the ambiance, instructors, and more, that contribute to a stellar yoga experience. Whether you're looking to enhance your practice or relax and rejuvenate, our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision by providing all the relevant information.

Everyone's yoga journey is unique, and finding a yoga studio that resonates with your needs and goals is essential. Different people require different approaches, and that is where the expertise of a yoga guru comes in. A knowledgeable and experienced yoga teacher can guide you through the different yoga practices, postures, and techniques to help you achieve your desired results.

In this article, we bring you a list of the top 10 most popular yoga studios in Noida is sorted from high to low online popularity score which is an aggregate of popularity across multiple review platforms to maintain transparency and have zero bais.

1. Skm Yoga

Location of Yoga Studio in Noida - Sector 62, Noida

SKM Yoga or Siddhi Kaivalya Moksha Yoga provides welcoming and beginner-friendly yoga to anyone who wants to learn. They take yoga so seriously that learning is not just restricted to simple physical exercises. It also encompasses yoga philosophy and anatomy. The classrooms are wide open spaces with ample room to move about freely. 

In 2011, the esteemed yoga guru Dr. Shivam Mishra, an expert yoga anatomist, co-founded the organization SKM Yoga along with Gyanendra Kumar Gyan. After moving from the ancient city of Banaras and arriving in Noida, Dr. Mishra noticed that yoga was being marketed instead of valued for its actual benefits. In response to this, he established SKM Yoga, intending to offer authentic yoga practices.

Skm Yoga offers a variety of courses, including children's yoga, couples yoga, yoga for the elderly, prenatal yoga, and yoga therapy for health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, and orthopedic problems. They also offer training in concentration, relaxation, mind and memory, as well as 1, 3, and 7-month-long teacher training courses.

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2. The Yoga Guru

Location of Yoga Studio in Noida - Sector 52, Noida

The Yoga Guru is a part of the Holistic Healthcare Foundation (HHF), an NGO. Their vision is to provide wellness and well-being to one and all through ancient yet scientific wisdom. Their ultimate goal is to create health awareness and provide holistic health to individuals worldwide. You will find knowledgeable teachers and a friendly environment at the Yoga Guru.

Yogagurus Dr. Mohan Kumar and Shailendra Pal Singh are the founders of The Yoga Guru. Dr. Mohan is a multiple therapist with a base in yoga and Naturopathy. He has done an M.A. in Yoga Science, ND, DNY, NDDY, a Diploma in Yogic Science, Scientology, Silva Method of Mindpower program and other various intensive training programs on yoga and Naturopathy. Yoga guru Shailendra holds a Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga with distinction and merit from the All India Nature Cure Federation. He has also done M.A. in Yoga & Meditation and a Master's Diploma in Acupressure.

Power yoga, pregnancy yoga, dynamic meditation, dance yoga, and corporate & call-center yoga are some forms you can learn at The Yoga Guru. YTTC programs are the graduate and postgraduate level of the Garbh Yog Teacher’s Training program is also part.

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3. Virender Strength Yoga

Location of Yoga Studio in Noida - Sector 122, Noida

Virender Strength Yoga is a must-visit for a nourishing and soul-satisfying yoga workout. Here attention is given to every slight nuance of an asana, from posture to breathing and practicing. To understand its effectiveness, you can also opt for a demo class. This will allow you to wet your fingers without any pressure of committing.

Virender Kumar is the man behind Virender Strength Yoga. He is both the founder and coach. In his kitty are skills like martial arts from the Shaolin temple in India, yoga teachers training courses from Yoga Alliance International and another from Holistic Healthcare. He is a very calm and understanding teacher doing his best to help you achieve your best.

You can learn Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and power yoga at Virender Strength Yoga. Yoga therapy is also available if you have some ailments or medical conditions.

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4. Namah Yogshala

Location of Yoga Studio in Noida - Sector 70, Noida

Namah Yogshala provides training in various kinds of yoga and essential tools for meditation, offering individuals an effective method to develop a fit body and sound mind. The organization integrates yogic principles into daily life, promoting the simple philosophies behind yoga techniques that contribute to a better living.

Ajay Rana is the yoga teacher and therapist at Namah Yogshala. He is a very devoted teacher skilled in numerous yoga styles like Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, etc. His students sing praises of his fine and incredible teaching techniques. He introduces humor in class to make them light and lively.

If you take your health seriously, you can enroll in power yoga classes, yoga meditation classes, yoga at home, regular yoga classes, group yoga or weekend yoga programs. All classes are designed in such a manner that at no time will you feel disconnected and disinterested.

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5. Aarogya Yog

Location of Yoga Studio in Noida - Sector 45, Noida

If you are looking for personal attention while learning yoga from a learned and dedicated teacher, Aarogya Yog is your calling. Whether an online yoga session or an offline one, the level of attention to detail is unsurpassable. Every slight deviation is relentlessly targeted to achieve perfection.

Acharya Ripusudan Giri teaches yoga at Aarogya Yog. He hails from Haridwar and has over 5 years of teaching experience. In terms of educational qualification, he holds a Master's degree in Yoga Science.

At Aarogya Yog, all exercises are tailored per the learner's physical ability and keeping in mind their medical issues, if any. Here, you can learn power yoga, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Yoga is taught in 4 modes. 1st mode is the joint movement of the entire body and 2nd is about stretching. Next is asanas, which constitute the 3rd mode and finally, the 4th mode is about relaxation through Pranayama.

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6. Sohum Institute Of Yoga Sciences

Location of Yoga Studio in Noida - Sector 61, Noida

"Sohum" refers to identifying oneself with the universe, meaning "I am He/That." During meditation, this term can be broken down into two components: "Sooo," which is the sound of inhalation, and "Hum," which is the sound of exhalation. The instructors at Sohum Institute of Yoga Sciences are experienced and certified in yoga, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda. The studio's classes are tailored to meet each individual's needs, promoting positive outcomes.

Supriya Sharma is the founder of the Sohum Institute of Yoga Sciences. She is a software engineer from the University of Westminster and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. She is a complete fitness freak who wants to make a healthy change in the community through yoga.

In terms of services, Sohum Institute of Yoga Sciences has a variety of servings. Corporate yoga classes, yoga classes at home & in-studio, kids yoga classes, yoga therapy, and prenatal & postnatal yoga classes are popular. For the Teacher Training Program, there are 2 options - 100 hours and 200 hours.

Price INR 49 per day | INR 1,499 per month

7. Spiritual Yog Ashram

Location of Yoga Studio in Noida - Sector 122, Noida

The Spiritual Yog Ashram has been registered with the Delhi government since 2012. It has effectively introduced various dimensions of yoga to society engagingly and impressively, drawing people towards it by blending traditional yoga practices with contemporary settings. The peaceful, energetic and positive environment provides enough motivation to push through and move on the path of yogic learning.

Saurabh Kumar is the director of Spiritual Yog Ashram. He holds a Master’s degree in Yogic Science from Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya. Saurabh has more than 7 years of experience in teaching yoga and is considered a very knowledgeable, approachable and dedicated teacher.

The yoga services extended by the ashram include private yoga teachers at your home, daily yoga classes in-studio, online yoga classes, corporate yoga programs and so on. Here you can learn Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, power yoga, Bhakti yoga, Dhyana yoga, Karma yoga and mantra yoga. The TTC course options are 200, 300 and 500 hours.

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8. Amritam Yoga Foundation

Location of Yoga Studio in Noida - Sector 50, Noida

The Amritam Yoga Foundation, established in Noida in 2009, aims to promote natural ways of improving human well-being through yoga. They offer various yoga programs and courses, including yoga teacher training and a fitness center, to help people connect with yoga. Short and long-term courses are available for those who want to deepen their knowledge or pursue employment in yoga.

Yogacharya Manoj Rajput founded Amritam Yoga Foundation in 2006. He received his yoga education from the revered Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar, under the guidance of Shri Dr. Ishwar Bharadwaj Guru ji. Since then, his journey has been continuously progressive towards serving humanity by connecting with the numerous benefits of yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda.

Yoga classes are available in-studio and online. Meditation, natural therapies, detoxification, and weight loss are some of the most sought-after classes. YTTC courses are available, all recognized by the Ministry Of Ayush Yoga Certification Board. They also have academic yoga courses (Certificate in yoga, PG diploma in yoga & MA/Yogacharya in yoga) run by UGC (University Grants commission).

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9. ASMYI Iyengar Yoga & Therapy Center

Location of Yoga Studio in Noida - Sector 47, Noida

The ASMYI Iyengar Yoga & Therapy Center is described by its students as a delightful yoga studio with a favorable ambiance and uplifting energy. The center prioritizes the learning experience of its students over any commercial pursuits, making it a rarity in contemporary times. It embodies a fusion of the traditional guru-shishya parampara and the modern approach, creating an environment where students can confidently approach their teacher without any apprehension or trepidation to seek knowledge. This institute is genuinely a valuable find.

Nina Sagar and her son Varun Sagar run ASMYI. Personal struggles with health led Nina to pursue yoga. She has learned from esteemed teachers like Guruji BKS Iyengar Ji, Geetaji Iyengar, and Sunithji Parthasarathy Iyengar. She visits RIMYI, Pune, annually to continue learning from the senior disciples, teachers, and Iyengar family. As a seasoned classical vocalist, she considers both Yoga and Music divine. Her son got pulled into yoga after seeing his mother’s transformative journey.

At this center, Iyengar yoga therapy sessions are available for back pain, neck/cervical pain and knee pain. Props are used to bring relief and even cure. Apart from that, there is a watch and do beginners yoga program, Pranayama and kids weekends.

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